#65 Biblical Meaning of Water in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of dreams about Water  – Water is a very essential element in life to an extent that species would cease to exist without it. In the bible, it had been mentioned several times how important its symbolism is as it represents life, cleansing, satisfaction, renewal and even Jesus himself. Despite this case though, water is also known to hold mystery, danger, and can even cause destruction.

What are the biblical meaning of water in dreams? Why do you dream about water?

The reasons behind why you dream about water depends on how you dreamt of it as well as the emotions you were having during and about the dream. Here are some reasons of such dream:

  1. You have attained inner peace and happiness.

In life, it is but normal to have problems for it is not perfect at all. In the middle of fortunate events come challenges that you most of the time did not expect.

But sometimes, you just feel this unexplained inner peace. Sometimes, despite the predicaments you defeat these negativities and feel happy and confident that you can take down whatever is in your way.

  1. You are living in uncertainty and fear.

There is never any guarantee in life and the only constant thing is change. You might find yourself cowering from certain events, opportunities, and people – including yourself.

You fear failure and rejection. You do not want to step outside and give it a shot because your fear of not making it is greater than your will to do it. Remember, the only true failure in life is when you didn’t try.

  1. You will be encountering a number of trials.

The Scripture has used the term “water” in a number of metaphorical ways. Apart from rebirth and happiness, it symbolized as well the troublesome times in life.

Although this is the case, God has promised His presence and faithfulness among His people. In Psalms 32:6 it has been stated “Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them.”

In this context, it could also be seen as to why Jesus has been related to water as far as symbolism is concerned. Water here is described as mighty, but it was clear that Jesus is far mightier than the water itself.

  1. You have the strength to deal with the problems you currently have.

The trials that come to you may leave you overwhelmed but trust that you will have the strength to face all of these as God has promised help.

In the passage from Isaiah, it has been said “I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place.”

In this particular passage, water is depicted as a rescue in the same way that God has got your back in times when you feel like you no longer have the strength to go through.

  1. You mask you emotions.

It could be difficult at times to give your trust, and sometimes you end up masking your emotions. You do so perhaps because you fear you will be judged.

You fear that you will not be accepted or it is less than what is expected of you. It might also root from fear of rejection.

Common scenarios of water in dreams

Dreaming about water is generally a symbol of your own emotions in your waking life. The interpretation of the dream will depend on the state of the water – whether clean, murky, cold, hot, and the like.

  1. Dreaming of calm and clear water

This is obviously a good sign. To dream of calm and clean water signifies inner peace and contentment. You may be having problems here and there but you definitely know how to manage and get over them one by one.

  1. Dreaming of dirty water

The murky water in your dream signifies negative emotions that you’ve been having. Your life right now is filled with uncertainties, thus you are in fear and feel bothered or anxious most of the time.

  1. Dreaming of deep water

Dreaming of deep water is a fair warning from possible problems that may arise. You may be having many problems at work. It is best to take things slowly and think about every decision before acting upon it. There is no need to rush.

  1. Dreaming of being underwater

To dream of being underwater means that you are drowning in the negative emotions that exist in you. You are overwhelmed by your overthinking habits and you do not feel good about this.

You may even feel physically ill and mentally drained. Try being optimistic no matter how difficult things are.

  1. Dreaming of boiling water

Boiling water in dreams could mean resurfacing or surging emotions. It could be in a form of passion, desire, fear, or anger at a specific person.

  1. Dreaming of breathing underwater

A dream of being able to breathe underwater means that you have the strength and capacity to face your problems. You will be able to walk away from them with new learnings and realizations.

  1. Dreaming of cold water

To dream of cold water relates to your optimism and positivity. You think and feel positively about the issues in your life. Also, it could mean the many positive things that you are unaware of.

  1. Dreaming of running water

A dream of the water running symbolizes your hesitations and anxieties in the waking life. You feel a rush of emotions and you may find yourself very busy in the next few days.

Also, it could mean spiritual cleansing or rebirth. You have come from a battle and now you emerge from that with all the lessons it has taught you.


The Biblical meaning of water in dreams can be interpreted in so many ways but the keyword is emotions. Water, in general, represents your unconscious and the places that your mind wanders to when not paying attention.

Emotions, like water, could both be helpful and dangerous so it is best to pay attention to it and why you are feeling it. Expressing them could bring you great relief but expressing them without sensitivity can cause trouble.

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