#12 Dreaming about Snakes in water – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming about snakes in water and you in the same water can be very unsettling. You will probably wake up in cold sweat from all the silent screams and be grateful that it was just a dream.

The water snake dream is elemental and it is actually almost the same as when you dream of snakes in the air, earth or fire.  Cultures around the world have different views when it comes to elemental snake dreams.

Interpretations range from the positive like blessings, fertility, prosperity and to the negative like bad luck, evil and so on. As much as snake dreams are scary, some might actually be positive.

Always pay more attention to an elemental snake dream like snakes in water. But why do we dream of snakes and snakes in water in particular?

Why you dream of snakes in water

There are various reasons why you could be having water snake dreams and they are as follows.-

  1. Good omens await you.

You could be experiencing these dreams because good luck awaits you.  Blessings and success could be coming your way.

Things could be looking up finally because others with good intentions are watching your back. You are surrounded by positivity and great things are no doubt coming your way.

  1. You are pregnant

You could also be having this dream because you are expecting a baby and it most likely is a baby boy. If you have wanted a baby boy for a long time, then your wish could finally be coming true by the end of your pregnancy term.

  1. Good balance of emotions

Water snake dreams could also be because you have a positive and confident approach when it comes to dealing with your emotions.  You could be experiencing a scenario where conflicting emotions are part of your life.

You could be having the water snakes dream because you are calm amidst the chaos and it could be a sign that all will be well in the end.

  1. Your emotions are out of control

You might be experiencing an overload of emotions because of the things that you might be going through.

It could be the difficult times that you are experiencing that are causing you that emotional rollercoaster. Try to do anything to calm yourself lest you find yourself doing things that you are going to regret.

  1. Going through healing

You could for a long time have gone through grief. The pain must have been with you for a long time and finally some form of healing is happening.

Even though the wounds are still feeling fresh and painful, you are experiencing some sort of healing. In your own way you are dealing with your pain.  The fact that you are doing something to heal is a good sign.

  1. Resistant to change

Could you be fighting great change in your life? Changes could be happening in your life or within your surroundings and you are strongly opposed to them.

Ask yourself if the change has positive effects on the people around you and think carefully why you are opposed to the change. Are your reasons really valid?

Your life could get easier if you didn’t spend too much energy resisting change.  Pay more attention to your emotions and the things bothering you. May be they are not really worth the trouble you are going through.

  1. Something you are afraid of

You could also be afraid of something in your life. If in real life you are afraid of snakes and you see them in water then it could be that something is scaring you.

Think about what is scaring you in your waking life. Is it something you should really be afraid of and is it holding you back from achieving your goals? Then you should work on it.

Common dreams about snakes in water

There are common dreams about snakes in water and they are as follows.

  1. Dream about a snake biting you while swimming.

When you have this dream of being bitten by a snake while swimming, it could be that you have let your emotions take control of you. You should be in control of your own emotions to avoid making regrettable mistakes.

Work on the things causing you grief in order to avoid getting riled up and losing control of your emotions. You could also do better if you avoided situations that cause you agitation.

  1. Dream about snakes swimming in calm waters

This dream is a good sign that you are in good control of your emotions despite the turbulent emotions that you are going through.

You are calm despite the problems you are going through and in the end everything will turn out alright.

You will emerge unscathed and the experience will make you a better person with no regrettable mistakes because you were in control of your emotions at all times.

  1. Dream about swimming with snakes

When you have this dream that snakes are swimming all around you and you feel terrified by them, as long as you don’t get bitten this is a positive dream.

It could mean that you are currently experiencing a hostile situation  that is scaring you or you are feeling threatened by a situation or a group of people.

Wait it out or seek help if that is an option, you will emerge triumphant in the end and no harm will come to you.

  1. Dream about snakes in the water in your bathtub

This dream is often a dream about snakes in your home bathroom. Such a dream could be an indication that someone you are close to and related to could be a danger to you.

It could a hidden threat within your family or a looming betrayal. Just keep an open eye because you don’t know where the threat from your loved ones will come from.

  1. Dream about seeing a snake in water

This dream could be an indication of your repressed emotions. The things you desperately want to do and express yourself are difficult for you, so you decide to keep all your emotions bottled.


Snakes have for centuries been honored symbols in many cultures around the world. When you dream of them in water, that is no doubt an elemental snake dream which should never be ignored. Remember it in detail for an accurate interpretation.

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