#14 Biblical Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams & Interpretation

The life cycle of a butterfly consists of three stages. It starts being a caterpillar in the dirt, to a pupa in a cocoon, and finally transforms into a butterfly.

For this, the bible generally speaks of butterfly as a symbol of resurrection and change. How interesting could the other biblical meanings of butterflies in dreams be ?

Reasons why you dream of butterflies

  1. You fear change.

A dream about butterflies sometimes connotes dealing with issues that you are sensitive about.

These issues may relate to be personal interests, relationships, or even habits that you do not want to give up. You fear changing something that you are already familiar of and comfortable with.

  1. You feel the need to be careful about something.

A butterfly could represent a thing, a person, an event, or a desire that you do not want to scare away.

You feel the need to be delicate and extra careful as you see this particular desire as fragile. You want to handle things more cautiously and make sure you get into where you plan to be.

  1. You might be undergoing change.

This particular change could be one which you are not ready for. You feel that you are currently subjected to a revolution that you did not ask for and it feels to you that you are forced into this.

Adjustments could be quite overwhelming but trust in the process. Everything will eventually fall into place.

  1. You may have recently needed to let go of a loved one.

A dream of a butterfly at times occurs to people who had just experienced death of a friend or a family member. The butterfly could symbolize the sensitive emotions of having to let go and move on.

  1. You could be experiencing or have experienced loss of someone in a metaphorical sense.

Butterflies aren’t always an omen of death. More generally speaking, they represent loss… be it in a physical sense or a metaphorical one.

A dream about butterflies could represent an end of a relationship as well as the transition of overcoming it and finding a new one.

Common scenarios of butterflies in dreams

  1. Dreaming of a butterfly flying through the air

To dream of a butterfly flying represents the need to open yourself up more. This dream could be a reminder for you to nurture your God-given gifts and put them to good use. The universe might be calling you to share yourself to the world and not put your talents to waste.

It could also mean a social invitation or a reconnection with someone dear to you. To see many butterflies flying is a sign of harmony among romantic relationships.

  1. Dreaming of a butterfly moving around flowers or in the grass

This dream, more often than not, relates to abundance, spirituality, freedom, and creativity.

To see a butterfly flying or hovering over flowers or the grass represents prosperity because of your creative special talents. It could also mean that you are able to be free in expressing your emotions through your craft.

  1. Dreaming of a colorful butterfly

Seeing a vibrantly-colored butterfly in your dream signifies success. This basically relates to the vivacious pulsating energy that you feel when you achieve your goals. The same goes with seeing a butterfly in a tropical setting.

  1. Dreaming of a number of butterflies

A swarm of butterflies is undoubtedly a sight to see. Dreaming of such represents growth and freedom. It could also mean inspiration and acceptance. Moreover, this dream could also symbolize romance or a strong happy union.

  1. Dreaming of being a butterfly

If you are undergoing a crisis or a major transformation in your life, dreaming about butterflies are fairly common… especially one when you are a butterfly yourself.

If in your dream, you were a tiny or young butterfly, it suggests that you have uncertainties and insecurities about the current change that you are experiencing. You feel that you aren’t prepared for it and even wish to go back in time.

  1. Dreaming of seeing a butterfly building its cocoon

To dream of the early stages of the butterfly cycle, specifically before coming out of the cocoon, indicates an inevitable evolution that you are soon about to face.

These changes may happen very slowly but they actually do for a specific reason. This transformation will of course be on a positive note. Dreaming of a butterfly breaking out from its chrysalis is a sign of survival.

You have surpassed all the troubles and difficulties and those existing problems have already been left behind. This also represents progress, development, and improvement.

  1. Dreaming of trying to catch a butterfly and weren’t able to

In Christian symbolism, butterfly also represents spiritual enlightenment and transition. For this particular dream, it speaks of how you should sometimes need to surrender a thing in your life… for you to finally be able to become what you have ever wanted.

This could be a person, a plan, a habit, an attitude or even a tangible object. This act of sacrifice is necessary for a positive change to transpire.

  1. Dreaming of catching or killing a butterfly

Butterflies are delicate creatures that are often related to gentleness and meekness. Killing a butterfly in your dream indicates superficiality. You may have not seen the value of what is in front of you, apart from its worldly aspect.

To see a dead or dying butterfly, moreover, suggests uncertainties when it comes to goals – unrealized dreams, immaterialized plans, and untapped potential.

  1. Dreaming of a butterfly in a photo or painting

Seeing or looking at a framed photo of a butterfly could mean the part of you that feels caged and oppressed.

You feel that you have feelings that you are unable to express and have been repressing for a long time. It could also point out an idea that you chose not to raise or a plan that you decided not to pursue.


The biblical meaning of butterflies in dreams is undeniably diverse. Despite the multiple interpretations, butterflies teach us a much more general three-part lesson.

First, we all start from the dirt, as the caterpillars. Next, change is needed. This is where sacrifices are made, so that lastly…we are transformed into something new.

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