#14 Dreaming About The Same Person: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreaming About The Same Person: Dreams are unusual and often times they don’t make sense when you are experiencing them. You can have recurring dreams about the same person for years, months or weeks. It can get quite uncomfortable when you keep dreaming of the same person.

It gets even more uncomfortable if this person you keep dreaming of is dead or no longer close to you or it is someone from your past.

You might begin questioning why this is so but you won’t get answers unless you take time to analyze your dream. There could be many factors causing this dream to happen.

Why You Dream Of The Same Person

When the factors contributing to this dream are addressed, then and only then will the dreams stop.  The reasons why you could be having this dream are as follows:

  1. A Messy Breakup

You could be having a relationship that ended in an ugly breakup that had a deeply negative impact on your emotions. This could be the catalyst for your recurring dreams about your ex-partner.

If this breakup didn’t happen amicably and the relationship was abusive and ended on a violent note, then you are bound to have recurring dreams of this same person.

The dreams could be the same dream with the same scenario of being in a fight with them, talking to them, or walking together.

If this relationship was the worst thing that has ever happened to you, seek counseling and keep telling yourself that you are better off without this partner in your life.

  1. Unstable Family Ties

Sometimes your dreams about the same person might be circulating around a family member. The family member could be a parent, sibling or a close relative who you might have had a misunderstanding with.

You might also not have had an open misunderstanding but share this mutual feeling of distrust or dislike.

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If this is the case, your subconscious mind probably wished that things were okay between you and this family member, which why you keep having recurring dreams about this family member.

This could also be a sign that you need to take the step to make things right with your siblings, parents or close relatives that you might have disagreed with.

  1. Recent/Past Traumatic Incident

You might have been traumatized and having a difficult time dealing with the death of a loved one. You could be reliving the incident during your waking hours and are finding no solace even when the people around you are trying to offer it.  You keep thinking of this person that you have lost and you hurt deeply.

You really haven’t moved on because the pain is always silently following. From time to time you might be caught off guard and get overcome with emotion.

You will then have recurring dreams of this dear person alive and well because that is what you wish for with all your heart.

Until you heal and move on, you will continue having the dreams and seeing the person alive, well and having a great time. You will also be more disturbed when you wake up and this dear one is not there.

It will be like another episode of losing them all over again. The best thing is to seek therapy that will help you overcome the pain of loss and help you move on.

  1. Work/Studying Stress

Dreams of the same person may also be as a result of work/class pressure. You might be overwhelmed with deadlines and are therefore in a constant restless state of mind.

When your mind is tired you might often have a recurring dream about the same person and depending on how you feel, the person might be doing good things or bad things in the dream. To get rid of work or studying stress, just make sure you meet all your project deadlines on time.

When you have a calm and collected head on your shoulders, you will sleep more calmly and no recurring dreams of the same person or any other will happen.

  1. Your Constantly Think Of This Person

This same person that you always dream of could also be as a result of you constantly thinking about them.

If you are thinking about them constantly then you are bound to dream about them most nights and especially on the days that you have thought about them a lot.

This person could be your adult son or daughter who is far away or a friend who moved away and you miss them terribly.

The recurring dreams about the same person boil down to how much the mind stores of any incident that happens and the impact that it has on the brain.

However, when the dreams become too horrific and disturbing to deal with, always seek the help of a professional.

What The Dream Means

Often times there are reasons why that person shows up in your dream in the first place.  Think back to when they were in your life. What did they represent? Did you tend to feel safe, angry or happy around them?

In some cases, the person represents a feeling that you want or had in your life. You may keep dreaming about them because your subconscious wants you to have that feeling again.

In some situations, the person in the dream could be a representation of the quality of life that you want to achieve. For example, imagine that you continue to dream about a former crush.

You don’t like the crush or think about them anymore, but you keep having these dreams. In this scenario, your subconscious mind may have chosen that crush as a placeholder for someone you would like to meet.

You may want a romance in your life or love and affection. Your subconscious chose the crush at random to fill this role because you do not have someone else in your life that could fill it.

What You Should Do

If you keep seeing the same person in your dreams every day, stop to think about how you see them. Do they represent a certain feeling or event? What happens in the dream?

What was going on in your life when you originally met that person? Is there a normal time when you see that person in your dreams?

When you answer those questions you will be on your way to solving the dream’s mystery and issues you might be facing in the waking life.

Common Same Person Dream Scenarios

Here are common dreams about the same person scenarios.

  1. Dream About The Same Family Member

When you have this dream it could be a symbol of unstable family relationships that you desire to see change. You could be having old family disputes which have had their toll on you and your subconscious through your dream is letting you know this.

  1. Dream About the Same Stranger

When you experience this dream, it is often times an indicator of your need for new things which might be unknown to you but could be beneficial.

This could be new opportunities in your life to do business, date someone new, move to a new town, start a new job and so on.

If the stranger keeps showing up in your dream then know that the time to make new changes and embrace the ones coming in your life has come.

  1. Dream About Same Childhood Friend

 When you have a recurring dream about a childhood friend, this could mean that you might be longing for a time from your past when you didn’t have many responsibilities and pressures as you do today.

On the other hand, the dream could be representing the stress and pressure you experienced when growing up. The old friend you keep dreaming about could be a symbol of those same stressors that you faced then and are currently facing in your adult life.

You could also be feeling that you had an unfinished business with this friend. Maybe you wish you could have done something differently or told them something.

You could also be dreaming about this old friend because there is someone in your current waking life that arouses similar feelings within you.

You could be missing that old valued friendship. You could try to cultivate new meaningful friendships with the pleasant people you meet since you can’t turn the clock back and go back to your old friend.

  1. Dream About Same Dead Person

When you are experiencing this dream about the same person who died years ago and was close to you, it could mean many things.  It always depends on what kind of relationship you had with this person.

Did they inspire, love, courage, wisdom or did you feel safe? Could the opposite be true? It could be you haven’t gotten over their death or you could be needing someone like them in your current waking life to guide you along.


Recurring dreams, especially of the same person can be quite lucid and startling and when they go on for too long, therapeutic intervention might be required.

Also, a little closer examination of your past and current waking life might go a long way in giving an accurate interpretation of your dream about the same person.

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