#13 Dreaming Of A Child Dying – Meaning & Interpretation

A child is a blessing of God. It seals the sacred bond between a couple, bestowing them with a mirror image of the love that they share with each other. Seeing your child happy, play, and grow is one of the most satisfying things that the parents could feel. Therefore, dreaming of a child dying is one of the worst dreams which any person could ever come across.

Humans fear losing things they hold most dear to them. This fear is often reflected in their dreams when they see that particular person or thing get further away from them. To dream of a child die is symbolic of the same fear of loss or indicating that something extraordinary in your life has come to an end.

Interpretation related to dreams where you witness a child die to depend heavily upon the context and the surroundings around which you experience this unpleasant incident in your dream.

What Does Seeing A Child Die Represents In A Dream?

To see a child, die in a dream is directly reflective of your psychological state. The child you see in your dreams die may be your own or someone else’s, but they carry significant symbolism.

It may possibly refer to the difficulties which you have recently endured, an end of your childhood stage or might indicate that you have lost your innocence and have stepped into the world of sin and deceit.

Symbolic Of Need To Reflect Upon Your Actions

Similar to the feelings associated with dreaming of a child die, negative symbolism is attached to it where it indicates that you are in need to reflect upon your action.

You have been recently indulged in activities that might be potentially harmful to you. You have adopted selfdestructive habits, which are slowly destroying your morals without you being consciously aware of it.

The dream is a warning signal that if you do not stop with your self-destructive habits, you might do serious harm to yourself which will be irreversible, and you will lose your position as a decent human being in the eyes of others.

Symbolic Of Weekend Bond With Your Child

Dreams are reflective of our daily life, warning, and indicating things that affect our day to day activities. If you have seen your child die in a dream, it may refer to the weak relationship that you have with your child.

You may either be busy not to be able to give adequate time to your child or have been deliberately neglecting your parental responsibilities.

As a result, you are creating emotional distances between yourself and your child because of which you might lose the emotional connection that you have with your child.

The dream is a warning signal that you are in dire need to start paying attention to your family and especially your children and be aware of their activities and emotions to understand them better and overcome the emotional barriers that are widening the distances between yourself and your family.

Symbolic Of Loss Of Innocence

Children in our dreams are symbolic of our innocence and virtue that we possessed while we were young. A child dying in a dream is symbolic of the loss of that innocence and naivety now that you have entered adulthood.

You are no longer shielded from the external influences rather the autonomy to decide for yourself has allowed multiple vices to approach and temper with your mind.

You are slowly learning ways of this world that are deceitful and devious to attain personal benefits.

The morals and virtues which you have learned as a child are no longer applicable for you in this fast-paced world, where you have to be selfish to survive.

All of these evolving emotions that are helping you to be more compatible with this world are reflected in the form of a child dying indicating that you innocent childhood has come to an end and you must now learn ways of this world to survive among all this competition around you.

Symbolic Of Surviving A Painful Experience

Seeing a child die in a dream is worst of the nightmares and are sometimes symbolic of the hardships that you have recently endured.

Children are vulnerable being, dependent on others for their needs and thus are fully exposed to any potential damage that might lay their way.

Seeing a child enduring the hardships but dying at the end in a dream reflects that you have been fighting off the difficulties for a long time despite your vulnerable position with no one to lean upon.

You have courageously fought off all the troubles, but the continuous stress has rendered you emotionally weakened.

You have survived the challenges, but you need to recuperate for a long time before you are ready to face another stressful event.

Common Situations In Which You Dream Of A Child Dying

Dreaming Of Seeing A Child Dying

To see a child, die in a dream indicates that you have been juggling with a lot of stressful situations at a time, which gives you no time to rest and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

You feel like your inner child is slipping away from you, and you are slowly losing the ability to appreciate small happiness in life.

You wish to hide from your duties and regress back to the carefree stage of your childhood. The death of the child symbolizes that you are unable to do so and are stuck with the problem that you have in life.

Dreaming Of Hearing Your Unborn Child Die

Dreaming of hearing your unborn child of indicates that you have indulged yourself in several things at a time, but you are unable to do justice to either of them.

You are trying to manage everything simultaneously, but the burden is too much for you to handle.

The dream is a warning signal that you need to lessen the load which you have imposed upon yourself; otherwise, you will soon give in to the stress earning no benefit at the end.

For pregnant woman, this dream is reflective of their fear of losing their unborn child they have been carrying around in their wombs.

Dreaming Of Seeing Your Own Child Dying

Seeing your own child dying in a dream reflects the death of your efforts to work out a particular goal upon which you have been focused upon for a long time.

You have recently experienced an unpleasant change in life, losing opportunities using which you could have unlocked your potential.

You feel like all your hard work has gone to waste since you no longer have the desired chance to express your abilities fully. As a result, such disappointment is reflected in your dream in the form of your child dying.

Alternatively, the positive interpretation of this dream also indicates that the growing problems in your life have finally been dealt with and you no longer have to waste your energies trying to configure out the solution to those problems.

Dreaming Of Seeing Your Grownup Child Die

This dream doesn’t carry any negative connotation, unlike the feelings it inculcates in your dream. Parents often dreamt about their grown-up children die.

According to ancient lore, it reflects parents worries and concerns for their child who has now matured enough and doesn’t need the assistance of his/her parents to make tough choices in life.

He/she is becoming more independent, and you are worried that maybe you will lose your bond with your child now that they have their own lives to look forward to.

You worry about their safety and health, and this concern of yours is reflected in your dreams where you see your matured child die.

Your Child Dreaming Of His/Her Own Death

Children are often found to be narrating about dreams where they have seen themselves die. There is no ominous symbolism attached to such dreams.

It only represents that children fear to lose their parents or to become distant from them. Their fears are reflected in their dreams where they see themselves unable to communicate with you in their death.

You need to comfort your children and try to spend as much time as you can with them to ensure your love and constant support to them.


To conclude, dreaming of a child die is a direct reflection of your psychological and emotional state. It indicates an upcoming or ongoing transformation period in life.

The dreams suggest that you will evolve and mature as a person. Success and failures will teach you ways of life, which might lead you away from your inner child that yearns for compassion and love.

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