10 Dreams About Dying – Meaning & Interpretation

Dream About Someone Dying? When you dream, that is a positive trait showing that you are perfectly normal. Often times we dream and don’t remember our dreams. Sometimes our dreams are so vivid that we remember them and then wake up in cold sweat because they are terrifying.

When we dream something unpleasant, often times when we wake up, we are usually grateful that it was just a dream.

One of the common dreams that people experience are dreams of death. Such dreams are terrifying and sad. The dream experience usually feels “real” and complete with the pain that one experiences when someone close to them is dying.

Reasons Why You Dream Of Someone Dying

Usually, dreams of someone dying are intense and traumatic. Often times the dreamer will wake up feeling panicked or worried about their loved one who has died in their dream.

As much as it is stressful this shouldn’t be a reason for you to panic. There are many reasons why you might have had this dream.

  1. You Are Afraid

Fear is usually associated with many dreams. You might be feeling afraid of losing someone and this could be the reason why you dream of them dying.

You might not dream of the specific person you are afraid to lose, but the explanation stands that you are afraid to lose someone.

You could also be afraid that something is going to end, it could a job that is very important to you, or your great life in the city now that you are moving to a farm in the countryside for example. Dealing with your fears, in this case, is advisable.

  1. Feelings of Guilt

Feelings of guilt come about with the thoughts that you should have done something because you could have, or you couldn’t do something because you were helpless. This usually happens especially after the death of a loved one.

You will keep dreaming of this person dying as a way of feeling the guilt. There is usually no reason for you to feel guilty about not being able to help, but since you don’t know this, the dream about this person dying will keep recurring.

  1. You feel Betrayed

Another common reason for seeing death in your dream could be because you feel betrayed. In real life, people close to you might have betrayed you and in your dream, they are dying for their betrayal.

This could be a sign that their betrayal hurts you deeply and you want to revenge in order to hurt them back. You could seek therapy and try to put their betrayal past you as you work towards making your life better and pain-free.

  1. Someone In Control Over Your Life

In your life, you might have someone close to you who is exerting a lot of control over your life. It could be your loved one or partner who is domineering and makes all the decisions for you.

You might not mind their dominance over your life in real life but your subconscious may let you know by letting you experience a dream where this person is dying.

It could be a way for your inner self to let you know that you need to escape their control and take control of your life.

  1. A Psychological Disturbance

You might have experienced traumatic situations in your past that took root within your subconscious mind. It could have been a terrible childhood with memories of phobias derived from the traumatic experiences that you had.

This is why such negative feelings interact with your dream to create visions of death combined with other traumatic situations.

After all, your mind is imprinted by these fears of death which is why you will see people that you know dying in your dreams.

  1. A Major Transformation

Any dream about death could be an indication of a major change in your life. Death is usually an end of something and the beginning of another and it is never a minor thing. Usually, it is a sign of a figurative or real birth in real life.

Your new habits, relationships or financial status could be rising and taking root in your life.   As a result, you might experience dreams of death even though you are currently experiencing major positive changes in your waking life.

  1. You Love Someone A lot

You might not have any traumatic event or negative feelings in your life but that cannot prevent you from the fearing experiencing loss. A lot of love for someone normally results to a fear of losing them.

The fear is then manifested in your dreams in the form of the person or another close family member or friend dying.

Often times however, it is not an indication that the person is currently dying or will die in the near future. Usually, it is your growing fear of losing this person that is acting up in your dream.

  1. You Might Be Pregnant

Since death is some kind of rebirth of something as commonly interpreted, you might actually be pregnant or about to get pregnant when you dream about such a dream.

If you are a man, it could be that your wife or girlfriend is pregnant or about to get pregnant. Most people who have reported this dream, remember to have experienced this dream right after they get pregnant or before.

  1. You Are Not Living To Your Full Potential

Sometimes feelings of sadness or unhappiness as a result of you not living to your full potential may be manifesting themselves through your dreams. This is why you find yourself dreaming of someone dying, an indication of the death of your dreams.

  1. Negative Feelings

Dreams of death are usually a sign of your intense feelings of worthlessness and general unhappiness about many things in your life. With such intense negative feelings, it is usually no surprise that your dreams will also take a negative turn.

Such dreams will continue until you change your perspective on life and start seeing things in a positive light. Gain confidence and start working on the things that need a change in your life.

  1. Your Loved One Is Ill

Your loved one might be ill and it is not necessarily a terminal illness but since it is causing you a lot of distress you will naturally fear losing them.

This fear could be translated into the dream of them dying. This is just an expression of fear and doesn’t mean that if they are sick they are going to die.

  1. You Miss Your Dead Loved One

Someone close to you might have died a while back and you might either be missing spending time with them or haven’t gotten over their death. You might dream of them dying and it might even become a recurring dream.

You will often times experience such dreams especially during their birthdays, anniversaries or during periods of upcoming events that the deceased loved attending.

  1. The Price Of Watching and Reading Horror Content

If you watch or read horror content a lot then don’t be surprised if you dream of violent deaths of people or even of yourself.

If you watched a violent horror movie before bedtime, then you are definitely going to dream about it. That is the price you will pay for filling your mind with horror content.

  1. A Revelation Of Dark Desires

A dream of someone dying could also be a revelation of your own dark desires.  It could be a reflection of your dark wishes which are usually socially unacceptable.

Those things that you usually don’t allow yourself to think about could be coming through your dream. Wanting someone dead or ourselves dead is not right and sometimes that desire could be reflected in your dream.

If you realize that such dreams are reflecting your dark desires, it would be better if you sought professional help to deal with your feelings of anger and resentment towards the people in your life or towards yourself.

Common Dreams About Someone Dying

There are common scenarios of the dreams about someone dying and they are as follows:

  1. The Dream About A Parent Dying

In this dream, you could be watching your parent die either lying on the bed or from a violent death. Sometimes you don’t get to see your parent dying or even see their body but you hear someone saying that they have died and then you experience the pain of grief and even break down crying in your dream.

When such a dream occurs it could be an indication that you are afraid of losing your parent, whom you are very close to and are dependent on. If your parent is already dead and you dream of them dying, it could also mean that you miss them so much.

  1. Dream Of A Child Dying 

The child who was dying in your dream could be your own or someone else’s.  You don’t have to panic when you experience such a dream, it could just be an indication of the difficult things you have undergone lately.

Your mind could be coming up with the worst things it can think of when you are going through a difficult situation. A dying child in your dreams could be one of those things.

This dream could also be a symbol of an early ending of a certain project in your life. You might have started something, it could be a business,  a partnership or a gardening project in your home and it might not be working out perfectly or making the positive progress that you intended for it.

The dream could be the sign for you to give it up and begin something else. Remember that the world will not end with the ending of your project and it might be time for you to call it quits. You could begin something new or take it easy for a while as you think of the next project.

Another explanation could be that you are about to have a child and are worried too much about it.  If you are pregnant, keeping worries aside will be best lest you risk fulfilling your dream.

  1. Dream Of Your Boss Dying

If you dream of your boss dying, this could be symbolic of an end to a situation that is controlling your life. It could be a close friend or a certain job that has taken over your life.

It could also be an indication of a new job somewhere or a major change between you and your boss. It could be that your boss is selling the business to you, becoming your partner or you have a relationship with your boss that is heading to marriage.

It could also mean that you are getting a promotion or growing in your career since the dream involves your job.

Apart from the above, it could also be that you resent your boss deeply and feel that the working conditions he has you enduring are terrible, so is your job and the pay which you hate too.

If you feel this way, perhaps it is time to think of looking for a job elsewhere or looking for other ways to earn your income.

  1. Dream Of Best Friend Dying

This dream could mean that an aspect of your friendship is dying. Either you have changed in some way that has brought some sort of distance between you or your best friend has changed in a way that has resulted in the distance.

Maybe they now have a lover or a new baby that is taking all their time and you can’t spend more time together like you used to, or you got a new job that is taking up all your time.

If you had an argument recently, you might be feeling that the argument has brought some sort of strain in your relationship.

Try and find out what is blurring your friendship. You could spend more time with this friend and find out how they feel about your friendship, then together find a solution.

  1. Dream Of Spouse Dying

When you dream of your spouse dying, it could also be an indication that a secure part of your life has been compromised. There could be a habit or a situation in your life that you strongly depend on that has changed.

It could be something that you were accustomed to and it suddenly changed. This could also be an indication of some kind of loss in your life that you never thought would happen.

It could be a sudden fire that has razed down the only home that you knew, or you lost your job suddenly, lost your precious possession or you lost close friends due to misunderstandings and so on. It could just be a reflection of the pain of the loss of something important in your life.

  1. Dream OF An Enemy Dying

When you dream of your enemy dying, it could mean that you are going to experience peace and that nothing stands in your path to achieving your dreams and goals. It could also mean that a great positive change might soon happen in your life.

Another interpretation could also be that you hate your enemy so much that you wish them dead.  Your enemy could be an actual person or a thing that always sets you back such as poverty, fear, low self-esteem and so on.

  1. Dream About A Dying Stranger

Dreaming about a dying stranger could mean that you are about to make great progress in your life in terms of wealth. It could also mean that something in your life is going to die and pave way for a new process of lifestyle for you.

  1. Dream About A Dying Ex

Dreaming about your ex-partner dying could be an indication that you have finally moved past the breakup and have accepted that the relationship is truly over.  Such a dream also shows the ability of the dreamer to finally be ready to move on and begin a new relationship.

  1. Dream About Yourself Dying

Dreaming of your own death may symbolize your desire to escape the things that cause anguish and stress in your life.  It could also indicate the death of old habits, beliefs, thoughts and some inner qualities that you possess.

What you should do is simply confront any stressors in your waking life and make things a lot better for yourself. Change the things you have to and stay positive then you will be happier.

  1. Dreaming About Your religious Leader Dying

When you dream of your religious leader dying, this could be an indication of the wavering of your faith. It could also be an ending to your old spiritual condition and your progress to a new spiritual level.

The dream could also indicate that it is time for you to explore new spiritual paths because you might have stopped believing in the old spiritual beliefs of your religion for some reason.

The Ending Of Something Old And The Starting Of Something New

Most of these dreams of someone dying symbolize the end of something old and the beginning of something new. The dream could either be positive or negative depending on the thoughts and feelings that you might have concerning the subject in the dream.

Dreaming of anything related to death is often times an indication of a major life change. It could be graduating, becoming an adult, marriage, changing your career, retiring, a new addition to the family and so on.

When The Dream Is Negative

If the dream feels negative, then it means that the ending of something old is being emphasized. It could an indication of too much focus on your past and the need to move on.

Sometimes it could be feelings of hatred, jealousy, and resentment towards the person you are dreaming about who is dying in your dream.  You could work towards correcting the negativity in your waking life, which is causing that dream.

When The Dream Is Positive

It’s rare for the dream to feel positive because death is hardly a positive thing and just the thought of it usually evokes this great fear. However, sometimes death could be an indication of the beginning of something new.

This new thing could bring a lot of happiness. It could be a newborn, a new level of success, new friendships, new hobbies and many other positive things.

When this is the case, it would be great if you would embrace all the positive aspects of this dream and make them better than they are.

Your Dreams Always Come True?

“But my dreams always come true!” This is a common comment from people who might in the past have had a dream which came true. But, it is also true that they have had many more dreams which never came true.

Whenever your full focus is on your dreams actually happening, your mind will automatically ignore all the memories of the dreams that never happened and instead focus on the dreams that happened.

In truth, as much as dreaming about death can be very disturbing especially if the person you saw dying is close to you, don’t focus on the negative because chances of that dream coming true are very slim unless you have the gift to see the future through your dreams.

Make Sweet Dreams

There is no need for excessive worrying because you saw your parent, friend or relative dying in your dream. Choose to look at the positive aspect of that dream.

Examine the different interpretations and firmly believe in the positive things. Work on everything negative in your life and have it turn around in your favor.

When things begin working positively in your life, you will have less terrifying dreams. Your subconscious will no longer be burdened and there is nothing like a stress-free life to turn your dreams into stuff that makes you feel terrible when you wake up because you want it to “continue.”

We might think that we are not responsible for our dreams, but in a way we are. It is definitely up to us to either make our dreams sweet or turn them into nightmares.

We can be in control of what we read, watch, our social life, personal relationships, homes and our future. The way we handle the crises that are part of life will often determine what our dreams will be like.

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