11 Dreams About Childhood Home – Meaning & Interpretation

Have you had a dream about your childhood home?  Dreaming of past homes especially childhood homes is a common experience. Often times people experience such dreams when they are dealing with issues that stem from their childhood past.

The childhood period is where people develop the foundation of who they are. The traditions, emotional patterns, and beliefs that they learn when growing up influence them either negatively or positively as adults.

Why You Dream About Your Childhood Home

So why would you dream about your childhood home? There are many reasons why this happens and they are as follows.

  1. Limiting beliefs affecting your current life

You could be having this dream because you have this attitude or belief that is preventing you from achieving what you wish to.

It could be that you need to be in a healthy relationship, achieve success in your career and adopt healthy habits but because of an attitude or belief that was cultivated from childhood, you can’t do those things that you want to do.

Maybe you have always known that settling for less is the way thanks to your upbringing and no one ever told you that if you became a go-getter and refused to settle for less you could achieve unimaginable great things.

It could be time to seek help and eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been strongly ingrained in you. It is never too late.

  1. Changing aspects of your life.

A childhood home dream could also be because your life is very different from your childhood. Note the things that make your current home life different from your childhood one.

This could indicate that either your standard of living is better than it was during your childhood or it is worse. This will, of course, depend on how your childhood and waking life compare.

  1. You are nostalgic about your childhood.

It could also be that you are having childhood home dreams because you are simply nostalgic about your childhood and the moments you spend with the people present in your life during that period.

  1. Big plans for positive changes

Your childhood home dreams could also be a symbol of your great plans for positive changes in your life.  This is especially the case if you are dreaming of rebuilding your childhood home.

It could also be a sign that you are finally letting go of attitudes and beliefs ingrained in you during childhood and moving forward in your life by making positive decisions.

  1. Unfinished past business

You might also be dreaming about your childhood home because you have unfinished issues with your past or people from your childhood.

It could be that you are feeling traumatized by past experiences, or simply feel a debt was owed to you and should be paid, or that justice wasn’t done back then.

If that is the case consider moving forward and disregarding the past since it can’t be undone or seeking help wherever possible.

Common Childhood Home Dreams

There are common childhood home dreams and their interpretations and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream about a bigger and better childhood home that it was

You might have this dream where you went back to your childhood home and it looked bigger and better than you left it.

This dream could be an indication that the beliefs and attitudes ingrained in you during your upbringing have positively influenced your life and made you the great or successful person that you are today.

  1. Dream about feeling trapped and ashamed in your childhood home

When you have this dream where you are living in your childhood home and feelings of being trapped and ashamed are bombarding you, the dream could be an indication of an unpleasant childhood which you are not proud of and wish you could forget. Consider seeking help to get over whatever happened during your childhood.

  1. Dream about your childhood home floating on water.

This dream could be an indication that you are beyond your life as a child and that the negative things that happened back then no longer affect you because you have had a positive attitude change and now see things from a different perspective.

  1. Dream about your childhood home being destroyed

When you have such a dream, it could mean that you might be feeling threatened by your childhood past.

Perhaps the things that are happening currently in your waking life are threatening to bring unpleasant things from your childhood into light.

The image that you might have projected to the world about your childhood might not be true and the truth could be threatening to come out.

If you can’t do anything about it, just prepare yourself for the event and take measures to protect yourself from emotional pain.

  1. Dream about having a pleasant time in your childhood home

When you dream that you are back in your childhood home and experiencing the happy times again this could be a sign that you are currently happy in your life but still long for the happy times past.

It could be that you are celebrating a holiday in your home, having dinner amidst talk and laughter and so on.

  1. Dream about cleaning all the rooms in your childhood home.

When you have this dream where you are going through every room in your childhood home and cleaning it, then this could be a sign that you are finally free of any negative influences from your childhood.

You are seeing things differently and are moving on with your life by embracing all things positive in your waking life.


Childhood home dreams are very special and should never be ignored especially if they keep recurring. When experiencing them, pay attention to the state of your feelings.

Are they positive feelings or negative ones? Also, remember every aspect of your dream for a more accurate interpretation.

Remember colors, the exact state of your childhood home, who you were with and most important, how you felt. Childhood home dreams are very personal because obviously, they hit too close to home.

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