14 Dreams About Crocodiles – Meaning & Interpretation

Crocodile Dream and Interpretation– A crocodile is a vicious animal, and it may not be a pleasant symbol in a dream.

The dream could have various meanings like that of foretelling a new beginning or changes in one’s waking life, or it may also indicate danger in some way.

Dreams that involve crocodiles may enhance one to be able to highlight intuition, spiritual insights, and spiritual steps he/she needs to take in the forthcoming future.

The interpretation behind dreams about crocodiles can be interesting; hence, they may offer valuable clues or insights into your dream.

Why you dream about crocodiles

There are various reasons or descriptions that we can use to describe the dream interpretation of the crocodile, and they are as follows;

  1. As a symbol of Betrayal.

A crocodile in a dream may imply that someone very close to you might betray you. This person may be a close friend or even one of your family members, and he/she may become more aggressive in their attempt to destroying you.

  1. A symbol for your life in general.

By viewing a crocodile as a predator as it catches its prey in nature may show you that you have embraced life fully.

You have decided to venture into new things you never have ever thought about before. Thus, giving you courage, happiness, and the full capability of being able to control your destiny.

  1. As a symbol of presenting a bizarre situation, you have got yourself into.

Maybe you might have had got into trouble by accident and now your kind of regret them, on the other hand, you might have had some pleasure in trying something completely different.

Maybe you have just been repressing your true self, and you need to break out of this shell.

  1. As a symbol of bad health matters.

By seeing a crocodile attacking you in your dreams might be a symbolic way of showing you that you might in danger.

In matters that concern your health, so if you were feeling sick or bad lately, then things might become worse in the upcoming period.

Therefore, you should devote more time to yourself and improve the overall quality of your life, and if it’s true you are not feeling well health-wise, then you should visit a doctor to get valuable advice about your health and find out whether everything is okay or not.

  1. As a symbol of protection.

Dreaming about a crocodile attacking someone may represent that you care about that certain individual since he/she is so important to you; hence, you wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him/her.

If at all you are worried, and you notice that the individual isn’t happy, then maybe you should check on him/her and find out if everything is okay or not.

The dream hence, could be a consciousness telling you to pay more attention to the things you have noticed about the individual or be more concerned about his/her wellbeing.

  1. As a symbol of spiritual connections

Spiritually, the crocodile indicates that a period of life has finished or elapsed. Studying many spiritual books about crocodiles, in research in writing this dream, meaning denotes that the crocodile contains the hidden spiritual knowledge that you need to move through life.

If we look back at the Egyptians, they worshipped a god who had a crocodile shaped head “the god of the Nile” who represented fertility, and the name of the god was Sobek, who had aggressive tendencies.

In terms of a deity, he was associated with protection; hence, the dream may denote it is not uncommon to find the same traits in your own waking life.

It is from this spiritual element that we can conclude the crocodile denotes not only deceit but also protection from deceit.

Common dreams about Crocodiles

There are common dreams about crocodiles along with their interpretations, and they are follows

  1. You dream that a crocodile is attacking you in the dream

Being attacked by a crocodile in a dream is positive and denotes good luck. It indicates after a stormy period in your life is over and calm, and finally, peace is achieved in your life.

It may also indicate you need to expand your interests in a new recreational sport since you might have a powerful gift or talent which you do not yet know.

If a crocodile swallows you in the dream, then this might indicate that you are going to increase your spirituality leaps and bounds.

If the crocodile snaps at you during your dream, this indicates that you need to be more attentive to others. You may be feeling threatened or intimidated by somebody in waking life.

  1. You dream that a crocodile is chasing you

This may represent freedom of emotion. The chasing element in the dream is a reference to the trust you have in others.

To be chased by a crocodile in your dream illustrates that you need to overcome obstacles that you may be facing in life. It can also signify an element of insecurity.

If you are pursued and you are trying to escape the runaway crocodile can signify that you are trying to run away from a problem or situation in waking life.

It can signify that you are unable to face up to realities that you face in real life.

  1. Seeing a crocodile’s tail in your dream

This indicates that there is somebody that is talking behind your back. A crocodile usually attacks using their tail by one clean swipe.

Crocodiles normally swipe their prey, and therefore this indicates that you are likely to be attacked by somebody close to you in a verbal context.

  1. Dreaming of a group of crocodiles

To see multiple crocodiles in a dream indicates that any decisions or actions you are about to take should be reviewed, as it could suggest that you should start to work on a project that you’ve been thinking of for some time.

Traditionally, most dream dictionaries, especially those from the 1930s, identify that multiple crocodiles seen in the dream indicate deceitful influences.

You, therefore, try to seek support from your family or friends, and you should not isolate yourself from them.

  1. Dreaming of seeing a crocodile on the banks of a river

The water element in the dream indicates your emotions like, for instance, your love matters like perhaps about a relationship, and you feel that you are being used in some way.

The meaning of crocodile is deceit and dishonesty; hence, perhaps the crocodile sitting on the bank has something to do with you trying to move ahead in life.

  1. You are dreaming of seeing a crocodile in a cage or locked up.

To see a cage in a dream indicates entrapment. A crocodile can also represent Betrayal in some way, shape, or form.

The cage itself can indicate that there might be gossip somebody is trying to affect your positive reputation in real life.

The cage is seen as a protective symbolism in dreams. Try not to get too engrossed in your own life and try and see what happens around you.

  1. Dreaming of a crocodile devouring someone

This can be a rather disconcerting dream as it may concern someone you are close to. This dream could not only urge us to think about those people around and close to us as it could mean deceit but also that you are the architect of your path in life.

You should try not to be fearful of the future up comings and be honest with yourself and your desires. 

  1. Dreaming of seeing a baby crocodile

A baby crocodile in a dream indicates our innocence in life. Perhaps you have triggered a fear of obtaining your goals in life.

The baby crocodile also signifies immaturity in children. It can suggest that somebody is acting in a rather immature way.

Generally, to dream of a baby crocodile means that there are family members that are acting childish, and it is time to break free.

The crocodile aspect of the dream means that they are deceitful, dishonest, and perhaps gossiping!

Many dream dictionaries have described the crocodile as the “great mother” since they are generally connected to the aggression and protective nature found in dreams.

Despite the fact they are cold-blooded reptiles’ female crocodiles are caring mothers as they take care of their babies.

The crocodile can also signify that you are fertile. As the female crocodile is excellent at breeding and looking after the eggs.

When the baby crocodiles are ready to hatch, they signal to each other, after the baby crocodiles are born, they communicate by making a sign, and their mother runs to them.

Thus, there is an interaction between the mother and baby crocodile, which is a dream context translated to being a great mother.


Most dreams about crocodiles explain the experiences with crocodiles by the dreamer. Influential cultural mythologies and interpretations of crocodiles also give crocodiles’ meaning in a dream.

Such dreams are not coincidences, and actually, no dream is ever a coincidence. Remember what the Giant spider was like, what you were doing, and the emotions that you were experiencing when that dream was occurring. This will result in a more accurate interpretation of the dream.

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