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Dreams About Dragons –Dragons are ancient mythical creatures that were very popular in the past and still are in some cultures around the world. In the cultures where dragons are popular, they represent different aspects of life.

In the eastern culture, for example, dragons represent benevolence while in the western culture they represent malevolence. The western dragons are large, fierce and scaly while the eastern dragons are colorful and beautiful.

In the stories that have been widespread around the world, some dragons have been known to be keepers of underworld treasures while others are known to guard the heavens which often represents the place with insight and inspiration.

When dragons show up in your dreams, there are various reasons why this happens and various interpretations.

Why you have dreams about dragons

There are various reasons why you could be experiencing dreams of dragons and they are as follows.-

  1. Your Inner Demons

You could be having inner demons or fears that you must face for you to grow as a person and achieve various milestones in your life. The demons you face make you unsure of your next steps.

You feel insecure and are held back by your own personal fears. Your inner demons might be about anything, so don’t allow them to influence every decision you make.

As much as you recognize your inner demons for what they are, recognize your inner gifts too and embrace them. In the end, make peace with any frustrations that are currently plaguing your life.

  1. Internal and external enemies that should be dealt with

Sometimes you could be having the dragon dreams because of the obstacles that you need to overcome in order to find the good within.

The obstacles could be your inner fears or your surroundings which could also include opposing people. It could be time to confront both your internal and external enemies for you to achieve the great success that you seek.

  1. Something in your life that deeply scares you.

You could be having the dream about dragons because there exists something in your waking life that deeply scares you. This is especially the case if your dream dragon is frightening you.

The scary thing could be a person, thing, an upcoming event or anything that you feel evokes strong feelings of fear within you.

  1. Great prospects in your life

You could also be having this dream because there could be something in your waking life that needs to be embraced and utilized.

New opportunities that would lead to great success may be cropping up and require you to take advantage of them. It might seem as if you are risking, but in truth, you could be taking a great chance that would change your life for the better.

  1. A Fiery-tempered or passionate person

Sometimes dreams about dragons could be happening because you are close to a fiery-tempered or deeply passionate person. Still, that passionate and fiery-tempered person could be yourself.

You could be reacting too much about the things you care about to the point of making mistakes. Cool it a little and take time to think things through before you react and hurt people or make major mistakes.

  1. Support from powerful people

You could also be having dragon dreams because you will or are currently receiving support from influential people. This is the case especially if you see a dragon that has wings in your dreams.

Take advantage of the support that you are currently receiving or the one that you will receive in the future but remember to be wary, lest these influential people ask for something you don’t like in return.

  1. You are or will be highly influential and respected

Dragon dreams could be sometimes a symbol of your great status within society. You could be highly respected and powerful within your society or will be in the future.

Whatever you are doing, it is definitely working in your favor and society is beginning to view you in a different positive light.

  1. Upcoming Wealth or Fortune

Recurring dragon dreams could also be a sign of upcoming wealth and fortune. You might run into great opportunities that might make you extremely wealthy. Make sure you recognize these opportunities when they come knocking.

Common Dreams About Dragons

There are common dreams about dragons and their interpretations and they are as follows.

  1. Dream about a dragon

If in your dream there is an image of a dragon with no details, then the dream could be a symbol of your character. You could be sweating the small stuff a lot or are overly passionate about the things you care about.

You could also be fiery-tempered and often have those angry outbursts that leave you drained. In some instances, you might be overreacting and come off as arrogant.

Your words could be too expressive and end up offending people that you closely relate to. The dream could be an indication for you to change your behavior, control your temper and keep your thoughts in check before airing them out.

  1. Dream about looking at a dragon

This dream could actually be a good sign because it could be a symbol of great fortune and prosperity in the future.

You might also come to a great fortune, maybe you should consider trying the lottery and if you are already a lottery fan, watch the space closely, it could be that luck could be on your side this time.

  1. Dream about a dragon with wings

This dream is a positive one and could be an indication that you will be receiving great support from a powerful person.

The influential person could, of course, be supporting you out of a good heart but in most cases, it could be because they want something in return. You might like this thing they will ask you in return or you might not.

Depending on your priorities, think carefully about whether it is worth accepting the support from the powerful people or not.

Think about the things you could gain or lose in the process. Are you well prepared for any turn of events? You better be for your own sake.

  1. Dream about riding on a flying dragon

This is a very positive dream which could mean great success in life. You will reach your goals and surpass them beyond your wildest dreams.  Whatever you are doing will definitely work in your favor or you could simply be lucky.

Take advantage of the success period by investing heavily for the greatest profits you have ever made. Whether you endure obstacles or not, in the end, you will no doubt be successful.

  1. Dream about a fire-spewing dragon

This dream is both positive and negative. It could mean someone close to you prone to angry outburst, or you having difficulties managing your temper. The dream could also be a sign of your increasing energy and strength.

Maybe if you channeled such growing energy and strength towards important matters you might achieve great success. Life is definitely going to get interesting with seldom any boring moments.

  1. Dream about a multiple-headed dragon

A dragon with many heads in your dream could be a sign of your overgrown ego. You could be having a penchant for loving ego-caressing experiences.

You could be turning simple conversations into debates and often times you might be that perennial irritant that no one wants to hang out with.

The dream could be a warning about your large ego. Having the last word in conversations is not always important neither is proving yourself always right or putting your best foot forward always.

  1. Dream about a dragon in a cave

This dream is a sign of you becoming triumphant even after encountering many obstacles.  Never lose hope when you face too many difficulties because, in the end, you are going to emerge victoriously.

Keep making the effort to makes things better and in the end, they will be great and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  1. Dream about a dragon sleeping

Seeing a sleeping dragon in your dream could be the symbol of achieving those long-term goals or dreams that you have had for a long time.

Have more faith in yourself and your abilities. Then make the things you have and those you believe in work positively for you. In the end, you will achieve beyond your wildest dreams everything you put your mind to.

  1. Dream about slaying a dragon

The dream could be an indication of the great obstacles ahead of you which you must overcome to become successful.

All you need is to summon up all your courage and face these obstacles and overcome them. Slaying a dragon is no mean feat and will require great courage and faith in yourself.

  1. Dream about a dragon attacking you.

When a dragon attacks you in your dream, it could be a warning about something you did in the past. If you can correct a past wrong, do so lest the consequences are far-reaching. Do your best to correct your mistakes and live an admirable life.


Dreams about dragons are unusual considering that dragons are mythical creatures. However, they shouldn’t be dismissed because often times they carry great meaning.

Remember your dragon dreams in details so that they can be accurately interpreted as malevolent or benevolent. This will also depend on how your culture views dragons.

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