14 Dreams About Getting Married – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about getting married are quite common. These dreams are mostly experienced by people looking forward to get married. As the day draws nears, so does their anxiety grow. You might as well as be not anticipating for the day you get married but still have these dreams. Below are meanings and interpretations to these dreams.

Meaning of dreams about getting married

The following are the reasons as to why you are having this dream

A reflection of your desire for a happy family

You are having this dream because you long to have a happy family. Humans have made families look like abusive institutions because husbands and wives have turned against each other and instead of living happily, they have decided to make it hell on earth.

They go to the extent of killing each other. You look at this and wish that you never experience this. You wish to have a fulfilling and a happy family life.

You are responsible

Dreaming about getting married means that you are a responsible person.  Families come with a lot of sacrifices and responsibilities and therefore when you dream about getting married, it shows that you are responsible. It may also mean that you are currently in a situation where much is expected of you.

A change is coming

Dreaming about getting married may mean that a change is coming your way. In real life, getting married involves one moving from their own house if they previously had one, and moving in with their spouse.

That is what brings change about getting married. It may also mean there is change in your general life that is coming. Perhaps you will move to a new place or form new friendships.

Some things in your life are going to be stable and permanent

Dreaming about getting married also means that you are going to experience stability in your life. Things that seemed temporary are going to become permanent.

Perhaps you have been having a tough and sloppy relationship. When you have this dream, it means that you are either going to solve things with your current partner and establish something permanent or you are going to get into a new relationship that will lead to marriage.

You may also be in a job that you are not sure of. This dream is telling you that you will soon get a permanent and stable job.

A representation of loss of freedom

It is important to keep in mind that when one gets married, he or she will be expected to behave in a particular manner.

For example, you cannot decide to spend a night in a club. You will have to go back home to your family. That is what is expected but to some it is like they have lost their freedom.

In case of adolescents, they may feel that their parents are constraining them when they are not allowed to do some things. You may also be having this dream because you feel like there is no freedom at your work place.

Common dreams about getting married

Dreams about getting married appear in different forms and scenarios and therefore they do have different interpretations. The interpretation of these dreams also depends on whether you are married or not.

Dream about getting married

Dreaming about getting married in general represents the dedication and commitment you have shown in some engagement or partnership.

For example, you may be involved in some business with a friend or you may be in a specific agreement. You are having this dream because you have shown that you are committed and others have actually noticed it.

Human beings also have feminine and masculine aspects of personality. Having this dream means that your feminine and masculine aspects of your personality are coming together to form a union, the same way marriage is a union.

Dream of being married to your current partner

If you are indeed married and dream about getting married to your current spouse, then it means that you are in deep thoughts about the relationship with your spouse.

Maybe something happened and it has left you questioning and thinking a lot about your relationship. It might be something negative or positive.

If something happened and you think it might put your relationship at risk, the best you could do is to talk to your partner about it so as to avoid future problems that will come due to unresolved issues.

Positively, this dream might just mean that you love and are committed to your spouse. Love is a beautiful thing and if in any case you find someone that reciprocates the love, make it work.

Dream of marrying your ex-spouse

Sometimes things get tough in marriages and relationships and when they do, the best thing one can do is walk out. You are having this dream because you have finally come to accept that the relationship ended.

For some it takes quite a long time to get over someone, for some it never gets well and it can be very draining emotionally. So be glad that you have come to accept it.

If you already moved on with a new spouse, this dream means that you are comparing your current spouse to your previous spouse and through the comparison, you have found some similarities.

Comparing your partner with other partners you have had may not be the best thing to do in a relationship. Avoid it at all costs.

Dream of someone else being married

You may also dream about someone else getting married.  This dream shows that you are having issues with commitment and freedom in your relationship.

Perhaps you feel that you are giving too much than your partner is giving and also you do not have the freedom that you need.

Do justice to yourself by deciding to walk away from anything that does not give you peace. Do not give too much where you feel that it is not being given back.

It might also reflect your own feelings about getting married. This dream may also be telling you that you are going to receive some great news that will change your life greatly.

Dream about getting married but secretly

When you dream about getting married but in secrecy, it means that you have been careless in your behaviour and people within your circle have noticed it and they are talking about you.

You should be very cautious especially around new people because any small mistake you do will be used against you. So be very careful with your behaviour.

Dream about a close friend getting married

Dreaming about a close friend getting married shows that you want the best for your friend. You are a true and reliable friend by wanting the best for your friends. You do not wish anything bad to happen to them.

The world needs people like you because people nowadays have become venomous to even their own family members. Be sure to get this in return because good deeds hardly go unnoticed.

Dream about getting married forcefully

You may dream about getting married to the person you do not want or being forced to get married when you do not feel ready.

This dream may mean that in the near future, something that has been giving you sleepless nights will be alright and you will eventually be satisfied.

This dream may also mean that you feel that your happiness and freedom have been taken away by some people who have had a bad influence on you.

Consider the people you keep in your company because they will have a great influence on how you feel and how you behave.

Dream of getting to the wrong person

No one ever wants to end up with the wrong person and spend the rest of their lives with them and therefore this dream might be very disturbing.

This dream however does not necessarily mean that you will get married to that person. It rather means that you should pay attention to your behaviour because something is going wrong.

Perhaps you have adapted some behaviours that are harmful to your character. Also look at the decisions you have made lately because they may be bad decisions that will later come to cause great harm to you.

Dream of running away in order to avoid getting married

You may see yourself running away from your own wedding. This dream means that you are trying to avoid some permanent changes that are about to take place in your life.

It means that you fear change. Being adamant to change will make you to remain stagnant in your life. Be open to change.

This dream also means that you are having second thoughts about some commitments in your life. Dreams about getting married have to be remembered with every detail for you to get a clear interpretation.

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