16 Best Lucid Dreaming Books – Meaning & Interpretation

Do dreams fascinate you? Are you curious about lucid dreaming? Well, you can always ask around to get different versions of what it is, how it works and all the myths of the dream world. Another option is that you can find out for yourself from reliable sources what lucid dreaming is all about. Books are quite informative and often times contain important information that can’t be found on the internet.

After you read books about lucid dreaming, you will not only know what it truly means but you will be in a position to master dream control, increase dream recall and maintain lucidity in your dreams.   Most of the authors also share quite interesting personal experiences, useful techniques and a lot of facts that you will find enlightening.

To begin your lucid dream journey outlined below are some of the best lucid dreaming books that can be useful.

  1. Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner

This book gives you insight into the spiritual aspect of a lucid dream. The author has gone beyond the seeking of pleasure and above the boundaries of the mind. He has discussed topics such as dream telepathy, subconscious unity, healing, and many others. However, it is not a technique book but a book that beautifully explores the amazing journey of conscious dreaming.

Robbert Waggoner, the author is a very talented lucid dreamer and he gives an account in the book of how he goes beyond psychology and religion. Through the experiences, he happens to find the inner self. He tells of how he is able to interact with dream figures, objects and settings while in a dream state and very consciously aware. He eventually manages to interact with the dream observer who is the inner self within the dream. Definitely, a book that would fuel your interest in the dream world and a must read.

  1. The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep By Tenzin Wangya Rinpoche

Conscious dreaming is also known as dream yoga in Buddhist tradition is a very ancient art that been practiced for the purpose of spiritual growth. If your interests lie in Buddhism and lucid dreaming, then this book is a must-have in your collection. You will find eye-opening discussions about karma, dreams and the sphere of existence with the book.

After reading this book you will finally understand how lucid dreaming could be a vital step towards living a more conscious life and it gives clear steps on how this can be done. In the book, the author writes, “If we cannot carry our practice into sleep if we lose ourselves every night, what chance do we have to be aware when death comes? Look to your experience in dreams to know how you will fare in death. Look to your experience of sleep to discover whether or not you are truly awake.”

This is a very thought-provoking statement that makes you strongly want to be aware during your dreams. This book will no doubt help you achieve that in some way.

  1. Lucid Dreaming, The Paradox of Consciousness during Sleep  By Celia Green, Charles McCreery

After reading this book, you will view lucid dreaming from a completely different angle.  It is an ideal book if you are already knowledgeable about lucid dreams. The authors have delved into other experiences such as the out-of-body ones and they also take a closer look at how lucid dreams can be induced and controlled. The authors have illustrated this book with many interesting case histories.

It is the ideal book for individuals who are already well-versed and understand the basics of lucid dreaming or have actually tried some of the techniques discussed in the article. If you have no clue about lucid dreaming, then it is best that you first widely read about it and understand before reading this book, for you to achieve an educative reading experience.

  1. Exploring the world of lucid dreaming .-  by Stephen Laberge  and Howard Rheingold

The book is a very interest creation and a treasure for anyone interested in learning about dreaming and lucid dreaming. It is actually a combination of how-to and why-to that the authors clearly explain. When reading the book, you will get to learn how to relax and clear your mind, recall your dreams, experience lucid dreaming and how to solve the problems in your dreams.

You will further learn how to use your dreams for gaining more confidence, improving your creativity and a lot more. Very interesting arguments about the benefits of lucid dreaming are also depicted in the book. There is really no doubt that the book goes far beyond, the confines of pop dream psychology and further establishes a scientifically researched framework for influencing the outcome of your dreams. Definitely, a must read for those very curious about lucid dreaming.

  1. Creative Dreaming .- By Patricia Garfield.

This book is for those brave enough to want to use their dream world as a way of self-growth. It is a very fascinating, informative and beautifully written book that has inspired many dream enthusiasts to actually start keeping dream journals. In the book, the author recounts and interprets many of dreams making the accounts very interesting.

The book has been known to help readers increase their ability to concentrate and recall dreams.  The readers are also able to experience quite pleasurable adventures in their dreams and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves.

After reading the book you will get to fully understand that dreams are just more than random images that play in your head when you are asleep. They could also be a source of inspiration and transformation that could have a positive effect on your waking life. You will finally know how not just to dream but make very good use of this unusual resource.

  1. The Conscious Exploration Of Dreaming .- By Janice E. Brooks and Jay Vogelsong

Both experienced and inexperienced lucid dreamers will find this book very fascinating. It is deeply researched and gives a referenced analysis of how dreams come to be in the first place. It also offers suggestions on how to properly plan your dreams and the things that control the course of dreams.

The content in this book is a real treasure, it is rich with ideas, arguments and a highlight of possible psychological and physiological reasons for sleep. If you are already an experienced lucid dreamer you will have better control over your dreams after reading it. On the other hand, if you have no clue about lucid dreaming, this books is also a great place to begin your journey.

  1. Are you Dreaming? : Exploring Lucid Dreams: A comprehensive Guide .- By Daniel Love

This book is an eye-opener when it comes to the science and spiritual aspects of lucid dreaming. The book features many useful techniques to get you to master the art of lucid dreaming. Many interesting suggestions featured in this to help you achieve consciousness in your dreams will get you thinking and willing to try them out. If you want to become a lucid dreamer, this book will offer you a very structured and comprehensive guide that will help you achieve this in a step by step manner.

You will understand the theory behind lucid dreams, learn of practical examples and practical techniques that make a lot of sense. After reading this book, you will never again look at lucid dreaming in the same way again, you will definitely want to try all the explained techniques to make a difference in your dreams. It is very enjoyable, compelling and very insightful for those intending to explore their inner worlds.

  1. Inner Work- Using Dreams and Active Imagination  For Personal Growth.– By Robert  Johnson

You want insight into how you can use your dreams as a way of taking your imagination to another level, then this is the book to read.  You will understand creative visualization and how to use it to alter your inner mind in order to achieve various purposes in your life. The book mainly focuses on two areas which are dreams and active imagination.

The author has given an overview of understanding your dreams as reflections of your own inner struggles.   It will help you better understand your dreams and the truth behind them so that you can be in a better position to make better decisions in your life.

After reading this book, you will become more aware of your inner inconsistencies, compromises, and dreams so that you can live a better life. In simple terms, after reading this book you gain more personal awareness and growth.

  1. Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements.-  By Thomas Yuschak

It is a simple read, that clearly explains things in a very easy to understand way. It is a great source for lucid dreaming enthusiasts and gives a lot of information in a very simple way without all the technical scientific jargon.

You will learn how your brain works in relation to your dreams and have ample resources and information about each supplement at the same time giving you the freedom to come up with your own supplement routine. The author has also featured his own routines which will provide inspiration for creating your own or simply following the ones featured.

There is no doubt that this is the book that will allow you to take lucid dreaming to the next level.

  1. Dreaming Yourself Awake: Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Dream Yoga for Insight and Transformation. – B. Alan Wallace.

Allan Wallace has offered various techniques for everyone to learn in order to become a good lucid dreamer. It also gives practical instructions on what you need to begin your lucid dreaming journey. By reading this book you will take your lucid dreaming to be more than entertainment. It will be an important part of your life that will enable you to increase self-awareness and gain the ability to solve problems that you face.

This author also takes it further by showing you the techniques of the Tibetan Buddhist dream yoga. The techniques will help you use your lucid dreams to achieve the highest levels of self-knowledge.

A serious book for anyone who is serious in pursuing lucid dreaming and making it a reality in their lives.

  1. Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep.– By Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley has created an exciting exploration of lucid dreaming theory and practice. The book offers an entire approach to lucidity training which is quite helpful for anyone pursuing lucid dreaming.

The book highlights both Western and Tibetan Buddhist practices towards lucid dreaming. It explores many levels by addressing beginners of lucid dreaming in a section and advanced lucid dreamers in another.

Every information highlighted in the book is backed up by facts since it involves the science of brain/body happenings during dream experiences.

  1. A Field Guide To Lucid Dreaming: Mastering The Art of Oneironautics.- By Dylan Tucillo

This book is an amazing guide that gives insight on how to explore this unusual phenomenon for many who have no clue about it. It is written by very experienced lucid dreamers. It is a very eye-opening manual for the world of dreams and explores things such as the powerful REM sleep stage, improving dream recalls, the importance of reality checks, reconnecting with your dreams and the endless possibilities of the things that could happen once you achieve lucidity.

It is a perfectly written book with very quality illustrations that are simple to understand and an excellent choice for beginners of lucid dreaming.

  1. Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming.- Clare R. Johnson

This read features inspirational stories of very inspiring lucid dreams. It explores very interesting topics like the ethics of dream sex, interacting with lucid dream figures, the nature of consciousness and many others.

If you are interested in lucid dreaming, it doesn’t matter if you hardly remember your dreams or have been lucid dreaming for quite a while, this book is ideal for you. You will no doubt develop your power of lucid dreaming and your dream experiences will never be the same again.

You will be in a position to keep your lucidity for longer, resolve nightmares, deepen your creativity and integrate dream wisdom into your everyday life. This book will show you how to do all that.

  1. Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night.- By Ryan Hurd.

All of you people who suffer from sleep paralysis or if you wish to be more prepared if you encountered the worst nightmares, this is the book for you.  The author goes into detail when it comes to how to manage your sleep paralysis or engage more confidently in any lucid dreaming technique.

He explores various helpful angles on this matter and further offers helpful insights on how to end sleep paralysis or turn it into a lucid dream. The scary night visions can end and you can learn how to send them into a reliable portal and other unusual states. If this is what you would love to achieve in your lucid dream journey then this is your book. No need to keep being afraid of going to sleep anymore because clearly there is something you can do about that, according to this book.

  1. Lucid Dreamer: A Waking Guide For The Traveler Between Worlds.– Malcolm Godwin

The Lucid Dreamer is known for its exploration of various perspectives on the theory and practices of conscious dreaming. The book features recent research on the topic, detailed techniques, exercises from each tradition and a lot more.

The lucid dreams highlighted from different cultural perspectives by the author depict some abstract illustrations and paintings that express some of the unusual sensations experienced when dreaming and during lucidity.

If you are exploring the unusual things about lucid dreaming, then you are going to love this book.  It is going to take you to new levels of insight that you will appreciate in your quest of understanding lucid dreaming.

  1. Attaining Lucid Dreams Dream Journal.- by Lucid Dream Consortium

The Lucid Dream Consortium has gone to great lengths to help you attain lucidity in your dreams. The book shows you that lucid dreaming is absolutely possible for anyone and you don’t need any superpowers or special abilities.

This book helps you to achieve lucid dreaming by going to sleep fully aware of your dreams. The journaling in this book will help you realize when you are dreaming and you will eventually establish control over your dreams. The book is 120 pages of 60 days of dream journaling that are quite insightful. Definitely, the book to read if you want to learn and practice lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. You can now take it to another level and make your dreams something to always look forward to every night. The list of books above should be a great place to start.

All of them will give you a good look into the dream world and present you with choices on how you can achieve lucidity in all your dreams. Choose several that you think will help make your lucid dream journey a reality and add them to your reading list.

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