#28 Dolphin Dream Meaning – Dreams About Dolphins & Interpretation

Dolphins Dream Meaning – Dolphins are extremely intelligent creatures and when they are around us, they bring joy and a lot of positive energy when they are around us.

It is beautiful to watch them jump and swim because they are absolutely beautiful. When they show up in your dreams, they will definitely make you smile when you wake up and they are a sure sign of positive feelings.

The dream often times is pleasant because after all dolphins are very attractive and intelligent. So why would dolphins show up in your dreams?

Why you have dolphin dreams

There are various reasons why you have dolphin dreams and they are as follows

  1. A powerful connection to someone

A dolphin appearing in your dream is an indication of how you have made a strong connection with someone.

It could be a powerful connection with someone who could either be this romantic lover that you have recently been involved with or a new friend that you have made.

The dream could also be a symbol of a great improvement and strengthening of a current relationship with someone.

This person could be an important part of your daily life. They could be your lover, spouse or a close friend.

  1. Your need for fun and passion

It could be that you have been too serious and taken everything formally and are lonely. It could be that you want to loosen up a little, rekindle joy, fun, and passion in your life by exploring new relationships.

Maybe you have been through high-level stress lately and it is taking its toll on you. If this is the case then, by all means, rekindle that fun and passion. It could be just what you need to be motivated to achieve greatness.

  1. Vitality and good health.

Seeing dolphins in your dream could also be a sign of vitality and great health especially if you have been taking care of yourself.

It could be a sign that you are finally achieving good health courtesy of your efforts. You have been careful with what you eat, exercised regularly and adopted all healthy practices.

If this is the case then vitality and good health will be your portion and with that combination you no doubt have great things to look out for.

  1. Reminiscing good old memories.

You could also be fondly thinking about old memories. They could be memories of an old lover, beautiful moments of the past or the better times that have passed.

If this is the case then it means that you have lost connection with these moments or the special people in those memories.

You clearly wish to turn the clock back and relive those experiences. If this is the case, you could perhaps attempt restoring a connection with these special people.

  1. The duality in your life

Since the dolphin is both a fish and a mammal, it could also be a sign of the two aspects of your life that exist. Not in a bad way but in a harmonious way.

The existence of these two aspects of your life could actually be a good thing because they are complementing each other and contributing positively to your overall life quality.

  1. A lost connection.

You could also be experiencing dolphin dreams because of a lost connection with someone or people who greatly matter in your life. This is the case especially if you dream of a dolphin or dolphins dying.

  1. The desire to make progress in life.

The dream could also be triggered by the desire to make it in life. You could be doing all the right things to make it, such as getting the right connections, working hard and remaining consistent in your efforts.  Your hard work will eventually pay and you will soon achieve the progress that you seek.

  1. You need to escape a stressful situation.

You could also be seeing dolphins in your dream because you need to escape a stressful relationship or job. You long for calm, happier and less demanding times or jobs.

If the stressful situation is too much and nothing like the ordinary, then seriously consider making crucial changes in your life.

Common dolphin dreams: Meaning & Interpretation

There are common dolphin dreams along with their interpretations as they are as follows.

  1. Dreams about dolphins in general

When you have this dream this is an indication of something pleasant and exciting that is going to happen. It could be that you will finally meet this person who is going to change your life for the better. Overall, it is a sign that you will have an exciting, pleasant and positive experiences.

  1. Dream about riding a dolphin

This dream is an indication that you have this great desire to move another step in life but seem stagnant. You are of course not happy with your current position which is why you want to upgrade.

You seem to be taking measures to make this happen but it isn’t. Simply look for the changes you need to make to make that will help you upgrade to a better position in life.

  1. Dream about touching a dolphin

This is a symbol of a sensual connection to someone. It could be a new partner who you just started a relationship with or someone that you met and are feeling a great attraction towards them. This is a good sign and you should definitely take steps to make your feelings known.

  1. Dream about a dolphin jumping in water.

This dream is a sign of vitality and the good health you possess. You feel good about yourself and are in great shape.

You could have recovered from a certain condition that you have been suffering from and now you feel like the sky is the limit for you and nothing is going to be an obstacle.

Take advantage of this period and make great even greater progress. Do positive things to improve your current condition and maintain it.

  1. Dream about a dead dolphin

This dream is a sign of bad communication with someone you are close to. You could also not be getting along with people and have actually been through a nasty fight which has left you down in the dumps.

If there is anything that you have done that is your fault then go ahead and apologize. Then try and make amends for the lack of communication and misunderstanding with people.

  1. Dream about a dolphin carrying you.

This is a very positive dream. It is an indication of great unselfish help that you will receive from someone.  This help will come from someone who is not even close to you.

It could be a stranger offering unselfish love without asking for anything in return. Be grateful for this unselfish gesture that to you receive because such kind gestures are rare.

  1. Dream about feeding a dolphin

This is another good dream that is a sign of something great happening. You are going to meet someone who will be greatly impressed by your skills.

This person will even offer to help you use your skills better. Be prepared and make the best of this moment and use it to grow as one of the best people with your skills.

  1. Dream about several dolphins

This dream is pleasant as well, it is an indication that you will experience great luck in everything that you do. Everything that you touch will be successful and luck will be with you everywhere that you go.

Take advantage of this and start new projects because they are bound to be successful.  This is your golden period after all.

  1. Dream about losing sight of a dolphin

This is one of the negative dreams among dolphin dreams.  It could be that you feel horrible after letting someone leave your life.

You no doubt want this person back and are willing to make amends.  If the relationship is already ruined, there is always something you can do to improve that.

Fix the communication between both of you and make things clear. Apologize where you went wrong and show this person that you are determined to change.

  1. Dream about saving a dolphin.

This dream could be an indication that your relationship might be at risk because there is no fun and excitement. Everything might have become routine and boring.

Maybe it is time for a good surprise for your partner to bring that spark back. It could be up to you to save your relationship.

  1. Dream about playing with a dolphin.

This dream is a sign that you are stressed about your job which is demanding and you don’t know how to handle the obligations that you currently face.

You need a good relaxation with your friends and family, maybe a nice solo vacation to help you refocus and have a clearer perspective on things.

Dolphins are creatures of the water and they are always a good omen when they show up in a dream.   Remember what the dolphin in your dream is doing for an accurate interpretation. Still dreaming of a dolphin isn’t bad at all.

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