#24 Dream About Losing An Eye – Meaning & Interpretation

Eye dreams are very symbolic in many cultures around the world. The state if the eye will always determine what the interpretation of the dream will be.

It is very devastating to dream of losing an eye. Losing sight is the most horrifying thing a person can endure especially if it is through the loss of an eye.  So why would you have such a terrifying dream?

Reasons Why You Have That Dream Of Losing An Eye

There are various reasons why you could be having this dream and they  are as follows:

  1. Lost Perspective or Focus

The dream could be because you lost some perspective about something.  Somewhere along the way, you might have lost your way.

Maybe you don’t have the full picture of a situation and are assessing it based on the little information that you have.

You might have been blinded by another situation or simply chose not to delve deeper and see clearly.  A lost perspective always results in mistakes which can have long-term consequences.

  1. Losing someone Important

You could be having this dream because you have lost or will lose someone important in your life.  It could be a close family member who has been helpful to you, a friend or a very valuable employee.

Losing this person will affect a very important part of your life.  It would be wise to find a way to fill in the gap that they have left to avoid problems.

  1. Crippled In A Way

You might have experienced some form of drawback. Your finances could be affected, your relationship with others, your spiritual life or your career.

Any of these effects could have had a crippling effect on some important aspect of your life. You must find a way to right the situation lest you remain in a disadvantaged situation for a long time.

  1. Drastic Consequences of your actions.

You might have indulged in bad habits or made decisions about your life that were not right. These decisions might have cost you or will cost you things in your life that are very dear.

This is why you lose your eye in your dream because an eye is one of the most vital organs of the body, responsible for sight.

It is what you see the world with and when one of these important organs is lost, you become partially blinded.

  1. Defeat

You might have been battling something or a powerful enemy and they have finally gotten the better of you. If this is the case,  then you have lost the battle and losing an eye is one of the injuries you might have suffered.

In your waking life, you could have lost something important to you, a position, friends, job, family and so on.

A lost eye is one of the worst kinds of defeat and in this case, it could be so painful and bitter in whatever form it takes in your waking life.

Common Dreams of Losing an Eye

There are various dreams of losing an eye and their interpretations. They are as follows:

  1. Dream Of Losing An Eye

When you experience this dream, it is an indication of a loss of perspective. You might have lost track of direction or perspective.

This might have caused you to make mistakes or you are close to making them.  People around you might not be pleased with your decisions, because you might have made them based on a poor perspective from a poor analysis of the situation.

  1. Dream Of Losing An Eye In Battle

Having this dream could be an indication of your great battle with a powerful enemy.

You might have been experiencing conflict with your enemy and finally, they could be gaining on you and could cause you to lose things that are dear to you.

It could be your business opportunity, job, family, relationships or status in society.  It could be that you are losing the battle or have lost it.

Perhaps if you took time and reviewed the whole situation, you might still have the last laugh or even turn your enemies into friends by solving the problems amicably.

  1. Dream of Losing An Eye To Disease

Having this dream could be an indication that you have lost your dreams and hopes.

You had a big dream and the current situation of your life is making you lose hope and that you have stopped trying to make an effort to make your dreams come true.

A change of attitude, in this case, could be instrumental in restoring your hope and dream and achieving your goal in the end.

  1. Dream About Getting Your Eye Gorged out

This is a very violent dream. The mere thought of having an eye gorged out is frightening. This dream is an indication that you could be having very determined enemies in your life who want to see you fail.

It is important not to give them any ammunition to destroy you. Keep your weaknesses to yourself because they are determined to destroy the very thing you hold dear to hurt you.

Be careful of any enemies who have openly declared their hostility towards you. Be prepared for any assault that they would stage against you.  Getting caught off guard is the worst thing.

  1. Dream About Someone Else Losing an  Eye

When you have this dream, it could be an indication that someone close to you will lose something dear to them.

Look at anyone close to you who needs good advice and get them to listen to you so they can make the right decisions and avoid painful losses which could also affect you if you care about this person a lot.


Dreams about losing an eye are not positive. They are dreams that can be quite unsettling.  Remember the detail of the dream for accurate interpretation and review your waking life to see where you need to fix.

No great loss is pleasant and if you can avoid a painful loss, by all means, take the necessary steps and do it. Hopefully, after you take the good steps, you might begin having more pleasant dreams.

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