8 Dreams About Horses: Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about Horses: Horses are usually a symbol of great passion, desire for freedom, endurance, strength, drive and powerful urges. When you have recurring horse dreams, it could be a sign that you have some sort of motivation that is driving you towards successfully achieving your goals.

They are common dreams and they could also represent more things such as sexual drive and even the great power of the dreamer to do great things.

Often times horses are positive symbols in our dreams because they represent our ability to stay enthusiastic in working towards making our future bright.

It is therefore up to you, the dreamer to learn how to harness the ambitions you have so that you can finally achieve success and prosperity.

Why You Have Horse Dreams

There are many reasons why you have horse dreams and they are as follows:

You Have A Lot Of Wild Energy

You could be having a lot of pent-up energy that you need to release. You will need to control some of the wild energy. This is because it could be driving you and those close to you crazy.

Boundless energy is great but too much of it can be annoying to others especially if you horse them around.  Think about working it off or looking for channels where you can channel this energy.

You Could Be Proud And Arrogant

You could be well off (at least in your eyes) and are sitting on your “high horse” and judging everything and everyone around you. You could be losing some perspective and judging things that you deem inferior to you.

The things you judge could be different compared to what you think. Allow yourself to look at things from another perspective before you judge too harshly.

A Strong Driving Force

You could also be having a strong driving force that is helping you remain enthusiastic about achieving your goals.

This strong driving force is your great motivation to keep working towards your goals.  Keep yourself motivated and you are going to achieve great things despite the challenges that you could be facing.

You Do A lot Of Horse Betting

If you spend time thinking about horse betting and the winning horses, chances are you might dream of them.

You could dream of your winning horse and other horses. This is purely a case of your subconscious reflecting what you have been thinking about a lot.

You are a Horse Breeder

If you are a horse breeder and spend most of your days tending to horses, having horse dreams shouldn’t come as a surprise.

You think about them a lot, worry about them, take care of them and they bring you joy, you will definitely dream about them. Again this is a case of your subconscious reflecting what is constantly on your mind.

Common Horse Dream Scenarios – Meaning and Interpretations

There are common horse dream scenarios along with their interpretations and they are as follows:

Dream About Work Horses Pulling

This dream is an indication of your determination to get ahead. You are probably working very hard to achieve your goals.

Even with all the hard work, allow yourself some play and relaxation. With a relaxed mind and a strong determination, you are in a better position to achieve your dreams at a faster rate.

Dream Of Riding A Horse

When you have this dream, this could be an indication of control over your natural instincts. You are definitely on top of things and are tackling your problems head on instead of letting them put a cloud over you.

Dream Of A White Horse

When you see a white horse in your dream, this could be a symbol of your spiritual awareness. It could also be an indication of your purity, prosperity and good luck. You might also form some meaningful relationships that will also be fulfilled in your life.

Dream Of A Black Horse

This dream could be an indication of a negative thing that lies in wait for you but will eventually turn positive.

Dark mysteries of the unknown could be part of your future, but it could also be an indication for you to move forward from the old ways and into a new interesting phase of your life.

A dark horse might also represent some dark part of your life that you prefer to keep hidden.

Dream Of A Brown Horse

A brown horse dream is an indication of your desire to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. However, it could also be an indication of great hardships that will come your way. You will have to be prepared to face the challenges that will come your way.

Dream Of A Horse Attacking You

The dream meaning of a horse attacking you is that you might face some conflict with others and face a great challenge of opposition.

Problems will arise from various areas in your life, but you will overcome them because they will not be too serious.

Dream Of A Horse In Your House

This dream meaning horse in-house could be an indication of the strong emotions running in your family. Situations might have arisen that could be causing everyone’s emotions to feel raw.

Maybe it is time to call a family meeting and discuss all the issues ailing all of you. Make the platform friendly enough so that everyone can open up their heart and speak their mind.

Dream About Horse Races

This dream is an indication of the good luck that will follow you in the near future. You will successfully complete all your projects and everything will run according to plan.

Your relationship and communication with others will be great and you will enjoy your success to the fullest.

Dreaming Of Horses

Horse dreams are often times positive, but there are others that could carry negative aspects too. Always look at your life as you seek interpretation and you are likely to find accurate meaning.

Also, allow yourself to remember as much detail about the dream as you can.  This will also play a huge role in giving you a more accurate interpretation.

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