7 Dreams About Garlic – Meaning & Interpretation

Garlic is one of the most significant elements in religious studies. A diverse range of meanings is attached to garlic, mostly seeing it as a protector from evil spirits for its strong aroma.

To dream about garlic symbolizes fertility and guardianship but, in some connotations, is seen as an indicator of troubling moments or some quarrels at hand.

Garlic has been seen as an important dream symbol for centuries, going back to medieval times, also from religion to religion, it carries important symbolic significance.

Meanings Associated With Dreams About Garlic

Desire For Thrill

Garlic is one of the most common spices used. Its aroma is refreshing, exciting and enticing. To dream about garlic in your dreams suggests that you are trying to get over the monotony of your life and are aching for some adventure to enter.

You are an adrenaline junkie and would die for an adrenaline rush. Dreams, where you have dreamed of garlic, suggests that you are seeking for the thrill, to feel the rush of hormones inside your body and live your life to the fullest instead of repeating ordinary routines and living a basic lifestyle.

Change Of Ideas And Thoughts

To dream of getting married in a garden, with garlic beds embedded in it suggests that you are going to change your outlook towards life.

Some situation or events might prove as a trigger which will result in the breaking of your ideas. It might be betrayal from the seeming trustworthy person, as a result of which you will become skeptical of relations.

You will start to see the world in a new light that is more pessimistic instead of a positive outlook towards life.

Indicator Of Possible Illness Or Misfortune

If you have dreamed of dropping garlic seedlings in your dreams, it suggests that you will counter a particular illness or a misfortune in the future soon.

You need to be careful of your diet and be aware of what you eat. You might be neglecting your health under a load of work, which might take a toll on your body.

This dream is also an indicator that you should be careful in making an important decision and your life-choices since the poor decision may cause you loss of fortune.

Be wary of your surroundings and stay alert to analyze what the situation demands to make choices accordingly to avoid any trouble.

Symbolic Of Your Care Towards Others

Dreaming of cooking garlic in your dreams refer to your caring attitude towards others. You are an affectionate person who doesn’t hesitate to express his or her love for the people around them.

You take great care of your friends and family and are always concerned about their health. This dream may also suggest that you will find an opportunity to go after your dreams, which you have been longing for a long time.

Symbolic Of Unexpected Events

To dream about smelling garlic in your dreams suggests that you will soon encounter unexpected events which can be good or bad depending upon your circumstances. The context of the events will rely significantly upon your past decision and attitudes.

If you have been attracted to the smell of garlic in your dreams, it means you were wisely steering your life to the right track, and the arising events will prove fruitful giving you the chance to prosper and flourish.

To see yourself being revolted by the smell suggests that wrong decision and careless attitude will earn you no good, and you will find yourself in trouble with seemingly no way out of it.

Symbolic Of Protection

Garlic has been seen as essential symbols in medieval times to ward off evil spirits and bad energies.

To see garlic in your dreams may suggest that you need protection from evil entities that have been surrounding you which might cause you intentional harm.

If you have been feeling drained of energy or lethargic for no reason, it is an indicator that evil spirits have been feeding off of you and you need to take proper measures to help you get out of this unwanted situation.

Symbolic Of Strength And Courage

Dreaming of garlic is an important symbol suggesting that you need to be strong and courageous in current circumstances.

You might be trapped in a situation where you can’t find a way out as a result of which you have become disheartened and broken. This dream is a cheering symbol that you need to be resilient, for success will soon find its way to you.


Dreaming of garlic carry strong symbolism indicating the onset of illness, need for protection and to be aware of your decision to help your life take a better turn.

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