12 Dreams About Eyebrows : Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about eyebrows are uncommon, but they tell a lot about human personality and their feelings. Eyebrows are an essential feature of our face, which shapes our expression and enhances the sharpness of our looks.

People give special attention to their eyebrows, making sure that they are perfectly shaped and visibly prominent on their faces.

To dream about eyebrows is representative of your behavior and attitude with others. Dreaming of eyebrows symbolizes the way you move and act in a society.

They are also symbolic of your concerns, fears, and anxieties about yourself and matters related to your life.

Significance and symbolism attached with eyebrows vary from culture to culture. To interpret dreams about eyebrows, it is vital to notice the context as well as the shape of the brow, appearing in your dream.

What Do Eyebrows Represent In A Dream?

Dreams about eyebrows carry both positive and negative connotations depending upon the context of the dream in which it occurs.

To see an eyebrow in a dream can be interpreted as a symbol of being protected or sheltered from danger, unconditional love, longevity, an abundance of wealth and fortune, etc.

In a negative connotation, eyebrows in a dream may symbolize failures because of one’s own mistakes.

Symbolic Of Personal Transformation

The altered shape of the eyebrow in a dream is symbolic of personal transformation and growth. You are undergoing a significant transformation in your ideals and your approach towards life.

You have started seeing the world through a different lens after changing your attitude towards life, yourself, and others.

The dream signifies that you have become mentally matured and have become more analytical when it comes to solving problems at hand.

You have abandoned your habit of acting irrationally; instead, you have become calmer and more critical towards different issues in life.

Dreaming of eyebrows also signifies that you have started working on your outer appearance as well, by changing your style to appear more decent and approachable to others.

Symbolic Of Protection

Eyebrows are your protective barrier absorbing shock and protecting your eyeballs from any damage. Seeing eyebrows in a dream signifies that you are being protected from dangers and threats hanging in your life.

This protection is being offered by your family members and your loved ones, whom you share a close connection with.

You are a caring person who never denies anyone of help, whenever needed. This debt of your on others is being repaid by them by providing you financial, emotional support, and security against the threatful situation in life.

Symbolic Of Wealth And Financial Security

In positive connotations, eyebrows are seen as symbolic of financial security and wealth. You will soon enter a positive cycle of life after facing multiple hardships.

Your financial security, which was always at stake during your hard times, will quickly be secured. You will successfully overcome the adversities in your life using your analytical skills and sharp wit.

Your clever use of strategically dealing with difficult times will end fruitful with you earning a financial fortune for yourself.

Excellent opportunities will allow you to gain maximum money in a shorter period, making you financially secure for a more extended period.

Symbolic Of Goodness and Trustworthy Nature

Multiple cultural and religious interpretation of dreams about eyebrows reflect that eyebrows are seen as symbolic of the goodness of nature and sincere personality.

Seeing your eyebrows in a dream represents that you are seen as a faithful person among your peers who feel comfortable confiding in their secrets.

They are aware that you will never let their secrets be exposed or will use their weakness against them, which makes you an ideal candidate to look for if someone wants to share their emotional burden.

You are also known for your kind-heart and morally upright character, always trying to do good to others, which makes you greatly admired and respected among your peers.

Symbolic Of Dissatisfaction

As mentioned earlier, eyebrows serve a significant role in enhancing one’s physical appearance. Dreaming of damaged or no-eyebrows signifies that you are not happy with yourself.

You are doubtful of your abilities and lack self-appreciation. You have sensitive self-esteem, and anything can easily trigger you, making you direct all the blame toward yourself.

You are quick to judge your abilities and demean yourself, when unable to successfully complete the task at hands.

The dream is a warning indicator that you need to start being more appreciative of yourself and try to look for your strengths instead of moping over your weaknesses.

You need to start respecting yourself and acknowledge your strengths if you want others to do the same.

Symbolic Of Lack Of Emotions

Eyebrows are the key-feature of your face that add in the expression on your face. Dreaming of lacking any eyebrows carries a negative connotation as it refers to your lack of emotion or facial expression.

People mistake you for a cold person who gives no feelings, where in reality, you prefer keeping your emotional side to yourself as you don’t want others to be aware of your weaknesses.

You remain reserve with others, hardly allowing any expression to cross your face, which gives you off as a rude and impolite person.

The dream is a wake-up call that you need to start expressing yourself to others and stop hiding behind an expressionless mask.

The dream is indicating that if you want to come out of yourself-imposed isolation, you need to realize that emotions do not make you weak instead it allows others to understand you more intimately and bring others closer to you.

Common Situations In Which We Dream About Eyebrows

Dreaming Of Correcting Your Eyebrows

If you have dreamt of yourself correcting/plucking your eyebrows, the dream signifies that you are a self-confident person who is not affected by others opinion.

You have faith in yourself and your abilities; therefore, you give no mind to useless and demeaning comments of haters who try to lower your self-esteem.

You precisely understand that only you are responsible for success and failures in your life; others opinion about you or life does not matter at all.

You have adopted a positive and healthy attitude for yourself, and you should continue this path to avoid yourself being overburdened by other’s opinions.

Dreaming Of Dark And Healthy Eyebrows

Dark and healthy eyebrows in a dream is a positive omen. Such dream is an indicator of fortune and good health in your life.

Unexpected ways and opportunities will open up for you that will help you guide yourself towards a better life.

You will get over a sickness which has been keeping you down for a long time and will restart your life with a healthy and passionate mind.

Be optimistic about your future and keep looking for good times ahead, as they are surely and soon to come.

Dreaming Of Thin And Small Eyebrows

If you have seen thin and small eyebrows in a dream, it carries ominous connotations. Such dream reflects that the efforts which you are currently putting to reach your goal are not enough.

You are still lacking in many aspects as a result of which you are lagging behind in the race towards success.

You need to start working from the start by strengthening the areas which act as your weakness and then move on towards more significant steps which will help you boost yourself towards your destination.

You need to have strong faith in your self and not doubt your abilities, for only then can you reach the level of success which you have aimed for.

Dreaming Of Someone Else’s Thick Eyebrows

Witnessing thick and bushy eyebrows of another person in your dream represents that you will soon get annoyed and irritated of a particular situation arising in your life.

The events may lead you to feel angry with the person involved or the situation itself, that has caused unwanted trouble in your life.

You will be surprised and taken off-guard because of that event leading to a lot of turbulence in your daily life.

The dream is indicating that you need to look out for yourself and keep your eyes open to be prepared for any unpleasant event happening in the future.

Dreaming Of Burnt Eyebrows

Burnt eyebrows in a dream indicate that you will get into trouble with your family. A significant dispute may arise between you and your family members, leading to a lot of disturbance in your relationships.

You need to look out for any possible situation which can cause an unwanted argument in your family and try to maintain some distance for the coming few days to avoid getting into an unwelcoming dispute.

Dreaming Of Losing Your Eyebrows

Losing your eyebrows in a dream carries a negative connotation. The dream is a direct reflection of your mental state. You may be feeling vulnerable and exposed for not being able to live up to others expectations.

The dream may also be representative of the guilt and shame which you are feeling after intentionally hurting someone’s emotions.

Losing your eyebrows in a dream represents that you need to stop living up to people’s expectation or you will end up hurting yourself, time after time.

You also need to revaluate yourself and correct the mistake which you have done in the past.


Dreams about eyebrows mainly reflects your inner mental state, which feels vulnerable to other people’s judgments.

Eyebrows reflect your concerns, fears, and complexities about yourself. In a material sense,  dreaming of eyebrows reflects fortune and abundance of wealth and happiness for an individual.

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