#85 Biblical Meaning of Cooking in a Dream & Interpretation

Cooking is one of the most mundane tasks of our daily life. For most of the people, it is one of the most enjoyable chores of their monotonous life, filling their heart with content and happiness when they watch others enjoy the meal that they have cooked. Keeping the commonality of the task, it is no surprise that we often find ourselves dreaming of cooking.

Food has been an important motif, repeated in the Bible at various points. God has clearly mentioned in the bible what food to eat, and what animals have been allowed permissible to eat. To dream of cooking carry significant biblical symbolism and must not be neglected.

Biblical interpretation regarding dreams about cooking, carry both positive and negative connotations depending upon the type of food being cooked in your dream.

Biblical Meanings Associated With Cooking In A Dream

Bible has several mentioned of cooking. A mention of cooking appears in Ezekiel, which states, “Heap on the logs, kindle the fire, boil the meat well, mix in the spices, and let the bones be burned up.”

Some of the familiar biblical meanings associated with dreams about cooking include progress, success, hidden talents and strong desire to prove yourself in front of others.

Symbol Of Joy And Happiness

To dream of cooking generally, carry positive connotation where it is seen as a symbol of happiness and joy.

This not only refers to your personal pleasure but the feeling of happiness and joy that you stimulate in others. You have a kind and caring personality who enjoy seeing others smile and happy because of you.

Symbol Of Your Maternal Instincts

Cooking in a dream is also an essential biblical symbol of your maternal instincts. It refers to your motherly instincts, leading you always to make sure that people around you are happy and cheerful.

You never hesitate to offer your shoulder for others to cry on and are still ready to provide constant emotional support to those in need. Your loving nature often makes you the most trustworthy and demanded person among your peers.

Symbol Of Personal Conflicts

Sometimes the dream where you find yourself cooking appear as warning signs. They may refer to some personal conflict that might soon arise where you will be continually distressed, striving to prove your point of view to others.

Cooking of food in the dream may refer to the anxiety and frustration that might build up as a result of these personal issues.

Symbol Of Emotional Comfort

In Genesis 25:29, we see a story about Jacob cooking stew and Esau requesting him to eat some to overcome his exhaustion.

According to biblical interpretation, dreaming of cooking soup is symbolic of comfort, happiness, and feelings of satisfaction.

Cooking soup in a dream refers to the emotional starving, with your soul in need of some relaxation and healings.

This dream also indicates that new opportunities will soon enter your life. Therefore, you must prepare yourself to avail of every opportunity that is provided to you by God himself.

Symbol Of New Beginnings

Luke 11:12 and Job 6:6 indicates that cooking eggs suggest new beginnings in one’s life. Similarly, to dream of cooking eggs in your dreams, especially scrambled eggs carry a positive connotation.

It foretells that your life is about to take a sharp turn, but the changes will be accompanied by positive feelings.

You will find your self living a more happy and easeful life. You will be satisfied and contented with how things turned out for you.

Symbolic Of Monotonous Life

Cooking was a crucial ancient tradition including cooking a huge and massive feast when celebrating a culture.

Dreaming of food, but in a kitchen, instead of a grand scale feast preparation is not usually accompanied by positive feelings.

It indicates that you have been living a monotonous and boring life, repeating the same events every day. You lack any enthusiasm or encouragement because if which your life is extremely unorganized.

It may be because of anxieties and stress in your life resulting from imposed tasks and duties which you are unwilling to do.

Symbol Of Disappointment And Hurt

Dreaming of making a huge mess while cooking carries a negative connotation. It suggests that you will find yourself hurting and disappointed in the future as a result of betrayal from a person close to you.

You will find yourself emotionally unstable and upset because of this deceit which will not only make you sad but also the people close to you as you are the person who is profoundly cherished in your circle.

Symbolic Of Change Of Attitude

To dream of cooking, sometimes, refers to the lack of seriousness in your attitude. You have adopted an extremely carefree attitude towards life, and you have no concerns regarding your future.

You have become not only lazy but also completely ignore any advice coming from people concerned for you.

Dreaming of cooking is a warning signal suggesting that you are in need to change your attitude and let go of your negative habits otherwise you will be stuck as a failure with no possibility to move forward in life.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Cooking

Dreaming Of Cooking In A Large Bowl

If you have dreamt of cooking in a large bowl, it suggests that you are going to be misunderstood by a vast majority and it will take you a lot of effort to clear your name.

It indicates that you must not back down no matter how worse the situation becomes and must not refrain from voicing out the truth, even if you are the only one who believes in it.

Dreaming Of Cooking Potatoes

To dream of cooking potatoes is a positive omen suggesting that you will soon hear the news of your promotion.

A lot of new and positive changes are heading towards you, which not only make you content and happy but will provide you with the reason to continue working hard to be able to achieve every goal that you have wished of.

Dreaming Of Cooking Breakfast

To dream of cooking breakfast is an ominous symbol. It indicates that the people around you are envious of your success and might plot against you to try to bring down your reputation.

The dream suggests that you need to keep an open eye and make sure that you keep your distance from people whom you find jealous of your achievements.

You need to realize that not everyone is your friends and there are people in this world who will do anything to bring down those better than them, blinded by their jealousy and envious feelings for others.

Dreaming Of Cooking In A Large Bowl

Dreaming of cooking rice in a dream is a positive omen. It refers to the simplicity, contentment, positivity, and goodness in your life.

Rice is mentioned repeatedly in the bible about grains like Emmer widely found during Christ’s time with rice being scarce. Therefore, in biblical connotations, dreaming of rice refers to essential matters that you have to deal with in life.

It refers to new responsibilities and obligation entrusted to you which you’ll have to fulfill to live a happy and content life necessarily.

Dreaming Of Cooking Meat

Dreaming of cooking meat carries a positive connotation. Hebrews 5:12-14 refers to meat as a symbol of righteousness.

Thus, chicken in a dream relates to spiritual and mental health. The cooking of raw meat refers to the problems in your life that you will overcome using your intuition and elevated instincts.

This dream also suggests that you have been through a hard period of your life, but you successfully managed to overcome it.

You have now entered the phase of your life which is going to bring you ease and happiness; a reward after your intense suffering.

You are soon going to get all the things which you desire including a considerable fortune as well as a satisfied and a happy family relationship.

Dreaming Of Cooking Dinner

To dream of cooking dinner is not seen as a positive omen. It refers to the sadness and emotional pain that you have been experiencing in your life.

You have been fighting a long and over-due battle with your inner self to overcome the negative feelings that have been stopping you from growing and progressing in life.

You have found for yourself a reason to live, and you are willing to push yourself beyond limited to free yourself from your inner demons to experience the happiest moments of your life.

Dreaming Of Cooking Chicken

Biblical meanings associated with chicken are that of fertility and creativity. Dreaming of cooking chicken can carry both positive and negative connotation. In a positive sense, cooking chicken refers to success and prosperity.

In a negative connotation, undercooking of chicken refers to your inability to handle a situation properly whereas overcooking of chicken suggests that your careless attitude might worsen the situation further.


Dreams about cooking carry relevant biblical connotations referring to the personal struggles, key events happening in your life as well as a warning signal to prepare yourself for the worse that is heading your way in life.

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