14 Dreams About Bananas – Meaning & Interpretation

Bananas are famous worldwide for their nutritious properties and compelling taste. The vibrant and alluring yellow hues are a significant part of our diet and an essential component of our breakfast. Dreaming of bananas is not usual, but when they do, they carry exciting symbolism with them.

Dreams about bananas are often accompanied by pleasant sensory experiences. The delicate texture, soft aroma of the fruit induces positive effects in the mind of a dreamer. The interpretation of dreams about bananas heavily depend upon the texture of the fruit and what the reader does with it.

Bananas carry important symbolism varying from culture to culture. They carry both positive and negative connotations depending upon the context.

Meanings Associated With Bananas In Dreams

Dreams about bananas are seen as a symbol of happiness and love across the globe. They are the bearers of wealth, prosperity, and good things in life. They represent fertility, passionate desires, and joys of life.

Symbolic Of Happiness

General interpretation regarding dreams about bananas suggests that you are happy and satisfied in your life. This happiness can be seen in both emotional and physical terms.

You are financially stable and are living a life which most of the people feel envious of. You have a steady job; a happy family and you are emotionally content, which makes you thankful for the life that you are living.

Symbolic Of New Happenings

Green bananas are unripe with a sour taste, however seeing them in dreams carry symbolism opposite to the unpleasant sensory experience.

Dreaming of unripe green bananas suggests that you will soon experience new happenings in your life.

This change might appear in the form of a new job or a new relationship, but whatever the new change is, you will be pleasured and satisfied with it.

Symbolic Of Sexual Desire

Sigmund Freud, one of the pioneering psychologist and dream interpreter, has associated bananas with male genitals for its shape. They symbolize sexual encounter or a strong sexual desire for your partner.

To dream of bananas represents that you are either missing or desiring for your romantic partner. Dreaming of bananas with other fruits also denotes that you may not be receiving enough attention from your significant other.

Symbolic Of Failures In Life

Sometimes dreams about bananas carry negative symbolism. It suggests that you are going to experience failures in life. You will find yourself in a situation where you will repeatedly fail despite trying your best every time.

The dream indicates that you must not be disheartened by your repeated failures and understand that something is not just meant to be. You need to learn when to work hard for something and when to let go if the situation isn’t in your favor.

Your hard work will never go to waste, and you will be compensated for your efforts in some other form.

Symbolic Of Your Attitude Towards Others

To dream about bananas is often representative of your attitude with others. You can either come off as overly affectionate with others or close off to the point where others find you rude.

The dream is a reminder that you need to analyze your behavior where you must discover stability in your attitude so that people don’t see as overly hyper or extremely close.

The dream is also a reminder that your approach might cause you problems in your professional career. Therefore, you must be careful of how you act.

Symbolic Of Unhealthy Encounter

Dreams about banana often symbolize that you are going to have unpleasant encounters in life that won’t interest you.

You may encounter certain people in your life who are going to bring you nothing but stress and anxiety. You will find yourself annoyed by these people, but there is nothing you can do about it.

These dreams may also suggest that someone from your past, might come back in your life, which will irritate you to beyond extent. You need to mentally prepare yourself for a tough period that is entering your life.

Symbolic Of Non-Productive Behavior

Bananas in a dream often refer to non-productivity and laziness in your attitude. Dreaming of banana suggest that you have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle where you have given up on things and have opted for the easy way, and that is to laze around and let the things be the way they are.

Sometimes, these dreams often represent that you may find the path to your goals as dull and boring with no apparent fruits because of which you might give up.

Such dreams are a reminder that you need to change your outlook towards life and keep up the hard work even if you can’t receive anything positive in return for a long time.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Bananas

Dreaming Of Eating Bananas

Eating bananas in a dream is one of the most common dreams, related to bananas, to occur. To see yourself eat bananas carries a negative connotation.

It points out to the fact that you have fertility issues, or you are not satisfied with your sexual life in general. It can also relate to the fact that you may get involved in the unnecessary drama around you.

Eating bananas in a dream may also refer to your declining health or some deficiency in your system, which you should get treated fast.

Dreaming Of Rotten Bananas

To see rotten bananas in a dream carries negative symbolism. Handling, eating, or seeing rotten bananas in a dream refers to your willingness to consume negativity around you.

You may willingly or forcefully find yourself indulged in certain activities which will prove potentially harmful for you.

You will find yourself perusing beliefs or going after things that you find yourself disagreeing with and yet you will have no other choice than to follow the imposed order.

Such dreams also refer to your professional life where you will be given a tough task but putting your dedication, and hard work will prove fruitful to you.

Dreaming Of Buying Bananas

Dreaming of buying yourself bananas is interpreted as an ominous sign. Things are not going right for you in life, and soon, unwanted and threatening situations might cross your way; therefore, you need to be watchful of your actions shortly.

You may find yourself dealing with powerful and influential personalities that will cause you mental stress, driving you to be moodier and more sensitive. This dream is a sign that you need to keep your behavior in check to avoid unnecessary problems.

Buying bananas in dreams also refer to the fact that not everyone is your friend, and you need to keep your eyes open to differentiate friends from enemies.

Dreaming Of Selling Bananas

Finding yourself selling bananas in your dream may refer to unwanted dealings with others. You may find yourself indulged in activities, plans, and events irrelevant to you and a waste of your time.

You will find the job meaningless, uninteresting, and unsatisfying, and yet you will be forced to take up the responsibility.

You may find yourself tempted to let go of the assigned task, but you must realize that it is essential for your professional growth; no matter how hard the job is, you will surely bear its fruits in future.

Dreaming Of A Bunch Of Bananas

To see a bunch of bananas in your dreams is a positive omen. It refers to the possibility of meeting your potential romantic partner in coming future.

It may also relate to the onset of formation of new relations and acquaintances. The newly formed relations will be fruitful for you, and you will find yourself elated and happy.

For people in a committed relationship, dreaming of a bunch of bananas indicates that you will be happy and satisfied in your life. Professionally, it relates to the new possibilities and opportunities finding you, which will benefit your professional career.

Dreaming Of Peeling Bananas

Peeling bananas in a dream suggest that you have a strong masculine side, no matter your gender. It refers to the fact that you have a ‘tough’ appearance and appear as intimidating to others, who meet you for the first time.

You like to be independent and robust, not relying on others to help you out in tough situations. People respect you for your bold and mighty personality.

However, you don’t mind letting your feminine side hold once in a while where you find yourself seeking emotional support from the opposite gender.

Dreaming Of Bananas Growing On A Plant

To see bananas ripping and growing on a plant is an unfavorable sign. You may find yourself exhausted, both emotionally and physically shortly.

This exhaustion may be the outcome of a one-sided relationship where you invested all your energies with getting nothing in return. You will find yourself unappeased by that person soon, leading you to give up eventually.


Dreams about bananas reflect your emotional and physical state along with warning you of the possible bumps that you will encounter in life. Having a sharp resolution and a sound mind will help you tackle the problems in life more successfully.

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