8 Dreams About Chasing Someone – Meaning & Interpretation

Dream about chasing someone can indicate the worries we have in life, these dreams could relate to the various aspect of our day to day life.

When you have a dream about chasing someone, this can signal the distance which exists between you and such a person or a particular situation in your life.

It could also indicate that you are trying to catch up with some certain things in your life, say friends and families that you have lost a long time ago, or a project at work that you have abandoned for a very long time.

Dream about chasing someone could be a drive that you have about going after a particular person or goal.

Chasing someone can be very tiring and strength consuming, however, when you have this type of dream this can be a sign that you have something ahead of you that you have to meet within a very short period of time.

When you have this type of dream, this could also indicate that you are falling behind in your life and you are doing everything that you can to catch up with these things so that it does not get away from you.

Dreams about chasing someone can be interpreted in different ways, however, when you are interpreting this dream make sure that you put into consideration the distance which exists between you and the person or thing that is being chased.

Take for example, if you have a dream in which the person you are chasing is far away from you, this could indicate that it may take a very long time for you to get to the end of such a thing, if you are close to the person or thing being chased, this can indicate that you are close to achieving your goals and you will soon be successful in your endeavors.

In this article, we will take you through the various reasons why you could dream about chasing someone and we will also explain more on the common dreams that you could have about chasing someone.

If you have been looking for a reason why you have been having that stressful dream and you are also looking for a good interpretation for such a dream then this is a very good one for you. Read further!

Why You Could Dream About Chasing Someone

Dreams can be very funny but they can have an important effect on our life either positively or negatively if we take a closer look at it.

Dreams are like visions, they come to us at an unexpected time in an unexpected situation. There are several reasons why you could dream about chasing someone or something in your dream, this could be as a result of Fear, Need, Sexual satisfaction, Attention, and Closeness. This could also be as a result of the need to attain a particular goal in your life.

Here, we will discuss more on the various reasons why you have been having dreams about chasing someone and I hope you will be happy after doing through this. Below are some of the reasons why you could dream about chasing someone:

Sexual satisfaction

Well, this is not a major reason why you could be dreaming about chasing someone. However, if you see yourself chasing someone of the opposite sex this can be a sign that you have a strong bond with that person and you do not want to lose such a person for anything.

This can also be a sign that you have developed certain feelings for the person but you are yet to know if this is true, this dream can be a sign that you want such a person but you are yet to be convinced if the person is right for you.

In this type of situation, it is important to look deeper into your life and think about that person that you like so much but you are afraid to tell.

This can be the same for the person, so you should be wise about it, walk up to the person, tell him or her your true intentions and get it over with. Always try your luck at all times.


When you have this type of dream, it could connote that you have lost focus on something and you are at a point where that thing is very crucial to you.

This can be a sign that you no longer pay attention to a particular project at work, your friends and family no longer get to see you again, and so on.

This can be a sign that you need to go back to that thing that you have left for a very long time and focus more on it because such a thing holds a special place in your success as a person.

Having this kind of dream can make you wake alive feeling lost and sick, however, you should pay closer attention to things that surround you, show them more love and be more diligent with your work and you will definitely get better. Give your time to things that matter and you will not regret doing that at all.


As human beings we all have needs and we do not become satisfied until our needs are settled and everything becomes a reality.

When you are in need of something, you are always willing to do anything just to get it and this can be related to what you see in dreams of chasing someone.

This type of dream could relate to your willingness to get something that you need and this is very okay as a person.

Our subconscious always brings things that we want and crave for but we do not pay much attention to and make it a reality in dreams.

Think about what you have always wanted but you do not have yet, get it and have it in your possession because without this thing you might not have much rest.


Dreams about chasing someone can be a sign of your desire to achieve a particular goal in life. This can also be regarded as the drive that you have to achieve something great in life.

When you have this kind of dream, it usually indicates your desire to be great in life, attain goals and be prosperous in all of your endeavors.

Always know that you will always go after the things that you want and you should do all you can to get all the things that you desire.

At work, it is important for you to do your best so that you can attain that position you have always desired and craved for all of your life.

Common Dreams About Catching Someone

In reality, this type of dream usually comes to us often and it is important that you know the meaning of the dream and you should have the ability to interpret these dreams.

Catching someone can relate to going after something that you desire or something very important and dear to you and it can also relate to something you have lost and you are looking for the perfect way to get in touch with such a thing.

Naturally, we all have certain things that we need and want or something that we have lost that we want to get back.

Read more to see the common dreams there is about chasing someone and the various interpretations that you can give to these dreams.

Dream about chasing someone

This type of dream can mean that you are interested in someone or something and you are doing all that you can to get such a thing.

This can also mean that you are dependent on certain people in your life and you have to break free so that you can be independent and capable of handling the issues in your life.

Dream about chasing someone and failing

This type of dream can mean that you are going to be disappointed with what you want. Although you might have done everything you could to get to that point, this can actually be a great disappointment and you might not be able to reach your goal in life.

When you have this type of dream, you should not go after anybody, stay in your lane so that you will not regret your action and steps.

Dream about chasing someone and hiding

When you have this type of dream, this can mean that you will have certain problems in your life that you do not want to partake in.

However, when you have this type of dream you should come out of your shell and get involved with things that really matter.

Dream about chasing someone you do not know

This type of dream usually means that there is someone in your life that you are not close to or someone you are just going to meet that you have a lot to do to make that person’s life worth living. You have to help the person to get back on the right path in life.


Dreams about chasing someone can have a whole lot of meaning and these dreams are always important in both your life and the person being chased.

Therefore, you should learn to be more realistic and conscious about those around you so that you can know how you can help them.

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