#13 Biblical Meaning of Bees in Dreams & Interpretation

Admit it. We all feel a little panicked and alarmed if we see a bee hovering by. We think of their sting and the pain and agony that it brings. The truth is… productivity, focus, and coexistence. These are only three qualities of bees that make them distinctive.

Seeing them in your dreams might give mixed interpretation. What then, are the biblical meanings of bees in dreams?


Who doesn’t get a bit frightened upon the sight of a bee, especially a swarm of them?  At times, we get way too jumpy we feel the need to just swat the insect to oblivion. But are we really seeing bees the way we actually should be?

To dream of seeing bees

Dreaming of seeing bees alone represent quite a lot.

Diligence and an industrious character.

It is what bees are in real life, after all. They are focused on their goal; and they stay that way until their goal is reached.

This may mean that you need to catch up on work and responsibilities. You will be involved in something that requires hard work. Prep yourself for having busy thoughts that you may or may not want.

Work-life balance.

It’s true. Bees have the best work ethic but they never forget to stop and take a good look at life. This dream may also be a reminder for you to maintain your work-life balance. There are also other things in life (other than your goal/s) that matter.

Large social gathering.

To dream of simply seeing a swarm of bees can indicate an upcoming huge celebration.

It could be a wedding, a childbirth, a family reunion, a college party, or even a funeral. It may also symbolize a feeling of being burdened of having to help people with health-related issues.

To dream of being stung by bees

If you are expecting to be a parent anytime soon, this is a good sign. It could mean that you might get pregnant in the near future.

It could also be a wake-up call to you. This dream reminds you to listen to your own heartbeat and take a stand on the things you believe in. Pay attention to what your instinct tells you.

To dream of bees circling around you

If you are waiting for an update from someone, the dream suggests that you stop expecting. It could even actually mean worse. Instead of hearing good news, you might be hearing the opposite.

To dream of running after a bee

Dreaming of running after and trying to catch a bee means that you may finally take a rest now from the issues that have been keeping you up lately.

You had been feeling cornered and stuck but your dream tells you that a breakthrough is coming soon. Make sure you prepare yourself for it.

To dream of killing bees

Bees are more generally seen as helpful creatures that have a beneficial use to the ecological system. They pollinate flowers and in turn, enable plant reproduction.

To dream of killing them is an omen of bad luck. It is like getting rid of something that has an actually vital role.  A future misfortune is coming your way.

To dream of hearing humming bees

To dream of such case is a good sign, moneywise and businesswise. Success is just right around the corner and luck is knocking on your door.

The knock is too loud you might even get to win the lottery. This may be a good time to start reaching your goals while luck is on your side.

To dream of a bee resting on you

Contentment and bliss is what this dream is trying to convey. You are also bound to find love and meet your soulmate. Generally, this suggests a good luck on your romantic life.

To dream of a beehive

A beehive is home for the bees. If you ever dream of one, it also simply goes to say you will be finding your home in a person. You are bound to meet the love of your life and luck is with you in terms of your romantic life.

To dream of your house filled with bees

This dream doesn’t bring any pleasant interpretation. To have a bee-filled house in your dreams may mean death. It is also a reminder for you to take better care of your health.

To dream of a bee chasing a child

This dream indicates a less stressful future event. Liveliness and fulfilment will make its way into your life.

Reasons why you see bees in your dreams

You either feel powerful or alone.

There is strength in numbers. Seeing a swarm of bees implies power. Alternatively, dreaming of a single bee connotes weakness. It may not be entirely in a negative sense, but it suggests the lack of support from the larger group.

You have plans on going to a get-together.

Bees are social creatures. You may be dreaming about them because you are in for some huge event that’s going to happen soon, an occasion that would involve a lot of crowd. You will be in the mood for socializing and bonding with your peers.

You have been busy or will be busy in the upcoming days.

Buzz and busy are always referenced to bees. You may be dreaming about bees because you have been in your industrious side lately.

You are or will be involved in a work where you will put all your dedication and commitment to it. This may also mean loyalty.

Like the bees, they have devoted their lives to their queen. For this, bees have also become a symbol for allegiance.

You feel pressure and anxiety.

Certain idioms connote distinct meanings. “To put the bee on someone” means pressuring him/her with something that involves money as if stinging the person.

You might also be feeling anxious as if a big result is expected of you, one you think is too much for you to handle.

You are bothered/annoyed by something.

Hearing a buzz normally annoys people. The buzzing sound gives off a sense of irritation. This might be the case in your real life. You may be feeling displeasure. In a more literal sense, it could mean gossip and rumors spreading around.


Interpreting biblical meanings of bees in dreams may really cause confusion since bees are seen both in a positive and negative way.

In whichever way, what lies important in the end is how you do in your life right now, how you feel, and if you ever stop to listen to the feeling.

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