7 Dreams About Bathrooms : Meaning & Interpretation

The bathroom is an intimate space where you let yourself be you. In the bathroom, you are able to do all the things that make you human. You are able to do your business, undress, take a shower and just be you.

So when a bathroom shows up in your dream, this could be a sign that you could be going through some aspects of your life that are uncomfortable and clearly unpleasant, or you could be going through a change that is normal but uncomfortable or unpleasant in a way.

Think about what you do in the bathroom, you relieve yourself, eliminate waste, cleanse yourself, powder your nose, cover up blemishes with makeup and so on.

One thing is clear though when you have a bathroom dream, there is no doubt that there are unpleasant intimate aspects of your life that you are dealing with.

Why You Have bathroom dreams.

So why do you dream of a bathroom or have a recurring dream about a bathroom?  Outlined below are a few reasons why.

  1. Your need to emotionally and psychologically relieve yourself.

Your waking life could be full of a crappy or messy situation and you could be under a lot of stress which could be affecting your life generally.

You could be in a desperate need for some breathing room or a solution to the ever-growing crappy situation that you are in.

It could be a social, home, or professional issue that is overwhelming you. If this is the case, consider seeking professional help or counsel and help from trusted sources to remedy the situation.

  1. Difficulty in expressing your thoughts or emotions to others

Sometimes the dream might come because you find it difficult to express your true feelings to those around you.

Maybe because you lack confidence and are worried about what they might think of your ideas. This is the case especially if your dream is about you not finding a bathroom.

  1. A lack of privacy

When you dream of a bathroom with no doors or no stalls at all and that you are forced to relieve yourself in front of others, then this could be an indication that you lack privacy in your waking life.

Maybe you live with people who don’t respect privacy or you are forced to reveal private aspects of your life that you would rather keep private to people around you.

  1. Repressed negative emotions and negativity

You could be experiencing lots of negative emotions, energy or toxic people in your waking life. They could be the cause of so many negative emotions that you are experiencing but trying too hard to suppress.

  1. The need for cleansing and purification

You could also be experiencing a strong need to cleanse and purify yourself, spiritually, emotionally or physically. You could be needing rejuvenation, self-renewal or relaxation.

Take a long scented bath, go for a vacation, or simply lounge at home until the fatigue and all the tension leaves your body.

Common bathroom dreams

There are various bathroom dreams and their interpretations and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream of a public bathroom

When you dream of a public bathroom this could be a reflection of your lack of privacy in your waking life.

It could also be a reflection of your general dissatisfaction with the current privacy situation in your life.

You might desperately be needing privacy in your life but don’t seem to be getting enough of it.

  1. Dream about entering the wrong bathroom

This dream could be an indication of your move over boundaries that you are really not supposed to cross.

This dream could also be an indication of new and challenging aspects of your life that you have achieved or are currently experiencing.

  1. Dream about a dirty bathroom or clogged toilet.

When you experience this dream, this could be a sign of the negative emotions, experiences and toxic and negative people in your life.

You are probably in that state of your life where you are struggling to rid yourself of the many negative things in your life causing resentment, fear, insecurity and many other toxic things.

  1. Dream about an overflowing bathroom

This dream should be a cause for concern if you happen to experience it. It is an indication of your emotional outburst and a sign that you have reached your limit as far as enduring the emotional burden you have had for so long.

Consider relieving yourself of the emotional burden sooner rather than waiting for the outburst to come.

  1. Dream about a public sink or bathtub

This dream could be a sign of your need to cleanse or purify yourself spiritually, emotionally or psychologically.

It could also be a sign of your need to rid yourself of the bad habits and thoughts that you might be having.

  1. Dream of using a bathroom with no doors

When you have this dream, it could be an indication of your lack of privacy in your current life.  You could be living with people who aren’t giving you privacy and you are forced to reveal things about yourself that you would rather keep private.

If in your dream you are relieving yourself in a bathroom with people present then this could be a reflection of how you have let people too close into your life to the point of discomfort. It could be time for you to establish some boundaries in your life.

  1. Dream about a spotlessly clean bathroom

This dream could be a sign that the situation that you think is dire, might not be that bad. You might be overreacting; it could be something that you can handle considering the strength within you.  All will probably work fine in the end and any unpleasantness will sort itself out somehow.


Dreams about bathrooms are common because we all visit a bathroom every single day. Associating it with intimate aspects of our waking lives is natural.

Remember what the bathroom looked like and the emotions that you were experiencing in the dream for accurate interpretation.

In the end, a bathroom dream is usually a sign that very intimate things about your life simply need to be straightened out.

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