12 Dreams about Doors : Meaning & Interpretation

Did you know that the Roman people had a god specifically of doors and doorways? He is called Janus and is often depicted as the famous art statue with two faces, one looking at the past and the other looking to the future.

For this, Janus is also coined as the god of beginnings and transitions. Knowing this, dreaming about doors just makes it a lot more interesting. What could dreams about doors mean?

What are the most common scenarios of dreams about doors?

  1. To see doors in your dreams relates to a period of transition in your waking life.

Quite literally, doors are portals. They act as an entrance or an exit to or from another realm. Seeing a door in your dream could mean a time of change.

This change could bring you opportunities and exciting adventures. It could also be a neutral event which is vital on the next chapter of your life, or may be even one that delivers apprehension and grief.

*an open door – To dream of seeing an open door symbolizes a new stage in your waking life – one filled with chances and opportunities. This could also symbolize you as a person who is receptive and open to these new changes and ideas.

*a closed or locked door –  A dream about a closed or locked door suggests blockage of possible progress. It could also signify a phase of your life that has ended.

If in your dream, you were outside the locked door, you most likely have anti-social tendencies. You feel uncomfortable or uneasy being around a crowd and would rather enjoy being alone.

If you were inside the door, it connotes harsh lessons that you are bound to learn. If you are the one locking or closing the door, you could be shutting yourself off from the people around you, possibly out of low self-esteem or fear.

*a door slammed on your face – If you have dreamt of a door being shut on your face, then you must be feeling ignored or shut off.

*a red door – Red-colored doors suggest suppressed feelings of anger or passion. Apparently, it is believed that you have to open the door for you to face these locked up emotions upfront.

  1. To dream of opening the wrong door symbolizes undesired opportunities and circumstances.

If you have dreamt of opening the wrong door, you may have opened up yourself to the wrong person or may have shared a lot more than you intended to.

This could also signify new opportunities that you think you’re not yet ready for. These opportunities may be great but could be one where you need to compromise, such as being promoted but assigned to another place.

This particular dream could also relate to you accidentally having initial social contact with people you don’t like. You could also be sending wrong signals to people you didn’t mean to interact with in the first place.

  1. To dream of people wanting you to let them in a door symbolizes that part of you that wants to be recognized.

Dreaming of people pushing their way for you to let them in could mean that you have a part in you that’s waiting and wanting to be acknowledged.

You feel like you deserve a recognition that was never given to you. This dream could also signify habits, ideas, or circumstances in life that put pressure on you forcing you to try something different.

  1. To dream of criminals or people you dislike knocking at your door relates to the negativities in your life.

If criminals or certain people you do not like come knocking at your door, it represents negative thoughts, emotions, and habits that are imminent in your life… but only if you open the door.

This could be interpreted as yourself, allowing the negative mentality to rule you over. This dream could also mean that you are too close to negative and bad influences.

Whoever people you go with and whichever path you choose to go to, always remember to take your integrity and conscience with you. With these, you will never be lead astray.

  1. To dream of being locked outside of the door to your own house suggests uneasiness.

Dreaming of being locked out in your own home symbolizes all the negative factors that prevent you from feeling safe, at ease, and stable.

This is similar to the feeling you may bear when you feel so anxious and would just want to bask in the comfort of your home.

  1. To dream about a door which cannot be closed signifies irreversible changes.

Dreaming of having difficulty closing a door foretells upcoming changes that are irreparable. These permanent changes could be prevented if you take things one step at a time.

It is essential to understand that it isn’t about who arrived first or how long did it take for you to arrive in your destination. What matters is that you know where you’re going and that you have arrived at exactly where you wanted to be.

  1. To dream of walking out of the door that you can’t get back connotes emotions towards changes around you.

This dream relates to your feelings towards situations where you’ve progressed through but can’t return to.

Apparently, not everyone has the luxury to do whatever they wish to do. It is rather usual how the things you need to do are not necessarily the things that you wanted to do.

A dream like this indicates how you feel with regards to your current state of transition. You may feel like you are mentally, socially prepared…but not quite psychologically and emotionally.

Why do you dream about doors?

  1. New opportunities await you.

Doors are a representation of new ideas and chances given to you. They may also be a form of an available option or an opportunity for you to do something different than your normal routine.

Open doors show your willingness to accept and embrace new concepts and challenges thrown at you. How excited, equipped, or anxious you are depends on your emotions upon seeing the door.

  1. You feel that you are lacking resolution.

Doors usually appear in dreams when you are feeling indecisive. They may come as a halt signal reminding you to perhaps slow down or take a pause and think things through.

You may be facing a real-life situation where you are to choose between a multitude of pathways and solutions. However distressed you may feel out of this, do not let the stress get the better of you.

It is always wisest to face the challenges with a clear mind. That way, one’s wisdom is fully optimized and judgment is not clouded by the emotions.

  1. There may be a barrier that hinders you from moving forward.

Sometimes, in life, you are forced to face moments where you need to make a choice. Oftentimes, you find it hard to do so out of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and knowledge that you will be coming out of your comfort zone.

But undeniably, most of the time, you find it difficult to choose because what the brain says does not necessarily agree with what the heart wants.

Doors in dreams could indicate this hindrance that stops you from finally letting go of whatever is holding you back. It’s true it could be scary but who knows? That door could be the very catalyst for the transformation that you’ve been waiting for.

  1. You are trying to protect yourself.

This interpretation could be a bit vague. Doors can symbolize protection, just as how it represents shelter. Seeing doors in your dreams represent your desire to protect yourself.

The question is…from what? Protecting yourself from something painful and stressful is unquestionable. Guarding yourself from the unknown is quite reasonable and understandable, but shielding yourself from opportunities might be one of your biggest mistakes.

So, before you let fear get to you, think first of the countless positive possibilities that could be coming out of what you were protecting yourself from.

  1. Secrets linger underneath.

Puns such as “behind closed doors” and “through the back door” both denote secrecy and the latter could even indicate dishonesty or illegality.

Dreaming of doors could signify hidden or tampered truths. It could be yours or one that is about you. Doors are generally a positive symbol that represent opportunities and beginnings that are unknown.

They usually signify a start of a path, whichever way it leads you to. On a neutral tone, they also symbolize change and a period of transition.


Dreams about doors are interpreted depending on the emotion you were feeling while dreaming. As what they say, the past is a beautiful place to visit but never a place to dwell. Doors perhaps remind you to find the balance between looking back and looking forward.

Reminiscing could also keep you grounded. There is nothing wrong with rekindling with past or looking ahead. It is perhaps best to make your past an inspiration, a motivation, and a guide for you to build a fulfilling future.

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