16 Dreams About Fighting – Fighting Dream Meaning & Interpretation

(AloDreams.com) – Dreams About Fighting: When you dream of fighting, that is usually a sign of great conflict within you. Your emotions could be running wild courtesy of the difficult situation that you could be facing in life. Fighting dreams have various meanings which often depend on many factors. For a more accurate interpretation of your fighting dream, it is important to remember as much as you can about the dream.

Why You Have Dreams About Fighting

Why would you dream about fighting? There are various reasons why this happens and they are as follows:

  1. Emotional Turmoil

The emotional conflicts that you experience are often a common reason why you would have a fighting dream. Your life could be full of tension and emotional confrontations either at work or at home. You could also be having emotional outbursts when out interacting with your peers. They could be as a result of the tension you feel within you or the worries you face every day.

Your emotional outbursts could be a way of venting and if you are not experiencing any emotional outbursts in your waking life then the dream about fighting could be the subconscious way of venting or letting you know that you need to release the tension. You could deal with the issues causing the emotional turmoil for starters because they are the underlying issues causing you to have recurring dreams about fighting.

  1. You Work Too Hard With Little Rest

You could be working all days of the week without the weekend off and putting in long hours every day. You leave your home at 5.00a.m and return way past midnight, you order food and eat at your desk and even carry some work at home with you. When you finally get in bed, you sleep with your clothes on because you are too tired to remove them. Your house might be filled with half-eaten foods and looks like a hurricane hit it because you are so busy that you have neglected cleaning and arranging.

You might not see the problem with this kind of life but your subconscious does in the form of fighting dreams. Start by giving yourself time to rest such as weekends. Allow yourself to relax and take care of your home and yourself. Cook yourself a decent meal once in a while and avoid the takeaways whenever you can.

  1. A Crisis in Your Life

A situation in your life that is difficult could be causing you some sort of emotional upheaval. The crisis could be something involving those you care about or even yourself. If you can’t do anything about it, just wait it out and all might be well. On the other hand, if you can do something, then, by all means, do something to remedy the situation.

Another option is accepting and moving on after you have explored all options available to save the situation. You don’t have to let a certain crisis to take over your life by constantly thinking about it. By dealing with the crisis in any of the above ways you will hardly have dreams about fighting.

  1. You Failed At Something

There could be a situation where you failed and are now beating yourself up about it. Just keep in mind that failure is not the end of life. You can always try again or purpose to embark on a project that you can succeed in, a far cry from the one where you failed.

You could also begin trusting and believing in yourself more because failure has the habit of inflicting fear and preventing you from taking the step of courage and achieving great things. To overcome the fear of failure you might have to forget past failures and start with a clean slate. Doing this could be difficult and result in conflicting emotions within you, hence the fighting dreams.

  1. You Are In An Unfulfilling Relationship

You could be having problems in your relationship and feel that you are more affected by them. Your partner might be insensitive to your needs and feelings in the relationship but because you love them so much you put up with their bad treatment. If you are reluctant to leave the relationship somewhere inside you want to and the two conflicting decisions within you might result in you having the fighting dreams.

  1. You Have An Illness

If you are suffering from any sickness, they could be a contributing factor to the fighting dreams. This is because your body is actually fighting to get better by getting rid of the illness.

Common Fighting Dream Scenarios

There are various common fighting dream scenarios and their interpretations and they are as follows:

  1. Dream About Fighting For Your Life

You could have had this dream where you are fighting to stay alive either from attackers who want to finish you or something like drowning or smoke. This dream could indicate that you or someone you know could be experiencing a serious illness and desperately want to get better.

  1. Dream About Fighting With Your Parent(s)

When you have this dream, this could due to the fact that you had a waking life argument with them. In such a case, it would be better if you talked to them and straightened things out. This dream could also be a sign that you will get closer to your parents and that your relationship is bound to strengthen. You could also be missing your parents’ love and attention and this might reflect on your fighting with them dreams.

  1. Dream About Fighting With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This dream is often times an indication of the problems you are facing in your relationship. The dream could be the wakeup call that you both need to take time and discuss the issues that are affecting your relationship and straighten them out. If the issues cannot be straightened, then it is only proper that you consider calling it quits in the relationship and both give yourselves time to reflect or look for other partners who will make you happier.

  1. Dream About Fighting With Your Best Friend

This dream could be disturbing a lot. It could be an indication you could lose something or someone you love in the near future. The best thing to do would be to treat those you love with a lot of care and respect so that they can value you in return and you don’t lose them. However, if the people you care about don’t really care about losing you, then it would be time to brace yourself for the situation where they are no longer a part of your life.

  1. Dream About Fighting With Zombies

We have all seen those Zombie apocalypse movies and we all know what zombies are like. Slow disfigured beings who love real live flesh. If you are dreaming of such beings, then this could be an indication that you are bored in your relationship and need some spice. You could go for a vacation with your partner, or start a project together, have a baby and so many other things that you can do to spice up our relationship.

  1. Dream About Fighting With Demons

When you fight with demons, this could be an indication that you are trying your best to quit the bad habits you have. This dream could also mean that you are experiencing some sort of pain and are trying to fight it off. If either way is what is currently happening in your life, consider looking for more effective methods of dealing with the bad habits or the pain in your life.

  1. Dream About Witnessing Fighting

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of your freedom to live as you please. It could be advisable if you kept to yourself and went about your own business. Never get involved in other people’s business and never let their opinions deter you from making good decisions in your life. Take advice but live by the rules that you think are best for you.

  1. Dream About Blood During Fighting

In your fighting dream, if you happen to see yourself or someone in your dream bleeding during the fight, then this could be an indication that you could get hurt because you are too trusting towards some people close to you. If you wear your heart on your sleeve with everyone close to you, remember that you, someone close to you might use that opportunity to harm you.

  1. Dream About Animals Fighting

When you have this dream where two animals are fighting, this could be an indication that you are caught between two of your friends fighting and are trying to avoid being a part of the argument. You don’t want to take sides because you don’t want to put the relationship you have with either of them at risk.  If that is the case then it would be better if you spoke to your fighting friends and express your displeasure at seeing them fight.

  1. Dream About A fighting Soldier

When you experience the dream about a fighting soldier, this could mean that you are indeed working hard towards your dreams and your dedication to your job is 100%. Very soon you might reap the rewards and achieve the ultimate goal that you set.

There is no doubt that dreams about fighting are usually all about the tensions and problems that you face in your waking life. To avoid fighting dreams from recurring, work on solving the conflicts you face in your waking life whether they are with others or with yourself.

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