18 Dreams About Dead Mother , Meaning & Interpretation

{Dead Mother Dream Interpretation} – Losing a parent is very painful. It is hard for one to accept this tragedy especially when a mother dies. It takes a long period before one accepts this. For others, they never accept this and the memories keep on lingering on their minds.

Could this be the reason why you are having this kind of dream repeatedly? We are here to help you find the meaning of this dream and the common scenarios in which they appear.

Why are you dreaming about a dead mother?

There are reasons as to why you are having this dream recurrently and the reasons are as stated below:

  1. You need comfort

Mothers play a key role in comforting their family. Your mother died and now you are in a situation where you lack emotional support. Having this dream at this moment means that you want someone to comfort and support you.

  1. You are aware of living without a mother

Losing a mother is something that you will probably never forget. It is something that your mind has recorded and stored in the subconscious. Having this dream could mean you are aware that you have no mother in real life.

  1. You are having an intense amount of sorrow

Something tragic might have happened to you and the pain is unbearable. You might have had an accident, or lost another relative.

This has brought about the pain you underwent when your mother died and that is why you are having this dream.

  1. You are accepting the death of your mother

Death is a traumatising event for everybody. It therefore takes a long time before one accepts the death of a loved one. There are stages one goes through before final acceptance. The stages are as follows;

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

As seen above, one has to go through all the stages to come to acceptance. Having this dream implies that you have gone through the first, four stages and now you are in the last stage.

  1. You are worried

For one to be worried there must be a reason. You may be having financial constraints, worried about how you are going to take care of your siblings, that is, in a situation where it is a child headed family or worried about your ill health. All of these could make you have this dream.

  1. You miss your mother

Another simple reason for dreaming about your dead mother is that you miss her. You might be remembering the good and bad memories you made together and this might just make you want more of the memories .It could also meant that you are wishing to meet her one day if you are a believer of life after death.

  1. You are neglecting your responsibilities

Dreaming about a dead mother means you are failing to do what is required of you. It could be that you neglect helping out in chores at home or failing to accomplish your duties at work. Consider changing this aspect.

Common dreams about dead mother

Dreams about dead mother appear in different forms and they are as outlined below:

  • Dream about dead mother helping you try on clothes

Dreaming about your dead mother helping you try on clothes means that you miss the nurturing and caring aspect about your mother.

Mothers are the ones who provide guidance and moral support. Looking at it from a positive angle, you could practise this and be the one providing guidance and moral support to the rest of your family and friends.

  • Dream about dead mother giving birth

This could be a shocking dream because it is obvious; dead people do not give birth. This should not freak you out because it simply means that what your mother was involved in while still alive is going to progress. It might be a project or a ministry she had begun.

Now that you have had this dream, you should consider taking up the mantle in making these projects that she left unfinished to come to a completion. It could also mean that something will come to existence because of her death.

  • Dream about hugging a crying dead mother

This dream could possibly occur to you when you are still in the mourning period. It shows your grief and the pain you are going through.

Hugging a crying death mother is a reassurance that the bonding of love proceeds even to an afterlife. This may however be not applicable to those who believe that the dead know not anything neither do they have feelings.

  • Dream about dead mother bringing you food

Mothers always make sure that everybody in the household has eaten. This is how they show their love and care.

Now, when your mother is dead but you see her in your dream bringing you food, it means that you feel the care and love that your mother always had.

  • Dream about dead mother telling you that you are fat

This dream could be representing a part of your own personality that is authoritarian and always criticizing self. Whether you are fat or not, this dream implies that, you are always loathing about yourself.

Self-loathing is unhealthy for you because you always think that you are not enough when you actually are. Make a point of disengaging from this behaviour and some negative aspects about your personality might change.

On the other hand, if in real life your mother was critical, you have internalized the criticism .Find a way of letting it go in order for you to live an independent life.

  • Dead mother killing you in a dream

This dream means that you have pending emotional issues involving your mother. These issues were never solved because your mother, who is the person in question, died. This might be very stressing. You could try letting go the issues and forgive yourself.

In addition, a lesson you could learn from this is that always be at peace with everybody because you never know, death is inevitable. You never can tell when it comes.

  • Dream about seeing your dead mother happy

This kind of dream may make you happy too because when a loved one dies, it is always a wish for them to be in a happy place.

Seeing your dead mother happy in a dream means that you are beginning to accept that your mother is long departed from you.

It is a hard thing to accept and it may take several years. Coming to accept shows that you are strong and you should have a pat on your back for that.

  • Dream about dead mother getting married

This kind of dream depends on the gender of the dreamer. If you are male and have this kind of dream, it means that the person you are engaged to, or married to is like your mother.

It maybe that you see the characters of your mother in this person. If you are female, this dream could mean that you have incorporated some characters of your mother.

This dream might also mean that you feel lonely and abandoned just like how children feel when a parent remarries.

You feel abandoned because she died and left you all alone. This is normal because it is part of the grieving process and you will overcome.

  • Dream about dead mother who seems to have forgotten you

This is a dream that may make you feel sad because even in death, you hope that your mother can always remember you. This dream implies the painful reality about your relationship with your mother that changed when she died.

This is something that you have to accept because it is the reality. She will always remain your mother even if your connection with her is now different.

  • Dream about your dead mother warning you

This dream is interpreted in two ways. Psychologically, this dream represents your inner adult who is wise and nurturing . The mother image is alerting you of some danger that is ahead of you. Mystically, this dream is an actual warning from the spirit of the dead mother about an awaiting danger.

In the end, both interpretations make sense because they both warn of some kind of danger .You have now to determine whether the warning in the dream is valid or not.

  • Dream about dead mother crying

This dream might be a sad one because you might feel that your mother is unhappy wherever she is. It does not necessarily mean so.

It rather reflects the pain and sorrow you are undergoing from her loss. It is okay to let yourself feel the pain but do not allow it to occupy your life such that it loses meaning.


Dreaming about a dead mother can be very painful because of the memories. No matter what you feel, make it a point of getting the right interpretation of your dream.

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