15 Dreams About Cockroaches : Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about cockroaches can indicate dirt and irritation. By nature, cockroaches are insects that inhabit dirty places and they serve as vectors for several diseases. When you have dreams about cockroaches, this can be a clear sign that you should find an escape route from the particular place and find a better life somewhere different and safer.

Since these insects are capable of consuming all the foods that are consumed by man, they look for dirty and dark places in houses, offices, e.t.c so that they can inhabit it and stay there as long as they want.

Dreams about cockroaches can mean caution so you have to be very detailed about what you see in the dream so as to interpret it well and give the accurate meaning to such dreams.

Why You Dream About Cockroaches

Dreams about cockroaches can symbolize so many things, cockroaches are animals known by most people and this shows how important they are in the life of a man.

There are various reasons why you could see a cockroach in your dream, however, the context of the dream will help you to certify if the dream is good or bad. Below are the reasons why a cockroach could show up in your dream.

You are Influential

Naturally, cockroaches are insects known by most people. If you have not encountered a cockroach before either in your house, office, toilet or other unclean places, you must be very clean.

However, if you see a cockroach in your dream, this can be a sign that your presence is very important wherever you are and your absence will always be felt whenever you are not available in such a place.

This can also mean that in your place of work, family and other social gatherings, you are respected for who you are, and what you do at all times.


Insects are insects that can survive in different conditions as much as possible. These insects are known for their ability to stay in a place for long, become accustomed to the place and make the best use of such an environment.

The presence of cockroach in your dream can mean that what you have at hand, no matter how long it takes will definitely pay off someday so you should work hard so that you can reach the laid down goals you have for your life.


Seeing a cockroach in your dream can be a sign of being able to endure unfavorable conditions and come out as the best if possible.

Cockroaches are animals that persist and thrive well in life, they do not become less active because of the conditions they are in and that is the reason why they can live and survive as much as they do.

The presence of a cockroach in your dream can mean your hidden capacity to gain strength from unfavorable situations and make it a life changer for yourself wherever you might be.


This is an important meaning of a cockroach when you dream about this insect in your dream, it can mean that you will definitely reach your goal in life as long as you persist and work hard.

The most important thing in life is to be successful in whatever you do, dreaming about cockroaches can be a sign of good fortune and a blessed end.

If you are handling a project that seems tough, this can be a sign that no matter how bad the situation may be you will definitely reach your goal ad become a success in the end.

Warning Signs

Dreaming about cockroaches can be a good sign for your personal well-being. When you dream about a cockroach, it might be a form of a messenger to help you attain the perfect condition in life, it can be a message that you should take good care of your health probably because you are not neat and does not live healthily. It is a sign that you should improve on yourself, make life easier and engage in proper hygiene.

Since cockroaches live in dirty places, it can be a very good thing for you to avoid taking up such behavior so that you can improve your health and become better.

Guilt Feeling

When you dream about cockroaches, this can be a sign that you are feeling guilty about an action or event.

Although this might be very bad and complicated as the case may be, it is very important that you put away the bad feeling and make a headway with your own life.

Feeling guilty can be a way to bring you down, creating a weakness in you, however, you should work earnestly to avoid such a situation from persisting and causing a mess of your life.

Failing at Responsibilities

This usually deals with the number of cockroaches that you see in your dream. This can be a sign that you have certain responsibilities to be held accountable for and you might not be able to fulfill your obligations and promises as the case may be.

Having the strength to take up challenges can be a way to show yourself that you are a conqueror but you are fearful of the situation that may come.

Dreams about cockroaches can be a sign of weakness and you should be at alert to avoid such unwanted incidence from taking charge of your life.

Common Dreams About Cockroaches

Dreams are a reflection of our inner and subconscious mind, if you have a dream, it is a sign that you have experienced something that you have not taken made much importance of it.

There are some dreams that we usually have about cockroaches and you have to understand each of them so that you can have a great understanding of its meaning when you have such dreams.

Dream about seeing a cockroach

This type of dream is considered good and awesome because you will be able to meet someone great and influential.

It can also mean that you will have the privilege to meet with such a person and hopefully work with them. This can also be a stepping stone for you to success if you are able to relate well with such people.

For some people that live to gamble, seeing a cockroach can mean that you will be lucky in recent times, you should try playing some lottery as you have the potential to become successful through chances.

Dream about cockroach in your food

This is a bad sign, it means that those very close to you will be jealous of what you have accomplished in life, talk behind your back and mock you. Therefore, it is important that you become more careful and cautious about the situation.

This can be a warning message that you have to get rid of certain people from your life so as to avoid the fear of being betrayed because of situations that may arise.

Dream about getting disgusted seeing cockroaches

This can mean that you have acquired things that do not add value to your life and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Disgusting dreams about cockroaches can be a sign of having events in your life being transferred from your lifestyle to your dream.

It is important that you get things organized, let somethings go and put things in the right shape and order whenever it is needed in your life.

Dreams about a swarm of cockroach

This type of dream can mean that you might lose something very important and precious to you, it can be a material need or belonging, however, you should about taking unnecessary risk.

When you have such dreams you should know that this dream is a very bad one and you need to be more careful.

Dream about cockroach on you

This type of dream can be a sign that you are about to take a step that can land you in a bad situation.

Dreams about cockroaches in this sense can mean that you are about to get into an accident so you have to be extra careful and vigilant of every situation around you.

As this might require immediate attention, it is important that you stay indoors for a while after having such dreams and you can get a helping hand to help you with whatever you want to do outside your home.

Dream about a red cockroach

This is a very good dream, this can mean that you are about to receive a gift that will bring happiness into your life. Also, it can be a sign if material wealth and you will be lucky whenever it comes to money.

Dream about black cockroach

This means bad luck, it can be a sign that you may fail at a responsibility. If you have a project you are working on, this can be a sign that you will fail at it so you have to be extra careful so that you can find a solution to it.

Dream about killing a cockroach

This can be a sense of satisfaction, getting rid of this insect in your dream can be a very good thing in your life (that is, in reality).

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