#12 Biblical Meaning of Flooding Water in a Dream & Interpretation

Flood is an overflow of water reaching beyond normal bounds, especially over lands that are usually dry. Mystically, flood is interpreted as spiritual attack and the ire of a certain person against his enemy.

“So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

This passage from the gospel of Isaiah is only one of the several messages that speak of the flood. What are the biblical meanings of flooding water in a dream?

Reasons why you dream of flooding water

You are in danger

Dreaming of flood could mean that you would possibly receive a mysterious attack. Floods in dreams connote trouble and may be a sign of an enemy trying to attack you.

If the force of the flood in your dream is strong, a greater danger is on its way. At times, it could also imply satanic forces.

You are disobeying God’s will.

The message of Noah’s ark is that those who refused to believe Noah and acknowledge the existence of God shall perish in the flood.

The story shows how God commanded heavy rain to teach those stubborn and wicked people a lesson on disobedience.

Humans have their own mundane desires and it is but normal that you give your all in order to gain those that you truly wish to have.

However, there are times that what you want isn’t always what’s best for you and for this, you tend to deviate from God’s plan.

At times you are led to believe that the answer to your prayer is “No” when in fact, it could just either be a “not yet” or just “Better things are coming”.

Floods in dreams could signify a tragedy.

As literal as it gets, floods in dreams could signify calamity, draught, or misfortune of any sort. Floods carry you or your belongings away, so this could relate to your most precious treasures being taken away from you. With prayers though, such loss and catastrophe will not manifest in Jesus’ name.

You are about to lose and go back right from the start.

During the storm, the floods wash away everything and all is wiped clean. This is exactly how it is correlated to the possibility of you losing everything that you have ever worked for.

Those that you have established will waver and go down. It is up to you on how to interpret the events and act upon it.

You can either rebel and never get back up, or you can view this as a chance to rebuild and change all that you think could have been better.

Your prayer life could be weak.

Going back to Noah’s story, the flood was sent by God to remind the people of His existence. People during those times didn’t seem to acknowledge God’s presence. They didn’t seek for His forgiveness and mercy, thus the disaster.

A dream about a flood might be God’s gentle nudge reminding you to go back to Him. Moreover, those with the weaker faith are said to be more vulnerable to demonic manipulation. It is also said that a dream about flood could also signify satanic encounters.

Common scenarios of flood in dreams

Dreaming about a flood

If you have dreamt of a flood in general, it is a sign of something that will come in large amounts most commonly worries, troubles, doubts, and the like.

Dreaming about seeing a flood

A dream of seeing a flood symbolizes your need to settle your current emotional issues. These issues might have rooted from repressed feelings and pessimism. The only way to solve this issue is to face it head on.

This particular case could also mean that you are feeling hopeless and anxious about something. You feel like you are in a situation where you have neither control nor choice.

Dreaming about a dangerously rising flood

To see a flood posing perils signify an upcoming encounter of misfortune and tragedy. It could mean an illness or at other times, long court hearing or trials that are certainly not advantageous to you.

Dream of observing flood from afar

Observing a flood from afar means something big will happen in your life. It is one that will change you and how you perceive things.

One positive thought on this one is the fact that you have time to prepare for this. Whatever it is, brace yourself and stand your ground.

Dream about being carried by floodwater

If you weren’t able to save yourself in this scenario, such dream isn’t a good sign. It warns you of your current health.

You might want to take your physical issues seriously. Take care of yourself better or you may end up encountering health problems in the near future.

Dreaming of a flood causing a massive wreckage

This dream indicates conflicts and unfavorable turn of events. It seems that there has been an outpour of affliction and hardship, and you are now back at square one.

Considering how these could be too much to handle, perhaps you have lately failed to turn to God for advice and comfort.

This dream also suggests that you might be looking for answers in some other force. You might have consulted from false prophets or witch doctors for a miracle. You might even be dealing with one that is dark and evil.

Dream of being surrounded by flood

Such dream could be a reminder that we are all nothing without God; that whatever we have as of the moment can definitely be gone in a split of a second. This is as bad as it can primarily get if you lose God in your life.


Despite all the negative biblical meanings of flooding water in a dream, let us never forget one more very important flood and that is – God’s blessings.

The interpretation of this particular dream might be negative, but remembering how God bestows us with overflowing graces can certainly make a change.

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