#82 Cactus – Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Seeing a cactus in a dream refers to having some sticky situations or events where you have to be more reserve and protect yourself.

Like a cactus endures in a desert, you need to evolve, persevere, and adapt to your existing circumstances to prevail yourself from them later.

Why you dream about a Cactus

There are various reasons or themes that we can use to describe the dream interpretation of a cactus, and they are as follows;

To represent hostility and isolation in your life.

If cactus spines prick you in the dream, it may indicate that you will have a complicated conversation with an individual in reality because you may have become unhappy, cruel, and rude.

This will then make you upset about something. His/her lack of manners and straightness can offend and hurt your emotional feelings. In simple terms, being pricked would illustrate that you are awaiting disappointments.

To signify the loss of direction in life.

Dreaming of a lonely standing cactus may be a sign of anger and that you have negative thoughts that are disturbing you from focusing on important matters of your life.

You should, therefore, recheck on your thinking and consider or focus on issues arising in your life that are of importance.

As a symbol of winning over grievances in your life.

If you dream seeing yourself stepping on a cactus and crushing it under your feet, it may indicate that you will win over your grievances and the desires/urge to taking revenge on your enemies.

It, therefore, shows your willingness to forgiveness and the motivation to move on with your life without grievances.

To symbolize reconciliation and tranquility.

If you dream of seeing a blooming cactus before your eyes may symbolize reconciliation and tranquility virtues within your life.

It shows that your mental state is ready to become more harmonious. You will start to reconsider your attitude towards people, and you will change your general outlook.

Your life will then turn into the person with whom you had been at loggerheads.

To symbolize that you will have an intimate relationship with your lover.

When you dream of taking care or you see yourself eating a cactus fruit may suggest that you will have an intimate relationship with your lover.

Both you and your lover will reconcile the differences between you and him/her. After reconciliations of your differences, improvement in your relationship will be evident; hence the both of you will achieve happiness.

As a symbol to show that you are dealing with a difficult person(s) in your waking life.

By dreaming of seeing yourself handling cactus leaves that are full of pricks and needles may suggest that you are dealing with difficult persons.

This individual could be your boss or some defensive clients. The dream may be suggesting to you that you need to be extra careful and keen on removing other people’s self-defense for you to achieve your goals in life.

Common dreams about Cactus

There are common dreams about cactus, along with their interpretations. Below are some of the cactus dream interpretations that might help you understand what your cactus dream entails.

You dream of seeing a cactus in a vast desert.

In general terms, when you see a cactus in your dream may suggest that you are feeling invaded or that your space is being crowded into.

The prickly spines of the cactus may reflect your wish to the establishment of your space boundary and privacy. The dream should show you the need to defending yourself because you might seem vulnerable.

Also, the dream might make you realize that you may be in a sticky situation and perhaps that you may require to adapt to existing circumstances instead of trying to change them.

You are dreaming of being thrown into a clump of cactus.

If you dreamed of being thrown into a clump of cactus may predict a series of annoying occurrences.

You should, therefore, be careful and be keen on your day to day activities to prevent yourself from misfortunes.

You are dreaming of being of seeing a cactus in a pot.

Such a dream of seeing a cactus in a pot may symbolize your state of mind shows that your companions have mistrust and are isolating from you.

The pot in the dream may also mean that you might have chance to finding out someone’s secrets.

Dreaming about planting or replanting a cactus

Dreamming of planting or replanting a cactus plant may be a sign of achieving amazing discoveries in your waking life.

You should revise your world view of matters concerning you so that you may be able to follow the discoveries that come along your path.

These amazing discoveries are meant to improve your life positively and grant you happiness.

You dream of buying a cactus.

Dreaming of buying a cactus plant may suggest that the result of serious decisions that you make about matters concerning your life will be successful, but the process of their prosperity will be challenging; however, much thorny the way to your success will be.

You are dreaming about seeing a dried up cactus.

Dreaming of seeing a dried out cactus, in general, personifies guilt and failures in the dreamer’s life. It may indicate the inability of a project that you may have started and guilt for a particular wrong you have done.

You are dreaming of a cactus with flowers.

Cactus with flowers in a dream symbolizes good luck. The dreamer should expect good luck in his/her ventures. The dream should remain calm and trust his subconscious feelings.

You are dreaming of seeing cactus thorns.

Such a dream of seeing cactus thorns may be a sign of advising the dreamer to be more prudent than ever soon. Also, the dream would mean that the dreamer may hurt someone that he/she cares so much about by abusing them.

You are dreaming of seeing many cactuses growing around you in the vast desert.

By seeing yourself in a vast desert, where you see many cactuses growing around you, maybe a symbol that you will not be able to gain any attention of a person you need.

This person would have become extremely interesting in recent days. You value him/her and ensure consistent communication with him/her because he/she is vital to you.

The dreamer should not be intrusive and categorical in his/her judgments. By doing so, the person will eventually open up to you.

You are dreaming of seeing a lonely standing cactus in a vast desert.

Dreaming of seeing a lonely standing cactus in the vast desert could be a sign that negative direction of thoughts  and your anger will disturb you from focusing on the crucial matters that concerns you.

You are dreaming of bleeding after pricking yourself with a cactus.

To prick yourself with cactus and bleeding out could indicate that the dream is the forerunner of what you will witness the evil deed of some of your loved ones or the very close friends.

This dream may warn that shortly some horrible news will appear or your mysteries and secrets will be revealed by a person who is very difficult to agree with, and who wants your privacy to be a general issue.

You need to be extremely cautious when expressing your statements and selection of friends.

You are dreaming of seeing yourself watering a blooming cactus.

Such a dream of seeing yourself watering a blooming cactus may mean that you still have hope for improvement of the cooled intimate relationship with your lover.

You dream about a Cactus Recipe.

When the dream features some form of recipes that deal with cactus may symbolize hints that help the dreamer to get out of the thorny situation.

The dreamer should consider the type of recipe he/she learned in the dream. The dreamer should think how he/she processed the cactus in the dream.

These processes can then offer potential solutions in the waking life of the dreamer.

The dreamer should follow insights like if he/she wants to remove the thorn in the dream. These insights help the dreamer to solve waking life issues.

You dream about juice or water from a Cactus.

If you dream of drinking or making juice or water from a cactus plant may be a sign that you may need to reconsider your attitude towards people and change your general outlook.

People whom the dreamer thinks are difficult may end up providing the dreamer with life-preserving supports. The dream can also suggest that you will reconcile with people whom you have had a rocky relationship with.

The dreamer would then form partnerships that can benefit and sustain his/her life.


Dreams about cactus can mean different things, and sometimes the meanings can be opposite and confusing.

The people interested in their dream regarding cactus being interpreted seek to find what there indicate or mean.

A dream can never be a coincidence. Some of the interpretations could be worrisome. Remember what the cactus was like, what you experienced in the dream, and the emotions that you were experiencing when that dream was occurring. This will result in a more accurate interpretation of your cactus dream.

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