18 Dreams About Church – Meaning & Interpretation

A church in the Bible is an assembly or a community of believers. However, a number of people understand the church as a building. Dreams about church have different meanings and appear in different forms.

Dreaming about a church symbolizes the things you know as the truth. Interpretation of this dream depends on the actions and contexts seen in it.  Below are the common church related dreams and their meanings.

Meaning of dreams about a church

Dreams about a church have their meaning as mentioned below;

  1. Represents your religious beliefs

Dreaming about a church may represent what you believe in as a religious person. People have different beliefs about religion for example; some believe in life after death, some do not. Some believe that Jesus is the son of God while others do not. Therefore, this dream represents what you believe in.

  1. You are searching for your spiritual path.

May be you wandered far away from the spiritual direction you had taken. This dream means that you have realized it and that you are trying to reconnect to what you believe. It may also represent the knowledge you have and connection to a higher power.

  1. You are guilty about something

Adam and Eve brought sin into the world and since then, man has been living in sin. Someone who sins and feels guilty about it always asks for forgiveness from a higher power. This dreams that you might have done something bad in your past and you are guilty. It represents your way of asking for forgiveness from God. He always forgives a repentant sinner. If you still feel ashamed, know that God already forgave you and sin no more.

  1. Feelings of anger and sadness

You do not have control over what happens naturally in your life. Some of these happenings frustrate leaving someone angered and sad. Someone may have done something that angered you. This dream represents the feeling of anger and sadness. Learn to let go off things and whenever caught in such a situation, do not let your anger take control over you.

  1. A sign of hope.

You may be looking forward to something happening. This dream implies that you strongly believe it will happen. That is hope. Maybe you are waiting for your wedding day anxiously or waiting for the delivery of your child. If you have this dream at this time, it means you have hope that everything you want shall happen.

  1. You are trying to behave morally.

All societies uphold morality and everyone is expected to behave according to the set moral standards. If you find yourself in a situation where morality is not upheld, this dream could mean that you realized it and now you are trying to behave morally. It could also mean that you are an ambassador of morality and you are encouraging others to live in moral ways. Always strive to uphold your moral ways in order to be in harmony with the society and God.

Common dreams about church

Praying in a church dream

Having this kind of dream tells that you are going to be successful in future. It also means that you are going to lead a happy life. All your endeavours are going to be successful. It takes a lot of time, hard work and sacrifice for one to be successful be it financially or even academically. Overall, you should be grateful that your unrelenting spirit has brought success.

Dream about an abandoned church

This is not a good sign dream for it tells that a period of bad luck in your life is coming. You will be having personal issues like rejection, failure, misery and despair. This will make you lead a hopeless life .However; you should not sink deep into hopelessness such that you reach a point where you do not know you are alive for a purpose and that you are important. Everyone goes through some kind of problem in life and you are not an exception. This should make you strong and accept whatever happens to you.

Dream about looking at a church

This kind of dream could mean that you are questioning what you believe .It may be an aspect about your religion that you believe in and maybe it has some kind of contradiction. You are therefore wondering whether it is true or not.

Dream about a church full of people

It is a good sign when you have this dream. It means that a period of happiness and progress is coming. Life may have been tough on you for quite some time and you really longed for your breakthrough to come. It has come and you have all reasons to be happy.

Dream about being in a dark and horrifying church

It is a bad sign when you see yourself in a church that has no lights and the same time you feel horrified.it means that you are soon going to receive bad news. Maybe someone you know will die, you will get an accident or you will lose your job. You are going to experience emotional breakdown because of this but you should know at heart that you are going to come out of it alive only if you believe.

Dreaming about cleaning a church

When you dream about cleaning a church, it possibly mean that you realized about the mistakes you made in your past and now you are trying to straighten up so as to get on the right track. May be in the past were an immoral person and you did everything the wrong way. You have realized that what you were doing was not right and you have turned a new leaf.

Dream about a burning church

A burning church in your dream signifies an attack on your faith. Someone may be forcing you to do and say things that go against your faith. Temptations come in an unexpected manner and thus you should be very careful in making such a decision because the choice to go against your faith might bring disappointments in future.

Dreaming about a satanic church

This is a dream that may not necessarily represent evil. It may imply something else that is completely different from what you think. May be you want to confront people and warn them about their wrong beliefs and the evil acts they engage in but you still don’t know how to do it. Before doing this, you should be very careful because not everybody believes in what you believe in. People have different views about everything and religion is not an exception.

Dreaming about a dead person in church

This dream brings bad fortune. It tells that you are going to have deep thoughts about your life in connection to religion. Something about your religion seems uncouth but you are so much into the religion that you cannot do anything against it. Do not do something because others are doing it. Look deeply into things especially matters to do with religion and follow the logic way. Such will make you go through stress in the days to come.

Dream about giving offering in church

Dream about giving offering in church is an implication of sacrifices you should make to show your faith and what you believe in. The sacrifices may include things like the time you give to your church, the financial support you give and the commitment you show. Make sure to show effort. This will show how weak or strong you are as a believer.

Dreaming about a church choir

This dream simply means that you are surrounding yourself with people you share the same behaviour and mind. Birds of the same feather flock together. The kind of people you surround yourself with has a big influence on the kind of person you are or will become. If you surround yourself with people who think positively, you will be a positive person and of course, you will be successful. The same happens when you surround yourself with negative people. Negative friends will bring out a negative you.

Dream about your church pastor

This dream signifies your search for spiritual nourishment and guidance. Most people will turn to their pastors whenever they want deliverance from a certain spiritual bondage. It is good to find people who can help you make the right decisions and put a sense of meaning to your life .If you really do need a mentor, look out for someone with full knowledge about mentorship and it should be someone you are able to share everything with freely.

Dreams about a church may have positive or negative implications. In order to get an accurate interpretation, you need to remember the form in which the dream came. It does not matter whether you are a religious person or not, dreams about church represent your need for spiritual guidance and support.

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