18 Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Meaning & Interpretation

Our dreams will usually reflect our concerns, hidden feelings, and reflections. Dreams about being kidnapped can be an indication that you are feeling sad, insecure, worried, or scared.

This dream can be interpreted in a variety of manners. It is essential to pay attention to the details and circumstances to determine the accurate meaning of your dreams.

Why Do You Dream about Being Kidnapped?

Some people will dream about being kidnapped or running away from their kidnapper. You can also dream about kidnapping someone or a family member or your close acquaintance have been abducted.

There are different reasons why people will dream about this. We will highlight some of the reasons in this article.

Feeling Manipulated

One of the most common reasons why people will dream of being kidnapped is that they are being manipulated in their walking life.

It may suggest that you already have lost control over some things related with your future. The intensity of the situation in your dream will depend upon your current emotional state.

Losing Control

Another reason is that you are experiencing anxiety due to the lack of control in some aspects of your life. You probably have a connection with the kidnapper in your dream. Remember not to let your anxiety consume you.

Insecurities on Your Personal Relationship

People who are dreaming about being kidnapped may feel insecurities on their romantic relationship. You may feel like you are not perfectly fit with your current relationship or you have some hesitation when going out with somebody.

Relationship and Priorities

Dreaming about a kidnapper can also be related to our priorities and relationship. It is the perfect time for you to consider the things that matters most to you.

You are also worried about the current state of the people close to you. You may need to spend more time with them in the future.

Feeling Trapped

Another possible reason why you are having recurring dreams about being kidnapped is that you are not willing to comprehend your priorities. You are currently worried about your emotions that you keep on hiding.

Unwilling to grow

Individuals who have this dream can be a sign that they do not have the willingness to grow and take responsibilities. You should not be afraid to face your responsibilities since it will open a new chapter of your life.

Seeking for Relief

Some people who have this dream are seeking for some relief in their life. It can indicate that you are experiencing anxiety and stress. It can also be a sign that there is an inevitable change that you are afraid of.

Common Dreams about Being Kidnapped

Different circumstances can occur when you are dreaming and the messages that they will carry can also vary. If you are looking for a precise interpretation of your dream, this article is intended to educate you about their related meanings.

Dreams of Meeting a Kidnapper

In case you meet the kidnapper inside your dream, this can hold a range of meaning. The kidnapper can reflect your feelings.

It can signify that you are longing for freedom and the person in your dream is the one coercing you in your walking life.

Another probable reason is that you are planning to get married soon. This is particularly common among women who are tying the knot. They can dream that the kidnapper is in the process of kidnapping them or someone else.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped

Those who dreamed of being kidnapped can signify that they are scared that they might lose their freedom. Due to certain changes in your life, you will not be able to do the things that you usually do.

You are probably feeling vulnerable and weak or there are some doubts in your heart. It can also pertain to your focus or concentration that is being disturbed. This will prevent you from paying attention to your long-term goal.

You are being restrained and you cannot do anything right now to improve the situation. Some people will have this dream when they are scared to take responsibilities.

Dreams of Someone Else Being Kidnapped

In case someone else in your dream is being kidnapped, this can be a warning that the person can be in danger.

However, this may also be your subconscious mind telling you that you are hoping to have all the qualities of the person being kidnapped.

If the person involved in the kidnapping is a prominent person, this can show that you need to complain about a certain thing. A child that is being kidnapped on the other hand can be a sign of luck.

Dreams of Relatives Being Kidnapped

If the person being kidnapped is a relative or someone close to you, this can be a symbol of your fear. You are afraid that you might lose someone close to you.

They may not be in good health or you are not spending too much time with them. Your personal relationship with them may not be that good. This can also indicate that a person close to you can be in a dangerous situation.

Dreams of Being a Kidnapper

If you are the kidnapper in your dream, then this is a reflection of your subconscious mind. You want the person being kidnapped to listen to your demand and respect you.

Based on our experience, leaders will mostly have this dream. If this is a person you do not know, this may mean that you are taking something by force.

These things do not belong to you in your walking life. Understand that this type of behavior will not deliver you any benefits.

Dreams of a Kidnapper that Didn’t Scare You

It is only obvious why dreams related to kidnapping can be frightening and terrifying. However, there are some instances when you will dream of being kidnapped but you won’t experience any horrifying feeling.

This can be a sign that something positive will happen to you soon. The kidnapper can be a symbol of good fortune.

It is common for the timid and shy people to dream about being abducted. This is because they are having trouble in socializing and communicating to other people.

They have trouble in accepting the usual rules. Individuals who tend to avoid confrontation will also dream about kidnapping. They are people who feel like they are being repressed. They are actually afraid to share their opinion.

Dreams of Your Child Being Kidnapped

In case your kid has been nabbed in your dream, you are probably worried about the well-being of your kids. The child can also symbolize your personality.

You are perhaps on the process of growing up and you will become more serious with your life and mature on your decision. This can be a symbolism that you have to eliminate your childish behavior.

Parents will dream about this if they have a fear that their children are growing up fast. They probably have difficulty in accepting the facts.

Dreams of Participating in a Kidnapping

There are also dreams where you will participate in the kidnapping. You will probably dream that you are a part of the criminal’s group.

This can tell you that you will be a part of a fraudulent or a deceitful affair that will happen soon. This is a form of warning that you need to stay away from any dubious deals that will cost you immensely.

This can also be an indication that you have too much responsibilities and you are no longer willing to take more. You wish that other people will share and lessen your burden.

Dreams of Escaping from the Kidnapper

If you have been kidnapped in your dream but you managed to escape from the perpetrator, then your dream is trying to send a message that there will be a hope to your current situation.

As we mentioned above, if you dream about being kidnapped, there are factors in your life that has been taken forcefully away from you.

Fortunately, since you successfully escaped the abductor, there is a solution in your problem that you need to know soon.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped Again After Escaping

If you find yourself being kidnapped multiple times after escaping from the kidnapper, this can mean that your dream is trying to send an important message.

Pay attention to the details in your dream. It is probably pointing you to the reason on why you end up on the same situation again and again.

You probably wish that you can get rid of the unwanted person in your life. However, you may not have the willpower to eliminate them from your life.

Dreams of Being Kidnapped for No Reasons

If your kidnapper abducted you without any valid reason in your dream, this can be your inner senses telling you that you must exert more effort to achieve your goal. People will feel like they are being restrained if they settle for less.


Generally, dreams about being kidnapped means that you are being forced to do things that you do not want to do.

It is also possible that you do not have the strength to do the right things. When interpreting your dreams, be sure to take all things into account to decipher the message that your subconscious mind is trying to convey.

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