8 Dreams about Airports , Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about airport suggests that something pivotal will happen in your life soon. You need to pay attention closer to the details that you will encounter in your dream. This is necessary to create a concise interpretation.

For instance, a large airport may indicate that something related in your life is going to end soon. Most of the time, it can be a big problem that has been bothering you for so long. On the contrary, smaller airport means that you have a problem that will take some time to reach its conclusion.

To give you a better understanding of the airport, let us separate them into the airside and the landside. Generally, we will often come across the landside when dreaming.

Our dreams about airport will sometimes highlight the terminal, waiting area, luggage claim, aircraft gates, train stations, parking lot, and airport security.

In this article we will attempt to provide you a comprehensive interpretation of these symbols.

The General Meaning

Dreaming about airport will usually mean a spiritual journey that will happen soon. This may relate to a new goal or path related with your work or personal life.

Airport can also mean that you are yearning for a change. This place may interchangeably signify our personal confusion.

When dreaming of the airside, this can be a sign of an impending journey or a problem that is inescapable until you finally solved it. Usually, we will dream about airport when we are confused on which direction we need to take.

This human structure is a busy place where people always come and go. The encounters that you are making in an airport is also essential.

Whether you are picking up someone in your dream or sending off someone, this can be related with your personal relationship with that person. The airport will usually manifest in our dream if we are in a crucial part of our life.

For instance, we can be planning to change our career path, move to a new community, or look for ways on how we can improve our current condition.

Meeting Strangers on the Airport

As aforementioned, encounter in the airport is usual. In case you encounter a stranger in your dream, then it can indicate your feeling of isolation.

This may happen if you are being surrounded by lots of people, but you are still feeling alone or lonely. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you to stay away from those people that you don’t necessarily connect with.

For those who must meet someone in the airport, it can symbolize a new relationship that will happen soon. It will not necessarily pertain to a new love, it can also relate to a new friendship.

Being Lost in The Airport

Apart from the change that will happen in your life, dreams about airport can also mean that a new path will open soon. You can establish new relationship, or it may be an indication of an impending travel.

However, on the off chance that you were lost at the airport, this can remind you about your confusion. When you are lost and you don’t know which way to go, it simply illustrates how you are currently feeling in your walking life.

On the off chance that you lose something valuable while you are in the airport, this can illustrate that you may lose something that is important to you.

In order to prevent this from happening, or to at least cope up with the change that it will bring, you need to know how this item or person will be lost and how important it will be.

Meaning of Boarding the Plane

When dreaming about boarding a plane, this can be your subconscious mind that is telling you that you are ready to take on a new challenge or journey.

The journey can be a symbolic representation. Whether your destination is on a beach resort or a new city, this dream is an indication that you have a new path to take and that you are ready to start a new phase of your life.

This can generally be a positive feeling that signifies that you are searching for contentment and happiness. There’re just too many positive feelings that can be associated on boarding the plane.

Nonetheless, if you dream about losing your boarding ticket, this can possibly mean that you are about to lose something or someone in your life.

If you’ve interacted with an airport personnel such as stewardess, it can show that someone in your life will play a critical role that will lead to the changes in your life.

There are also instances when you will board a plane only to discover that someone is sitting on your assigned seat.

This can symbolize the tough competition that is happening in your workplace. You need to know how to look at the key elements in your dream in order to accurately interpret the meaning of dreams about airport.

The Meaning of Crowded Airport

The crowded airport can highlight the confusion that our subconscious mind is experiencing. If we carefully analyze our feeling, we are probably yearning to travel to a new destination, but we are hesitating due to certain factors.

It can also indicate that you want to change your path, but you are also unsure on what path that you should take.

A busy airport can also show that there are too many changes that will occur. With regards to the crowd queuing, people that are close to you will probably take on a new path.

Dreaming about an Empty Airport ?

Dreaming about an empty airport is also a sign of confusion. As we have mentioned above, the airport is always a busy place.

To dream about an empty airport can mean that we are feeling confused if we should embark on the journey or change.

In case you turn into an airport personnel to ask about the situation, this can illustrate that you are looking for an advice. If the airport empty due to an attack of a terrorist, it symbolizes a fresh start.

Dreaming about Waiting in Airport

If you are simply waiting on the airport lounge or you are purchasing things on the duty-free section, this can be a sign that you are waiting for something to happen. Since you are waiting in the airport, your subconscious mind is aware that you will need to take on a journey.

If you are waiting for others to arrive or you must be with someone in the flight, this can relate to a new relationship that is bound to happen.

When you noticed that your life is experiencing no progress, waiting in the airport can also illustrate your need to move forward to avoid stagnating.

Based on our experience, dreaming about waiting on the airport will signify that you can enjoy the benefits when you look at things at new perspective or if you enter a new relationship.

Other Interpretations Related with Airport

When you are waiting for the arrival of someone, you are currently in the process of building the important phase of your life.

Nonetheless, there are instances when the things will not go as planned but you will have to remain calm and positive.

The commercial plane will generally indicate the path that you have to take and the journey towards your goal in your life.

The people that you will meet in your dream are the people that can support you when going through this life-changing process.

In the case that the travel will be smooth, this may symbolize the support that you are receiving from the people around you.

If the arrival of the plane was delayed, it is your subconscious mind telling you that you must postpone a project or a trip.

Here are some of the elements in your dreams that you may come across as well as their corresponding interpretation.

Planning to Catch Your Flight – This can be an indication that you will need to change your daily routine. Change is always good especially if your daily life becomes too redundant.

Failure to Get to the Airport It may symbolize the struggles and the difficulty that you will meet before achieving your current goal.

Being Lost This means that you are trying to find your place in your work or society.

Planning Your Travel Perhaps you are planning to invest on a new business venture.

Picking – up Someone : You daily routine will be changing soon. If you are picking up someone you now, it can suggest that you will be reconnecting soon. On the other hand, if you are picking up a stranger, a new relationship may be formed.


Dreams about airport can have a variety of representation. Nonetheless, it generally pertains to a positive feeling or situation.

Whether you are embarking on a new journey or you want to experience some changes in your life, your dream will help you be prepared and face this situation calmly and confidently.

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