10 Dreams About Family Members Dying – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams often don’t predict the future or anything but they reflect the things that could be going on in your life or ones that happened in the past.

It is widely believed that dreaming about someone dying especially someone familiar like a family member is a bad omen.

Many might think that it might be a premonition of the person(s) dying in real life but often times is it actually a sign of an end to something. It could be a relationship, a career or a change of circumstances forcing an end to something.

It can be devastating to have dreams about family members dying, but why would you experience such dreams?

Why You Have Dreams About Family Members Dying 

There are various reasons why you could be having dreams about family members dying and they are as follows :

Afraid Of Losing Your Family

The dreams could be coming because you could be afraid of losing your family members.

They could be your children which you are afraid of losing custody over or your parents who could be ill or your siblings who might be considering moving away to a faraway place.

You could be afraid that these people who you love dearly might be gone from your life at some point.

You are afraid that you will be miserable without them because you are used to having them around, talking to them, dining with them and sharing many great moments with them. The fear of losing them could be fueling these dreams.

You Are Missing These Family Members

The dreams could also be happening because you are missing your family members and aren’t meeting them as much as you would love to.

You could also be jealous of their current lifestyle because of the fact that you are no longer a major part of it as you used to be.

You Are Dealing With Their Death In your waking life

Your family members might have died and their death might be affecting you in a huge way. You might not even be over their death really and dealing with it currently.

That could be the reason why you keep dreaming about them dying. It could be because you might have witnessed their death or feel guilty about it.

A major change in your life

Most death dreams are usually because of a major change in your life. It could be that you are a parent now, your financial status has drastically changed, you have experienced a spiritual rebirth or discovered new things about yourself that are causing great changes in your life.

The reason why you are having the dreams about your family members dying could be because many aspects of your life are rapidly changing and maybe you are not handling the change very well. That could be the reason why the dreams are upsetting you.

You Feel Betrayed By Certain People

The dreams could also be showing up because you feel betrayed either by the family members or people that are close to that you consider them to be like family.

If you are upset that they die that means you are simply sad about them betraying you. However, if in the dreams you are happy that they died then it could be that you have a thirst for revenge against them for their betrayal.

Consider moving on from the betrayal incident and not doing anything drastic lest you risk ruining your life.

Common Dreams About Family Members Dying

There are common dreams about family members dying and their interpretation and they are as follows:

Dream About Parents Dying

If your parents are still alive and you dream of them dying, then it simply means that you are worried about losing them. You love them both dearly and are wondering what life would be like without them.

They might or might not be sick and there might be no signs of them dying anytime soon. The best thing would be to stop worrying and enjoy more good times with them.

Dream About Siblings Dying

Having a dream about your siblings is usually a sign of the state of your too busy life that you lack time to spend time with your siblings like you used to before.

You might be feeling the need to spend more time with them and are feeling guilty that you might have neglected your relationship with your siblings.

Perhaps you haven’t been a present help in their times of need. It would be better if you reached out to them and create better memories of good times spent together with your siblings.

Dreaming Of Your Children Dying

This dream is an indication of your children leaving childhood and finally leaving home. They might now be grown up and are leaving the nest to start their own lives.

You feel like they have grown up too soon and feel like you are going to miss them being kids and taking care of them. That is why in your dreams you see them dying.

Remember that they will always be your kids even when they grow up and leave home. The sooner you accept that they will eventually leave home or have left home the easier it will get to cope without having them around.

Dream About Your Grandparents Dying.

This dream could be a sign that you are losing touch with your roots. Grandparents often hold families together. It is at the grandparents’ homes where families meet for Christmas and most holidays.

When you dream about them dying, then it could be a sign that you are losing your sense of culture and family. It might be helpful if you embraced your culture spent time with your family and know more about your roots.

Dream About Your Whole Family Dying.

A dream about your whole family dying would be devastating. It could be a sign that you are worried about the unity of your family. In reality, it could be that certain circumstances could be threatening your family.

You could all be facing a crisis or a scandal that is causing a great rift in your family.  Try calling for peace or look for members of your family who are influential and could promote peace and unity within your family.


Dreams about family members dying are not pleasant at all. But usually, there is no doubt that something is happening in your waking life.

Look closely at your family life or personal life and make things right where they aren’t, but if all is well then you are just being worrisome. Relaxing a little and enjoying the family you have will be helpful.

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