13 Dreams About Hair Loss : Meaning & Interpretation

For most of the people, Hair is an essential embellishment for the body, adding to the attraction and charm of the person. On average, thousands of dollars are spent yearly by people on maintaining the appeal of their hair.

Taking this into consideration, hair loss is a common fear which is often reflected in our dreams as well. To dream about hair loss tells a lot about your mentality.

It is often associated with your fear and dilemmas, your fragile self-esteem as well as your preference to other people’s opinions and judgments.

Hair loss has always been an important symbol in ancient mythology. Multiple interpretations are associated with dreams about hair loss, varying from culture to culture.

To fully interpret meanings of hair loss in a dream, it is essential to note the context as well as the extent of hair fall that you witnessed in your dreams.

What Does Hair Fall Represent In A Dream?

Hair loss is one of the complicated symbols to interpret. It carries both positive and negative connotations, but mostly these dreams are taken as a bad omen.

Hair is an essential component used in Black magic, therefore, dreaming about hair loss is often associated with negative energy.

Hair loss in a dream may relate to your fear of aging, losing sexual virility, being vain, or your declining health.

Symbolic Of Low Self-Esteem

To experience extensive hair loss in a dream and being worried about it reflects that you are dealing with significant selfesteem issues.

You easily let other people’s opinions and judgments get to you, which makes you start doubting your abilities.

You always continue demeaning yourself now not being able to have the skills which others do, instead of appreciating your individuality and talents.

Dream about hair loss is making you realize that you need to work upon boosting your confidence and your faith in yourself.

Stop sulking over the abilities which you lack, instead start looking for ways through which you can prove yourself by utilizing your individual skills.

Fear Of Growing Old

Hair loss problems usually arise in old age and are prevalent in men compared to women. Dreaming about hair loss represents that you fear growing old as it will make you lose your physical appeal and charming attributes.

You are afraid that growing old will make you less desirable in the eyes of others, and you will be treated like a liability instead of being wanted.

It may also symbolize that you fear growing old since you feel that time is running too fast and there is still so much that you want to do and achieve. You have multiple goals set for your life, and you want to accomplish all in such a short period of your life.

Hair loss signifies that you are running short of time, and you need to move fast if you wish to reach your targeted level in life.

Symbolic Of Loss

Losing hair in a dream can be symbolic of loss and longing for something in life. Dreams about hair loss suggest that you have undergone a significant decline in your life.

You have lost something or someone close to you, which makes you apprehensive of losing any other thing which you cherish with your life.

This fear of yours to lose any other thing in life makes you to not let people easily in your life as you are scared that you may forget that person once you form a special connection with them.

On the other hand, hair loss in a dream represents that something is missing in your life which you long to have.

It can be the absence of someone or a feeling which you desire to be incorporated in life. This want of yours is reflected in your dream in the form of hair loss.

Symbolic Of Declining Health

Hair loss in a dream is also symbolic of your deteriorating health. It represents that you are facing or going to experience significant health issues because of your negligence towards your health.

You have been observing unhealthy eating habits for a while now that is causing you a toll on your health.

The dream is acting as a warning to direct your attention towards maintaining a proper and healthy diet. You need to keep your hygiene and start eating healthy food to be able to bring your health back to the track.

Fear Of Losing Authority

Dreaming of hair loss symbolizes that you fear to lose your authority or control over others. You have excellent leadership skills and desire to be the one to lead a group instead of being led by others.

You crave for authority and control and enjoy being the one upon whom people rely on solving their problems. Dreaming about losing hair represents that you fear of the power being stripped from you.

You worry that someone better than you is going to come and will snatch the title of leader from you, which makes you more apprehensive and less focused on your duties.

The dream is trying to tell you that instead of being paranoid, you should pay attention to the task at hand and prove your worth instead of worrying about the future.

Symbolic Of Stress

Hair loss in a dream is symbolic of stress and anxiety in your life. You are being surrounded by a neverending chain of problems making you more vulnerable to negative emotions.

You feel that you lack the strength and ability to successfully deal with the issues at hand, which makes you more doubtful and pessimistic about yourself.

Hair loss in your dream is indicating that worrying or stressing about your problems is not going to solve them unless you take substantial measures to resolve the issues at hand.

You need to actively try and make efforts instead of building up emotional pressure upon yourself.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Hair Loss

Dreaming Of Hair Falling Out In Chunks

Seeing hair falling out in chunks in a dream indicates a period of transformation. You are undergoing significant emotional and mental changes in life.

Your outlook towards life is going to change significantly, and you will soon enter a new phase of life with transformed ideals.

The dream also symbolizes that you have stopped giving importance to other people’s opinion and have finally started acted the way you want instead of worrying about others gaze.

You have chosen to live your life freely without letting others interfere in your matters. The attitude you have adopted will prove beneficial for you; you need to stick with it and continue moving forward in life.

Dreaming Of Hair Falling Off After Coming In Contact With Poisonous Material

Seeing your hair shedding off from your skin after coming in contact with a poisonous material in a dream is an ominous symbol. It indicates that you are surrounded by toxic people or your enemies who are disguised as your friend.

These people are nothing but a source of constant stress and trouble in your life. The dream is acting as a warning signal that you need to cleanse these people out of your life.

It is time that you let go of your old acquaintances and seek genuine friends who are there to offer you a shoulder to cry on, instead of being a source of your worries and anxieties.

Dreaming Of Eyebrow Hair Fall Out

Seeing the hair from your eyebrow fall off in a dream indicates that you will soon experience betrayal from your loved one.

A close friend may turn his/her back upon you and side with the enemy, or you may find your lover/partner/spouse cheating on you.

This dream is a warning signal that you need to look out for possible betrayals and identify the actual intentions of people around you.

Dreaming Of Being Old And Losing Hair

If you have found yourself as an old guy who is rapidly losing his hair, such a dream represents your fear of losing your sex appeal and charm because of old age.

Dreaming Of Hair Falling Out For Woman

If you are a woman who has dreamt of losing hair in a dream, it carries a negative connotation. It represents that your life will soon be overpowered by frustrations and troubles in terms of your romantic life.

You might get in conflict with your partner/spouse, and you may end up breaking up with your partner/spouse.

Dreaming Of Willingly Cutting Your Hair

To see yourself willingly get a hair cut or shortening your hair in a dream carries positive connotations. It indicates that you are ready to let go of your past burden and move forward in your life.

You have decided to let go of the troubling thoughts which have been keeping you down and have realized that to be fully at peace, you need to let go of the unwanted feelings and emotions which are serving as a hindrance in your way to success.

Dreaming Of Your Hair Being Forcefully Shortened

Seeing someone else forcefully cut your hair in dreams is a negative omen. It indicates that you are being punished in life for all the wrongdoings which you did to get your way or either you are being stripped from your power or authority for abusing or misusing your position.


Dreams about hair loss refer to your personal fears and concerns which have been keeping you from moving forward in life.

For most of the part, they carry negative connotations symbolizing deceit, betrayal, loss, and your anxieties towards your growing age.

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