#16 Biblical Meaning of Lions in Dreams & Interpretation

Lion is known as a royal predator with its magnificent appearance and attitude of a ruler, deeming it worthy of being called as “King of Jungle.” They are considered as majestic, powerful with the possession of mystical strengths in some spiritual, mystical and mythological believes.

Religious symbolism associated with lions is also significant, where they are seen as creatures depicting God’s power on this earth.

Biblical interpretations associated with lions are in many ways, similar to the general interpretation, seeing lions in dreams as a reflection of strength, power, divinity and sometimes associating it with holy spirits.

To understand how we can interpret seeing a lion in our dream, we first need to understand the biblical symbolism attached to them in detail.

Biblical Meanings Associated With Lions In A Dream

Lions carry extreme significance in Christianity where seeing them in dreams is taken as favorable Omen. They are often associated with God, seeing them as protector and caregiver.

They are the representatives of loyalty, protection and unconditional love in dreams, according to most of the biblical interpretations.

Symbolic Of Control And Domination

To see lions in a dream is symbolic of the traits that you desire or wish to possess, associated with that of a Lion. This includes the desire to dominate others or be the one in control.

You are either apprehensive of others controlling you, limiting you in your decisions or want to break out of constraints that have been keeping you subjugated to others. You don’t like to be in control; instead, you want to take the lead.

Symbolic Of Leadership Qualities

Seeing a lion in a dream is symbolic of the leadership qualities which you possess. It signifies the fact that you are born with the ability to lead that compel you always to take control and be in charge when the situation demands.

You never hesitate to make a hard decision when putting in harsh conditions. You are a composed person and thinks logically in emergency situations instead of panicking. You would rather lead than to be driven, making you worthy of being associated with that of a lion.

Symbolic Of Your Controlled Temper

Being a leader requires fierceness but also the ability to channel that fierceness in the right way. Lions are a perfect manifestation of this quality, making them calm and collected with their pack but ferocious when it comes to defending their territory.

If you have seen lions in your dreams, it suggests that you are fierce in nature, but you have full control over your fierce temper which you utilize to threaten the enemies, make people submit and control criminals.

Symbolic Of Celestial Truth

As mentioned Earlier, lions are seen as manifestations of God. The association of God with lion occurs in Bible at several places including Isiah, Hosea, Ezek, Num, etc. At one point in Bible, it says: “Behold the lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, hath conquered to open the book, and to lose the seven seals thereof (Rev. 5:5).” Here the omnipotence of God is narrated in the form of Lion that watches over the Prophets and his mankind.

Symbolic Of Wrath Of God

To see a lion angry in your dreams is symbolic of God’s wrath as it has also been mentioned in the Bible repeatedly. This wrath may be directed towards you or any evil forces trying to cause you any harm, as per mentioned in Bible, “The angry wrath of a king is similar to the lion’s growl in order to emphasize the threatening danger to the immediate surroundings of the king or his subjects (Prov 19:12, Prov 20: 3)

Representative Of Wisdom

Lions are often symbolic of wisdom and knowledge. To see a lion in your dreams represents that you are a wise person with a mature mind.

You seek for knowledge and truth and are always curious about things around you. You are an observer, trying to look beyond the visible realities of this world.

Symbolic Of Courage

Lions are used as a metaphor for a courageous individual. To see a lion in your dreams represents your bravery and courage.

You are brave and daring, always willing to take up the challenges and prove your self worthy of the title to be called as a “lion.” You possess a bold personality, with an outgoing nature. You are not limited by the opportunities provided to you. Instead, you look for ways to transcend your boundaries.

Symbolic Of Beastly Power

In negative connotation, the lion can also be seen as a devourer of life. The low strength that it posses can sometimes be overwhelming resulting in destruction and chaos.

To see a lion in your dreams may suggest that your emotions have been all over the place recently and you are in need to control your temper.

Your unleashing of your anger might cause harm to yourself and to the people around you.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Lions

Dreaming Of Seeing A Lion But Not Interacting With It

To see a lion in your dream but not having direct interaction with the animal suggest that you are standing at a critical path of your life where you are evaluating your decision and life choices.

You are reflecting back in your life evaluating the things that you have achieved so far and the level of content, which material success has caused you in real life.

It is a good signal, suggesting that you are not blinded by this material world and you still value true happiness which you yearn to find.

Dreaming Of Seeing Lions Happily Play

To dream of lions playing happily in a field is a negative omen. It suggests that people close to you will ignore you and will make a decision that will satisfy their own needs.

You will get to encounter their selfishness, where they will not acknowledge you and might make a specific decision that could possibly be heart-breaking for you.

You will get to see the reality of your relationships, distinguishing the selfish people from the ones who really love you.

Dreaming Of Talking To A Lion

To dream of a lion talking to you has positive connotations attached with it. Lions are symbols of celestial power and interacting with them in your dreams suggests that you will receive divine guidance in every path of your life.

You will always be under the protection of God, whatever way you decide to walk on. You need to have faith in God’s mercy and guidance to take the lead and guide you towards your destination.

Dreaming Of Sleeping Lions

To dream of a lion sleeping in your sleep is significant of the fact that you have been feeling agitated over a specific situation where you experience or saw injustice happening around you. You wanted to voice out your opinion over that particular issue but decided not to do so.

Your decision to not to take action have been bothering you for a while, as a result of which your subconscious materialize your concern in the form of a lion sleeping in your dream.

Dreaming Of Being Protected By The Lion

To see yourself being protected by a lion carries extremely positive connotations. It suggests that you are surrounded by people in your life who will do everything to protect you.

You might not even realize, but they will always be having your back. Biblically, it also represents that you are under God’s protection.

This dream is an indicator for you to bravely step forward in your life and chase after your dreams without fearing others pulling you down.

Dreaming Of A Lion Hunting Its Prey

To see a lion in your dream hunting its prey carries a positive connotation. It suggests that you are an independent individual with a fierce personality.

You don’t depend on others to guide you or assist you; instead, you are the leader of your pack.

You are fully capable of making the decision for yourself and don’t wait for others to guide you out of a particular situation. You serve as your own guide, leading yourself towards success and glory.

Dreaming Of A Lion Attacking You

Dreaming of a lion attacking you suggests that you indulge yourself in certain habits that might prove destructive for you.

It indicates that you are at conflict with your inner self where you need to manage your expression of aggression which creates a negative image of you as an arrogant and self-centered individual.

The lion in your dream is you, attacking yourself. You need to tame your behavior to build your reputation.

Dreaming Of Killing A Lion

To dream of killing a lion in your dreams suggest that you are under pressure these days which might have compelled you to make a hard decision in haste.

The dead lion, in this case, carries positive connotations indicating that you have successfully tackled the challenges at hand. It reaffirms your capability as a leader.


Biblical interpretations of lions in dreams mostly carry positive connotation where lions are seen as a guide, protector, leadership abilities and in some case, the unhealthy aggression that you need to control, in order to succeed in life.

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