7 Dreams About Feces : Meaning & Interpretation

It might actually surprise you when I say that dreams about feces are not particularly rare at all. You may wake up feeling sick, disgusted, and weirded out or even embarrassed.

Since this subject is more often than not, generally disgusting… such cases are connected symbolically to a part of you that you find filthy and sickening.

Why do you dream about feces/excrement?

#1 To dream about feces could literally reflect your emotional issues.

A dream connected to excrements could mean emotional blockage. If in your dream, you feel disgust… it means that there is something that you have done that is displeasing to you.

You might loathe a situation in your life and there are just some hindrances that stop you from easily fixing the situation.

#2 To dream of fecal matter may be an association of waste in your life.

Considering what fecal matter is consist of, we are able to relate dreams about it to the waste in your waking life.

Normally, this waste material includes mucus, undigested meat, fats, toxins, etc. and these have undergone our body’s natural process of biological rejection.

This fact then relates the dream to privacy, the need for rejection, or a violation in real life. This might also point out to an unhealthy relationship that you’ve been meaning to get off from for quite a while now.

#3 To dream of excrements might be an indication of you trying to get rid of negative emotions.

For us to be able to take on every day’s challenges, it is vital to regain one’s inner strength time after time. It is sometimes undeniable how letting out your feelings gives you a wave of relief.

It is important however, to vent out without compromising tact. Expressing your emotions is generally a good practice.

Just be sure you do not make unnecessary statements about others. This will probably make you regret in the future.

#4 To dream of feces might mean that you need to work on your ambitions.

“Sitting on the throne” had always been a common idiomatic expression for pooping. The throne is obviously one’s goal in life, and sitting on it only means that you have finally reached your dreams.

Considering these, dreaming of pooping could be a gentle note for you to identify and chase your ambitions. Reaching them will only be an arm’s reach. That is, of course, if you work hard enough.

#5 To dream about excrement could also mean material problems.

Dreams about the toilet is generally interpreted as somehow associated with income or financial gain. Poop is the element in your dream that tells you how you obtained the money.

This could be associated with dirty works and could signify greed and fraudulence. If you are in this particular position and the same dream recurs, material predicaments are foreseen.

Common scenarios of dreams about feces

#1 Dreaming about stepping on poop

This dream usually brings about good news. You may possibly be receiving a gift or a monetary gain that has not been anticipated.

This financial luck is actually associated to projects and propositions that are subject to approval, as well as to business ventures that have just yet started. This calls for general financial improvement.

Dreaming of stepping on animal feces has its own meaning. This indicates that you might be giving thorough financial advice to someone that might need your help. Your advice could possibly take the person out from such financial misery.

#2 Dreaming about poop all over your hands

To dream of having poop in your hands could indicate problems regarding relationship – social, business, romantic, etc.

This could also mean trouble in your legal relations with certain people or establishments. It could also be a sign that you have been doing work that you do not particularly agree on, but are forced to do so anyway.

#3 Dreaming about playing with feces

Having this kind of dream is a distinct indication of stress and anxiety. You may be having trouble getting enough sleep lately, as if something unknown is bothering you.

This could also mean that impure thoughts have been going on in your mind and you are more than aware of it. In as much as you try to control it, you can never really do so.

For this matter, you spend sleepless nights and dragging days until you get this certain matter out of your head.

#4 Dreaming about poop in your clothes

A dream like this points to discovery. Secrets may be revealed and these are ones the owner doesn’t want disclosed.

#5 Dreaming about feces in your bed

If you saw poop in your sheets or under your cover, this is not particularly a favorable sign. It pertains to trouble in paradise.

Problems regarding your love life is foreseen. More specifically, although not assured, the dilemma might have arouse due to financial issues.

#6 Dreaming of feces not being flushed in the toilet

To dream that you were unable to flush feces from the toilet means that you are on the verge of emotional and psychological breakdown. Your thoughts and feelings have been so pent up that they need to resurface and emerge.

#7 Dreaming about toilet overflowing with feces

A dream as generic as this could be interpreted in quite a number of ways. If in your dream you saw a toilet overflowing with feces, financial troubles are roughly predicted.

This might also pertain to certain people you don’t want to encounter. It could also be a gentle reminder to you, on how you should learn to let go of unwanted feelings for relief and freedom from guilt.

It can also pertain to the negativity that needs to be vanquished. Some also interpret it as a fair warning to take better care of your health.


Dreams about Feces are most commonly interpreted as unspoken thoughts and feelings. We were once taught to stay silent if nothing good will come out of our mouth.

However, at the same time, we are always advised to speak up how we feel. Bottled up emotions always take its toll in the long run and nothing good has ever come out of it. It is only a matter of knowing when to speak and how to say it.

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