11 Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about your deceased loved ones could be a little confusing but often times they are peaceful. These dreams are commonly known as visitation dreams and usually, they are very vivid. Still, not all dreams from deceased ones are visitation dreams some could just be your everyday dreams.

Often times you might wake up and feel disappointed that your loved one isn’t there with you because the dream seemed so real. But why are you having dreams about your deceased loved one?

Why you have the dreams

There are various reasons why you are experiencing the dreams about your loved ones that have passed on and they are as follows.

  1. Your deceased loved one is trying to communicate

It is not unusual that you might be experiencing the visitation as a sign of reassurance from your dead loved one that all is well.

They could be trying to reassure you that they are at a better place or they could be trying to pass an important message to you.

  1. You might not have gotten over their death

You could be dreaming of your deceased loved ones because you still grieve over them. You miss them and everything about them and wish they didn’t die.

If you were too close to them, you could simply be feeling lonely because they were your close companion.  A little professional help to help you come into terms with their death would be helpful.

  1. You are going through a difficult time

You could be going through a difficult time in your life and require support from your loved ones which most likely you are not getting.

Your loved one could be coming to you in your dream as a way of reassuring you and offering their support in that difficult time.

  1. You are walking the wrong path

You could also be dreaming of your deceased loved one because you are walking the wrong path in life. This loved one might have been your voice of reason when they were alive.

They guided you and offered good counsel on the right choices. It could be that currently, you are walking the wrong path.

It could be bad company, bad habits or bad beliefs. Consider heeding their counsel especially if they are warning you about the wrong path in your dream.

  1. You still keep things that belonged to them

You might still keep the deceased loved one’s things in your home. It could be their room that hasn’t been changed since the day they died.

You could still be keeping their clothes in the closet and pictures of them all over the house. The constant reminder of their existence every day might result in you dreaming about them.

If this is your way of grieving that’s fine, but if it goes on for too long, you might be forced to let go at some point. Seeking counsel would help you grieve in a healthy way.

Common Dreams about your deceased loved ones

There are common dreams about the dreams about your deceased loved ones and their interpretations and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream about seeing a deceased loved one

This dream about your deceased loved one could be happening because you miss them a lot. Your dream could entail just seeing them somewhere in your dream.

You could be seeing them smiling at you or doing the things they did when they were alive. You are missing them a lot and wish they would somehow come back.

  1. Dream about arguing with a deceased loved one

When you have such a dream, it could mean that you are probably doing something wrong in your waking life and need to stop. It could be you have started indulging in bad habits, keeping bad company or having weird thoughts.

You know if your loved one were alive, they would tell you off and your sense of a little guilt is causing you to have dreams about arguing with them.

  1. Dream About Being Warned About Something By Your Deceased Loved One

This dream could be an actual warning about betrayal or an unexpected turn of events. It might not be exactly a warning by your dead loved one but since that is what you can recognize, your subconscious might be portraying the warning using the familiar image of your dead loved one.

You probably know of the decisions you are currently making in your waking life are not good so somewhere within you, you probably know the decisions will have negative consequences but you are yet to accept that. Your subconscious could actually be manifesting those thoughts.

  1. Dream about your deceased loved one dying

When you have this dream, either you vividly remember how your deceased loved one died or their death hurts you to this day or this could be a sign that a new birth among your loved ones will occur.

Often times dreams of death are a sign of birth and new beginnings. It could be a new chapter for you or a new life that will come to be soon.

  1. Dream about having fun with your deceased loved one

This dream could be happening because of late you might have spent a lot of time thinking about your dead loved one. The good times might have been replaying in your mind a lot during the day.

Having fond memories of your dead loved ones is healthy and if you have had them lately, then that should be more reason to celebrate their life and the happiness they brought to you and others when they were alive.

  1. Dream about your deceased loved one being angry with you

This dream could be very unsettling for you. It could be an indication that you are doing something wrong in your waking life and feeling very guilty about it. It could be that what you are doing is against the very things you stand for and believe in.

You could be feeling like you are betraying the person(s) close to you and it frightens you when you think how hurt they will be once they find out.


Dreams about your dead loved ones are quite common. As mentioned above, some might be visitations while others are just common dreams.

Remember as much as you can about the dream for accurate interpretation and honestly analyze your current waking life in order to get answers about your dream.

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