#72 Dreaming of Silver Coins – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams are a combination of images, ideas, feelings, and emotions. A dream is an involuntary action of the mind that occurs during specific stages of sleep.

The basis and goal of dreams have been a topic of contention throughout recorded history, there has been various hypothesis drawn based on the ever-increasing knowledge base of man.

Different dreams have peculiar meanings whichever way you analyze it, scientifically, psychologically or through a religious perspective.

Over the course of mankind many scholars, philosophers, religious minds and so on have argued on the interpretations of different dreams without a conclusive end, but one point which all seasoned minds can agree on is that most dreams are a reflection of our concerns, hidden feelings and thoughts.

Meaning & Interpretation

There are several meanings and elucidations that can be related to dreams about silver depending on the specific details of the dream.

First of all, it is important that you note that Silver is generally considered to be a symbol/sign of good fortunes and wealth though this doesn’t automatically mean that all dreams involving a silver entity are an indication of such.

The minute detail about dreams of silver is what distinguishes their meaning. The meanings for dreams of silver statues, plates, rings, chains, etc. are all different which I’ll fully explain in subsequent articles but for this article, my focus will be centered squarely on dreams of silver coins.

There are several ways silver coins could be manifested in a dream and whichever form the dream take as long as it’s about silver coins it is majorly associated with positivity and good fortunes, though in some cases the reverse is the case.

Positive Interpretations of Dreams on Silver Coins

Like I pointed out above, dreaming of silver coin is associated with good fortunes, it is an indication that the future is filled with beautiful memories and accomplishments of your goals especially those you thought impossible.

A few of the positive interpretations of dreaming of silver coins include:

If you’re into business it may mean an astronomical increase in your profits, the clinching of a contract you’ve been hoping for and so on; because basically, silver coins symbolize wealth, power and influence.

This dream can also be an indication that you’ll accomplish your goals, perhaps you’ve been finding it difficult to perform well or get lucky in your chosen field; a dream about silver coins may mean that you only need to persevere a little longer because your lucky break is just right around the corner as long as you keep your head high, work hard and maintain the right attitude towards your achieving your goals.

Silver coins are a talisman for success so dreaming about them may be a call to action for you to fully maximize your talents and be the successful person you’re destined to be.

Dreaming of silver coins can also mean that there is a person who cares for you deeply and will do anything to make you happy.

Most times when you have someone like that in your life it’s always advisable that you don’t take their love for granted or disrespect their feelings of affection towards you because in most cases these kind of people are the ones that will help you get through the toughest times in your journey through life.

Finally, this dream can also mean that you should desist from your current course of action and try something new, this is most likely the case when you dream of silver coins often.

In this case, it often means that trying something new will bring you good fortunes and make you more successful.

Negative Interpretations of Dreams on Silver Coins

It is an inevitable phenomenon that all things that have advantages/positives will have some disadvantages/negatives and dreams are not excluded from this.

As encouraging and motivating as the positives of dreaming of silver coins can be its negatives can be a bit unpleasant though it isn’t a reason for you to trouble your mind as it is mostly a description of a negative feature or character that you exhibit or a warning about some things that can happen in the future.

A few of the negative interpretations of dreaming of silver coins include:

This dream can mean that you’re striving desperately to impress or gain the favor of someone who you shouldn’t be relating with, in this case, it’s a form of wake-up call for you to turn your attention and time to people who deserve it instead of wasting it on people who can be of no help to you.

Dreaming of silver coins can also be an indication of your selfish or greedy nature. An enormous desire to always be the center of attention regardless of who gets hurt or offended in the process.

Most people who this interpretation applies to are usually annoying, and difficult to relate to because of their disgusting nature.

This dream can also be a representation of your jealous trait or a feeling of possessiveness. It can mean you have a delusional thought that you’re the best in everything and that you can’t be replaced.

It most often than not also means you like to make other people decisions for them because you feel you can achieve everything yourself.

Most people in this boat are often very toxic and difficult to deal with which mostly causes their loved ones to abandon or give up on them.

If you’re reading this and you dream of silver coins and happen to display the characters highlighted above then I implore you to change your behavior towards the people around you and you’ll be surprised at how far this will go in changing your life.


Most people today take dreams for granted, they disregard the meanings each dream holds and its significance to their life.

I hope this won’t be the case for anyone out there reading this, dreams are a powerful representation of our inner selves and as such shouldn’t be treated with levity.

The wise don’t ignore the signs that are sent via dreams because what most people fail to realize is that understanding and taking note of your dreams can help you improve your life.

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