#17 Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams & Interpretation

Dreaming about trees in general is a symbol of your inability to make a change and progress in life. It could be that you have refused to let go of your past and everything else that has ever happened to you.

The Bile also talks about trees. The Palm tree for example, symbolizes victory. The Olive tree symbolizes the relationship between man and God.

The most popular tree in the Bible is the tree of life from which Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Perhaps you have had dreams about trees. Below are meanings and explanations of these dreams.

Meaning of dreams about trees

New opportunities are coming

Dream about trees could mean that there are new opportunities that are coming. It might be an opportunity to redeem yourself, to fall in love once again or an opportunity to rebuild broken family relationships. Such opportunities do not present themselves to everybody. Therefore, when you get this chance, utilize it well.

A representation of your family

A tree is made up of branches, leaves, stem and roots. Without them, the tree cannot survive. They have to be one. In the same way, dreaming about a tree represents the family.

For a family to be successful, it must be connected. Everybody in the family should have a connection with the other.

You are working towards self-development

You might have noticed some of your flaws and you want to make a change. Self-development includes every aspect of life, be it physical, psychological or financial. If you really want to develop, then consider all the mentioned aspects.

You are opening up to new people and experiences

This might be with people who keep everything to themselves. If you are this type of person, then having this dream means that you have started to see the importance of being open to things, people and experiences that are new to you.

Different aspects of your personality

A tree is made up of branches, roots and leaves and each of these serves a different purpose. This in a dream represents the different aspects of your personality.

It might be that sometimes you seem to be extroverted while at other times, especially around new people, you seem to be introverted.

A representation of the different phases of life

Life is made of different phases from birth to death. When you have this dream, it could be that at that moment, you are going through another phase of life.

You could be moving from adolescence to maturity or you also could be moving from being single to being married.

Growth and expansion

Dreaming about trees is a representation of growing. Your financial life might be growing, perhaps you could soon have a baby if you have been struggling to have one for several years or things may start being easy on your side. Do not take this for granted. Be thankful that you have had the chance to see yourself grow.

Different dreams about trees

Dreams about trees occur differently as discussed below:

Dream of leaves falling from a tree

This dream means that there are some negative happenings in your surroundings. It could be that your enemies are plotting to do something harmful or some strangers may be planning to attack you.

Be very careful with the people you surround yourself with because they are the ones who can make you suffer at any slight provocation.

It also means that an end to something you were committed to is coming. It could be your long term relationship or even an end to your suffering. Take note that this end can either be positive or negative.

Dream of dried leaves on a tree

Dreaming about leaves that have dried on a tree may mean that you lack the energy and motivation to push forward. It is okay to feel this way but you should be aware that this life is here for you.

Do not give up along the way because no one else is going to make things happen. You have the strength to make it happen. It may also be an indication of a coming illness.

Dream of roots of a tree

Having this dream means that you need to put in more effort and do things differently for you to achieve what you desire.

If for example you are a student, you need to study smart and put focus to it for you to achieve higher grades. Things do not just happen. You have to work for what you want.

Dream of the wind making trees bend

If you happen to see the wind making trees bend in your dream, then it means that you are going to experience misfortunes.

It is a symbol of your path to success that has been blocked by different obstacles. For you to accomplish your deepest desires and goals, you need to be strong in order to overcome the obstacles.

Dream about being lost in a place full of trees

If you get lost in your dream in a place full of trees, it suggests that you lack support from others whenever you feel in need.

You may probably try to look for a way out in your dream. It means that you have tried all you can to make others listen to you and help but all has been in vain.

You are your best friend and understand yourself way better than others. So, whenever you feel like no one is giving you a listening ear, try and listen to yourself instead.

Stop relying on other people to help you solve your problems because they too have their own problems. Try and trust yourself.

Dream of trees without leaves

Dream about trees with no leaves means that you feel exhausted. You may have invested all your energy in some kind of investment or relationship and you are now at a point where you feel completely drained.

Successful investments take time to mature. So do successful relationships. You have to take your time and nurture them. It is okay to feel wasted but never at any point should you give up.

This dream could also mean that you have a relaxed attitude towards life. You do not feel worried because everything in your life is going on smoothly.

Dream of seeing dead trees

Seeing dead trees in your dream is not a good sign. It indicates an end to something. Think about what you may be planning or are currently doing.

Are you planning to start a new business? Are you trying to conceive? Are you may be trying to move to another city? If so, then this dream could be telling you that all your plans are going to fail.

However, you should not be worried because there is nothing that is permanent in this life. Also, the best you could do is let nature takes its place. Let things flow as they are meant to.

Dream of green trees

Green colour is often linked to new beginnings. Dreaming about green trees is a good sign as it indicates new opportunities, new beginnings, good health and prosperity.

All the bad things that might have happened to you are now gone and you are going to start a fresh chapter. It also means that you have to pay more attention to yourself.

It is also a dream that means you need to make changes in your life. If as a youth, you have been following the wrong path in life, then this dream is telling you to consider following the right path. Examine your personality keenly and make any changes that might make you better.

Dream of planting a tree

Dreaming about planting a tree implies that you are building a foundation for your future. You are generally preparing yourself to face what might befall you. This is something you should be proud of since most people do not have this in mind.

For your future to look like you have always wanted, you have to lay a foundation. Keep on doing what you are doing because you are soon going to enjoy the sweat of your hard work.

Dream of climbing a tree

When you see yourself in a dream climbing a tree, it means that you are making progress in your life. You are maybe achieving your goals and rising to higher positions in your career.

It indicates that you have reached a point in your life where you feel like nothing is impossible and you are determined to make your journey a success.


Generally, trees in your dream is a representation of your desires as a human being, to grow to greater heights in terms of knowledge and ability.

You want to grow your knowledge and make your life interesting and worth living for. Work on yourself for this to be a reality.

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