9 Dreams About Driving off a Bridge & Interpretation

A dream where you are driving off the cliff is scary. Many people have this dream and often wonder what it means.

It is one of those dreams where you wake up sweating and scared because the feeling of falling off a cliff or bridge into space with a car is very real in the dream.

There are various reasons why you would be having this dream and they are as follows.

You Feel Enough Is Enough

When you experience this dream where you are driving off a cliff, this means that you feel a certain situation has run its course in your life and that enough is enough.

You are experiencing something that is bothering you and you are fed up. You feel like taking drastic measures to end it.

Something crazy like driving off a cliff. That might not be what you have been thinking, but your emotional state is similar to what your dream shows.

Consider finding other ways to remedy the situation rather than taking drastic measures which might have consequences.

A Lot Of Stressful Activity In Your Life

The dream could also be a sign that you are indeed going through stressful activity in your life. It could be that job that is taking its toll on you or a relationship partner who is making your life a living hell.

It could also be financial issues, medical issues and so on. One thing is clear about all that. You are not handling the stress very well and it may lead to a major mental or emotional breakdown.

Find a good way to handle the stress and solve the problems you are facing. Have the courage to help yourself.

A Major Transition

A major change might also be happening in your life because most dreams where you are on the bridge and going off it indicate a huge and drastic change in your life.

It could be that you are going to experience a huge change from either that bad situation to a better one or you it is simply going to be different than what you expected.

Remember that whatever the situation, it is going to change and the change might not be smooth. It will be uncomfortable for you.

An Unexpected Turn of events

If in your dream you are driving off a cliff or bridge by accident and not intentionally, then this could indicate that your goal may not go as well as you expected.

It could be that something you had not foreseen would go wrong somewhere and this might cause your plans to fail.

Just be careful that you don’t go into a depression when this happens because you are going to be greatly disappointed.

Your Inability To Deal With Pressure

You could be facing pressure in your daily life and it is taking its toll on you. You clearly can’t handle pressure and it is hurting various aspects of your life.

Your job performance, your relationship with others and the way you relate with yourself is worrying. Try to avoid stressful situations and calm yourself down whenever you feel under pressure.

Common Dreams About Driving Off A Cliff Or Bridge

Here are common dreams about driving off a cliff or a bridge and their interpretations.

Dream Of Driving Off A Cliff or Bridge Into Water And Drowning

Having this dream where you drive into water and drown is not a good sign. It is a sign that your actions could be the source of a bad emotional state that could lead to deep depression which you won’t easily overcome.

This state of depression could be caused by certain failure which made you act inappropriately because the disappointment was too great to bear.

Consider changing your attitude and look at the situation, not as a failure but a learning experience to better yourself.

Dream Of Being Driven Off The Cliff or Bridge By Someone

When you are having this dream where someone is intentionally driving you off the cliff, this could be a sign that someone that close to you is not your friend as you might be thinking;

They harbor bad intentions against you and could probably be plotting your downfall or preventing your success in a certain way. The dream could also be a sign of a disappointment that you will feel about someone close to you.

Dream Of Driving Off A Cliff or Bridge With A Coworker In The Car

Having this dream is an indication of a great turning point in your career or business, most probably the failure of a business caused by someone you work with.

You might need to make some kind of major decision to help your company survive because it is in trouble.

It could also be a sign that you could be facing certain obstacles related to the future of your business or job and you feel a lack of control over the situation.

The dream could be that maybe a partner or coworker are experiencing the same feeling you are and this could be the reason why they are with you inside the falling car.

Dream Of Driving Of A Cliff Or Bridge With Your Kids In The Car

This dream is often a warning from your subconscious. It indicates a lack of understanding between you and your kids.

You might be experiencing conflicts with them because you don’t understand them and they don’t understand why you are tough.

It is possible that you can’t find the right language to communicate with your kids and it is causing a lot of conflicts and they see you as too controlling.

Find a way to communicate your with your kids with love. Begin with letting them know that you are not the enemy but have their best interests at heart.

After that listen closely to what they are saying, it is just a matter of misunderstanding.


This dream about driving off a cliff or bridge is hardly positive as we have seen. It represents a bad situation in your life.

Try finding a solution to the problem before it gets out of hand. Also, remember your dreams in detail for an accurate interpretation.

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