#15 Biblical Meaning of Pregnancy Dreams & Interpretation

Pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts bestowed to females by God himself. It comes bearing countless sleepless nights and nauseous days, but at the end of the day, everything is worth the trouble when you are the source of bringing a fragile and innocent life into this universe.

In religious connotations, pregnancy is cherished, praised and valued; seeing it as a source of fertility and an outcome of love between marital partners.

Pregnancy ensures the strengthening of the bond between partners, serves as an essence of their love and ensures the continuity of the human race as well.

Every culture and religion have their own interpretation attached with pregnancy dreams, but for most of the part, they carry positive connotation; seen as a messenger of fertility, progress, and success of an individual.

Biblical Meanings Associated With Pregnancy Dreams

One of the most common dreams to occur for females is being pregnant, no matter your sexual status. For most of the part, these dreams induce positive feelings inside the mind of the dreamer, making them feel happy and satisfied.

Biblical meanings associated with dreams about pregnancy involve, being symbols of creativity, progress, success in your life.

These dreams are representative of something new coming your way as well as your desire to achieve something in your life.

Symbolic Of Change In Your Life

To dream of being pregnant symbolizes that you are soon going to experience a change in your personal as well as in your social life depending upon the recent choices that you have made in your life.

This change can be in the form of a new Job, building up of a new relationship or moving out of your house.

It symbolizes that you are going through an evolving phase of your life and you need to be careful of your life choices.

Symbolic Of Developmental Phase Of Your Life

Dreaming of being pregnant in a dream is highly symbolic of the developmental phase of your life.

Just like an embryo maturing into a baby, you are evolving as an adult with new ideas and new vision entering your stream of conscious.

You are growing both mentally, spiritually and physically as an individual who makes you more sensitive and vulnerable as well.

You need to have constant emotional support around you, to help you with this transitional phase of your life.

Symbolic Of Reminiscing The Past

If you have dreamt of being pregnant in your dreams, it reflects some past desire left unexpressed and unsaid. The past is catching up to you, reminding you of past wishes and past desires that were left undone.

Your subconscious is urging you to pursue your unexpressed past. It can also mean that someone, whom you use to care about in the past is going to come back in your life with your past feelings resurfacing.

Symbolic Of Some Developing Problem

To dream about getting pregnant or being pregnant in your dreams can bear negative connotation as a development of some dispute or trouble around you or among the people you care about.

The gestation period of pregnancy is symbolic of brewing trouble that may arise as a result of some conflict or difference of opinions leading to grudges and harsh feeling for each other.

This dream is a careful reminder that you need to be more observant and be more forgiving to avoid any trouble to surface.

Symbolic Of A New Thought

Dreams about seeing yourself pregnant are a carrier of a new thought or a new idea as it literally translates into the creativity of a new life form.

For artist and creative persons especially, this dream carries important significance bearing an original thought, a new idea, a new concept.

These ideas can be ideological, with a new outlook towards life or religion, they can be related to your career, with a new project assigned to you or can just be a creative idea for an artist to create their new masterpieces.

Symbolic Of Anxieties Coming With Pregnancy

If you are pregnant in reality and you dream of being pregnant as well, suggests that you are anxious and concerned with your pregnancy.

Such anxieties and concerns mostly come if there are some threats of a possible miscarriage or unstable womb of the mother.

You feel anxious in your real life because of this particular concern which is reflected in your dreams by your subconscious, where you dream about being pregnant serving as a reminder that your baby is safe and secured inside of you.

Symbolic Of Your Desires And Wishes

To dream of being pregnant if reflective of desires and wishes about something that you want to achieve.

This desire can be a material desire, wishing for a better Job, a dream career, a beautiful house or a lavish lifestyle or it can be a spiritual desire, hoping for content and satisfied life, have mental peace and so on.

It can also be translated as your desire to strengthen what you started, e.g., a new project and you wish to see it develop and progress further.

Common Situations In Which You Dream Of Pregnancy

Dreaming About A Friend Being Pregnant

If you have dreamt about your friend is pregnant, but you have been feeling envious or unhappy towards her pregnancy suggests that you will have an evolution in your relationship with your friend and you will not be happy of the change happening.

You desire to stop that change, but you are unable to anything about it. You are in need to go with the flow and stop wasting your energy over issues that you can’t control.

Dreaming About Being Pregnant With Twins

Being pregnant with twins carry negative connotations suggesting that you will hear some terrible news in inconvenient times.

For example, hearing about someone terribly sick in your family while being on a business trip with your company.

You will be put into a situation where your patience will be tested the most. You will need to maintain a calm exterior while being in an inner turmoil that will make the bad news all the more unbearable.

Dreaming About Waiting To Be Pregnant

To dream a situation where you consciously desire to get pregnant reflects your journey towards a mature life.

You are undergoing a developing phase of your life where you aim to be more productive and strive to achieve something meaningful that is also useful to others.

You have stopped thinking in terms of selfish means; instead, you intend to accomplish something that will be for the betterment of humanity.

Dreaming About Your Mother Being Pregnant

To see your mother pregnant in your dreams is not a positive omen at all. It is a warning signal of future difficulties in your life where you might experience your mother falling gravely sick or under the influence of some deadly disease. You will be caught up in a desperate situation with no apparent way out of it.

Dreaming About A Complicated Pregnancy

Dreaming of a complicated pregnancy or giving birth to a premature baby is a negative omen indicating your pessimistic approach towards life.

You have a negative outlook towards life and your pessimistic attitude always result in you ignoring the underlying positivity in situations.

This leads to the accumulation of unhealthy thoughts and ideas accumulated in your mind which guides you towards toxicity, making you unbearable for people around you.

This dream is a reminder that you need to let go of the past grudges and hateful experience so you can lead yourself towards a more positive future with happy thoughts filling your mind.

Dreaming About Being Pregnant For Females

Dreaming about being pregnant for females carry positive connotations. It represents that you will soon enter a relationship which will prove meaningful for you, marking a new phase of your life.

Your relationship will grow stronger, and you will end up having a dream partner for yourself, leading you towards content and happy life.

Dreaming About Being Pregnant For Males

It is not uncommon for men to dream of themselves being pregnant in dreams. However, it carries negative connotations.

If you are a male and you have dreamt of being pregnant, the dream suggests that you might find yourself surrounded by conflicts shortly.

Your relationship with your friends and family will be put to a stake, and you will see yourself struggling to clear the disputes but will fail miserably. You need to be more careful with your behavior and words for the upcoming days.

Dreaming About Your Wife Being Pregnant

To dream of your wife pregnant is a positive omen. It represents that the idea and thoughts that have been revolving in your mind, recently, can earn you great success.

The dream is a cheering signal that if you put enough effort and hard work in the idea brewing in your mind, you can elevate them to the next level and earn yourself recognition in your career field.


To conclude, dreams regarding pregnancy bear positive connotations for most of the time with bearers of change and new events entering your life, however, they may appear as a warning signal, letting you beware of some upcoming trouble coming into your life.

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