11 Dreams About Infidelity – Meaning & Interpretation  

Every relationship forms its basis on mutual trust and confidence in one another. When both sides are equally loving and giving in a relationship, the connection is bound to thrive and strengthen.

Humans are in constant need of reassurance and comfort. Therefore, it is not unusual to doubt your partner’s love for yourself or your love for your partner, which often results in dreams about infidelity.

Dreams about committing infidelity or witnessing your partner commit adultery often arise from the lack of love, trust, and respect in a relationship.

On the surface, dreams about infidelity reflect your fears and anxieties concerning your relationship. To dream about infidelity may also refer to suppressed desires and wants etc.

Every culture sees infidelity as a condemned act, creating unbridgeable gaps and irreparable damage in relationships.

We observe almost similar interpretations related to dreams about infidelity across different cultures, varying only based upon the difference in context and the person who is committing infidelity in your dreams.

What Does Infidelity Represent In A Dream?

Dreams about infidelity have diverse symbolism attached to them which goes beyond the surface connotations attached to them.

Dreams about infidelity are reflective of our emotional and psychological state representing our suppressed wishes, fears, lack of confidence, lack of sense of security, selfesteem issues, etc.

Symbolic Of Stagnancy In Relationships

Dreaming of infidelity in a dream is a direct reflection of your disturbed personal life.

You are facing multiple conflicts in your relationships, making you frustrated and stressed about continuous problems compiling without resolving.

You feel as if your relationship has reached a point where it has become stagnant and stationary without any feeling of love and affection between you and your partner.

Committing infidelity in dream symbolizes that you are secretly desiring to get out of the relationship which is providing you with nothing but constant mental pain.

Your actions in the dream are a direct reflection of your decision, either you want to continue it and mend up the broken connection or to abandon your relationship.

Fear Of Being Left Abandoned By Your Partner

Dreams are the reflections of our subconscious, serving us with the moving picture of our worst nightmares. Dreams about infidelity symbolize your fear of being left alone or abandoned by your partner in a relationship.

You have a history with people entering your life and leaving you at your most vulnerable, which has made you apprehensive about getting into another romantic involvement.

You fear that at some point in your life, you will have to let go of the connection and feelings of warmth and security which you have built with that person, leaving you all broken and emotionally hurt.

You have become a victim of your fears which prevent you from exploring or finding a potential love interest for yourself.

Fear Of Losing Sense Of This World

Dreams about infidelity not only reflect your sentiments towards a relationship but also reflect your anxieties and worries concerning the daily matters of your life.

Committing cheating in dream represents that you are losing your connection with your reality. The world around you is becoming a blur, and you are unable to place yourself at any fixed position.

You are losing your sense of morality and righteousness swept by the lust to succeed in this world, adopting any means necessary.

Infidelity in dreams also refers to the lack of movement in your life. You are stuck with the same job, not getting any promotion, making you anxious and exhausted which is reflected in your dreams in the form of committing infidelity.

Symbolic Of Suppressed Desires And Wishes

Committing infidelity in a dream and breaking the moralistic code of the society is reflective of your rebellious side of your personality, which you have suppressed, fearing social judgment.

You are unable to express yourself fully or indulge in activities which you want to do because you are apprehensive of the reaction which you will get from people in your circle.

As a result, you find it best to hide that part of your personality which can put your reputation at risk and continue to suppress your desires to break free from the social constraints, chaining you down from fully accepting yourself.

Symbolic Of Guilt And Regret

Dreams about infidelity are reflective of the feelings of guilt and shame. You are being haunted by your past actions where you committed a mistake which has caused irreversible damage in your life.

You are continuously being chased by the feelings of guilt and shame for committing such an act which has directly impacted someone else’s life.

You are feeling regretful of your actions and want to undo the damage which you did in your past.

Committing Infidelity in a dream is a reminder of the mistake which you did in the past, as well as a chance that you can correct your wrongdoings while you still have time.

Gather your courage and face the ghosts of your past to help yourself get out of the perpetual misery and regret which you have put yourself in.

Symbolic Of Sense Of Inferiority And Low Self-esteem

Dreams about infidelity symbolize that you are dealing with issues of self-worth and a sense of insecurity in life.

You are enveloped in selfhatred and selfdemeaning attitude where you do not find yourself worthy enough for the people in your life.

You feel as if others are too good to be stuck with you as you are not fit enough to receive their love.

You have low self-esteem which makes you feel insecure and apprehensive in your relationships, whether it be your partner, a friend, a family member, etc.

This sense of insecurity and uncertainty is reflected in your dreams in the form of your partner committing infidelity.

Common Situation In Which You Dream About Infidelity

Dreaming Of Cheating On Your Partner

Dreams about you committing infidelity behind your partners back refer to the sense of suppression and entrapment on the part of your personality.

You want to express yourself fully in front of the world, embracing every aspect of your personality without the fear of being judged.

On the other hand, committing infidelity in your dreams also reflect that you are feeling guilty inside, for hiding something from your partner.

Your guilty conscience feels as if you have cheated on your partner by concealing the truth, which is reflected in the form of you committing infidelity in your dream.

Dreaming Of Your Partner Cheating On You

Your partner cheating on you in dream represents that you feel insecure about yourself. You focus more on your imperfections instead of strengths which makes you doubt another person’s love for you.

You are anxious about your body as well as your personality which makes you think that you are not good enough for other people.

You fear that your imperfections will push the other person to find someone worth their love and time.

Dreams about your partner committing infidelity in dream represent that you need to get out of your self-loathing and be more appreciative about yourself.

Stop degrading yourself and find some confidence in yourself because unless you learn to accept yourself with your imperfections, no one would.

Dreaming Of Someone Else Committing Infidelity

Seeing someone from your life committing infidelity in your dreams symbolizes vain and selfish people around you.

You are surrounded by self-centered individuals who are more focused on personal gains instead of providing emotional or moral support to people around them.

Such individuals are willing to do anything when it comes to their own benefit, and they will not hesitate to betray you along the way.

Dreaming of someone else committing infidelity in dream suggests that you need to be more careful of these people and look out for any possible deceit from these people.

Keep an open eye to your surroundings and pay attention to how people behave in your difficult times, to distinguish a friend from a hidden foe.

Dreaming Of Committing Infidelity With Your Ex

Cheating on your partner with you ex in a dream indicates that you still harbor feelings of attraction for your ex.

You are still, mentally and physically attached to your ex-relationship and secretly desire to get back with them.

The dream also indicates that you are not satisfied with your current sexual life or are craving for new experiences.

The dream is a wake-up sign that you need to make a decision, to either make or break with your partner and free yourself and the other person from the misery of a forced relationship.

Dreaming Of Your Affair Being Discovered

Dreaming of committing infidelity and your affair exposed to everyone, later on, is an ominous symbol.

The dream indicates that a secret from your past will be revealed to public, leaving you embarrassed and humiliated of yourself.

The dream is a warning sign that you should come clean and try to undo the damage which you did in your past, to save yourself from shame and regret.


Dreams about infidelity are reflective of your insecurities and concerns related to a relationship.

The symbolism attached to the dream is not only associated with troubles in relationships but tell us a lot about your feelings and concerns related to your daily life issues.

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