#94 Biblical Meaning of Elephant in Dream & Interpretation

Elephants are one of the enormous yet gentle wild animals to exist on this planet, when not provoked. With their long trunks and flappy years, they are the most graceful animals to inhabit the forest.

Elephants have always been symbolic of wisdom and strength in ancient mythologies and biblical scriptures. Dreams about Elephants are not common but carry vital significance attached to them.

Dreams about elephants carry spiritual connotations. In general implications, Elephants in our stand symbolic for wisdom, calmness, faithfulness, and intellect. The appearance of elephants in our dreams is also connected to our imbalanced emotional state and temper issues.

Interpretations of dreams about elephants vary from culture to culture for the intense spiritual connotations attached to them.

To successfully interpret dreams about Elephants, take into consideration the context of the dream, the size of the elephant, emotional state of the animal followed by the nature of your interaction with the elephant in the dream.

Biblical Meaning of Elephant in Dream & Interpretation

Elephants in dreams carry both positive and negative connotations depending upon the context of the dream.

In positive symbolism, elephants in dream stand symbolic for gentle, wise, and patient personality, whereas, in negative connotations, elephants in dream refer to anger issues, grudges, or multiple hurdles in life.

Symbolic Of Wise And Gentle Nature

Dreams about elephant reflect that you are a wise and gentle spirit. You have a mature personality, followed by the ability to remain calm and collected in troubling times.

You rarely lose your composure even in the darkest times of your life, which allows you to approach any panicking situation with a rational mind.

You are a born leader who can lead people and make risky decisions when the situation demands. Your wise and gentle personality is appreciated by many.

You have a respectable reputation in society, with several people admiring and looking up to you for guidance.

Symbolic Of Loyalty

Elephants in dreams symbolize that you are a loyal person who always stays true to his or her words. You have immense respect for family and social relations.

You are still ready to put your friends and family before you and readily help or sacrifice for others when the time comes, without any hesitation.

Your trustworthy personality makes it easy for you to make honest friends who confide in you without any fear or uncertainty.

You are not only a respected and cherished friend among your circle, but your dedication to every aspect of your life makes you stand out in your professional life as well.

Symbolic Of Patience

The appearance of Elephants in a dream reflects that you are a patient person who does not let your emotions overpower your rationality.

You can endure immense emotional pain before you reach your breaking point. You seldom get aggravated, but when you do, it is difficult to manage your temper.

Once you let go of your rationality, you become an untamable beast who is ready to unleash its wrath and anger on whatever comes in their path.

Elephants in dream may also stand symbolic for the need to get a grip over your temper. Elephants raging are symbolic of the rage, which is slowly cooking inside of you. You need to take some time out of your life and relax.

Let your mind calm down and get rid of all the negativities by indulging yourself in healthy and productive activities.

Symbolic Of Your Introvert Nature

If you have dreamt of elephants, it represents that you have an introvert personality where You seldom allow others to share your life with them.

You are a reserved person who prefers keeping his/her own company then to be surrounded by a group of friends.

You prefer holding your emotions inside and never share your secrets or problems with others which sometimes makes you feel lonely and isolated.

Elephants in a dream symbolize that you need to get out of your self imposed shell and try to get over your introvert personality.

Instead of forcefully surrounding yourself with a group of friends, try making one honest friend to whom you can share your thoughts too.

Break out of your self-imposed isolation and try to be more social to fill the void surrounding your life.

Desire To Be In Control

If you have dreamt of elephants held in the zoo, or controlled by humans, the dream represents that you desire control and authority in life.

You are living your life as a passive participant, with others making your decisions and choices for you. You are not in control instead let others take full control over your life.

Lack of control over your life is making you feel suffocated and frustrated. You want to break free from the restraints holding you from living your life the way you desire.

Elephants trapped in a zoo reflect the need to take active actions to subvert the control of your life back in your hands.

Stand up for yourself and your ideals and denounce the power of those who try to impose their decisions over your life.

Symbolic Of New Responsibilities

Elephants are mighty creatures with greater strength and stature. Dreams about elephants represent that you have now entered adulthood and have matured both physically and emotionally.

It is time for you to take over more significant responsibilities and duties and play your part as a responsible citizen of this earth.

The dream also indicates that you are feeling worn out and tired for continually dealing with stressful circumstances in your daily life.

You are buried under the burden of responsibilities, which is not allowing you to enjoy your life correctly or indulge in any leisure activities.

Elephants in a dream is a reminder that you need to take a breather and try to lessen the tasks which you have decided upon you.

Deal with what you can handle and let go of the rest. Relax your mind and body before you wore out your body before time.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Elephants

Dreaming Of An Elephant Freely Grazing Around

Dreams about elephants usually carry positive connotations. To see an elephant in a dream freely grazing around in the forest is the bearer of fortune and prosperity.

The dream symbolizes that you will soon enter a revolutionary phase of your life, which will bring you closer towards success.

You will find yourself getting multiple opportunities and chances to showcase your abilities and utilize your skills to earn you great fortune.

You will not only achieve financial stability but will be able to make a lot of respect and admiration for your dedication and talent among your peers.

Dreaming Of Elephants Running Or Escaping

To dream of an Elephant running around or escaping from zoo symbolize that a secret of yours will be soon out in the world.

A mistake of the past which you have been trying so hard to protect from the peering eyes of others will soon be revealed to this world.

You will see yourself publically humiliated and embarrassed because of this one mistake you committed in the past.

The dream is a warning sign that you need to be careful in sharing your secrets with others.

Be wary of who you call yourself as your friend and to whom you expose your secrets. Your enemies might be closer than you think. Be careful.

Dreaming Of Killing An Elephants

To see yourself kill an elephant in a dream symbolizes that you will have to give up on multiple things, which you hold dear, in life.

You will experience a troubling situation that might compromise the balance of your life, leading a lot of turbulences and disturbances, which will make you anxious and worried about your future.

The dream is a warning sign that you need to be careful and calculative in your actions and decisions to avoid causing yourself any significant damage.

Dreaming Of Riding An Elephants

Riding an elephant in a dream carries positive connotations. The dream symbolizes that you are in control of not only your life but your conscious mind as well.

You are in a state of mind where everything is going right and positive for you, which makes you feel content and optimistic about the future.

You are free from all the troubling thoughts and tensions which allow you to direct and utilize your skills in a productive manner.

Riding an elephant in a dream is a reminder that you need to keep your attitude and thinking pattern consistent to avoid experiencing any mishap or trouble in your life.

Dreaming Of Being Afraid From An Elephants

Seeing yourself being afraid of an elephant reflects that you are trying to avoid confronting the present issues in your life.

Instead of facing the situation head-on, you are trying to dodge it as a result of which things are getting more complicated and messed up.

The dream is a reminder that you need to stop procrastinating and start solving the problems before things get more complicated for you to solve.


Dreams about elephants are reflective of your attitude and the situations happening in your life.

In a positive context, these dreams are bearers of positive news and successful events, whereas, in negative connotations, these dreams act as warning signs to help you identify the problem in your life before time.

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