13 Dreams About Jesus, Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams About Jesus – Your beliefs and feelings about Jesus will determine what your dream about him means. Christians, for example, view Jesus as a savior, son of God or the Messiah. Muslims view him as a great prophet Allah. Other people believe Jesus to simply be this great historical figure that is very popular within religious circles thanks to his supernatural abilities and godlike traits. So why would you dream of Jesus?

Why you have a dream about Jesus

There are many reasons why you would dream of Jesus and they are as follows.

  1. You seek divine help

You could be having this dream because you seek divine help from God. You might have spent a great part of your day or many days praying for an issue that has been a problem in your life. You are seeking divine intervention by God through Jesus who you believe is His son. Since a great part of your day has been spent in prayer, it will not be surprising if Jesus turns up in your dream.

  1. Things will change for the better

If you view Jesus as your savior and he shows up in your dream, then this means that your struggles and pain might soon be coming to an end. It could be a sign that you will finally achieve your goals and life as you know it will completely change for the better.

  1. A blessing of joy and happiness

You could be having this dream because soon you are going to experience great joy and happiness. Something nice will happen in your life that will bring you great happiness. Maybe the miracle you have been praying and waiting for is finally going to happen.

  1. You feel guilty for deserting your Christian religion

You might have left the church and decided not to worship or do any church-related activity. You could be feeling terrible for deserting the church and wish to come back. Do not be surprised when you dream of Jesus especially if Jesus is a great part of your religion.

  1. You have been reading about Jesus

If you spend a lot of time reading the gospel about Jesus in your bible and meditating about his preaching, then you are bound to dream about him. The words he spoke and the things he did many years ago might be having a great impact on your life and you feel like this is a person whose example you want to follow. Dreaming about Jesus should therefore not be a surprise.

  1. You have been talking about Jesus

You could have spent a great part of your day, sharing with others about Jesus. You might be a door to door preacher, or a preacher in your church, or a street preacher and have talked a lot about Jesus. You could also have spent a great part of your time with your family talking about Jesus and that is all your mind is thinking about even as you go to bed. Seeing him in your dream could just be a reflection of what you have been up to the whole day.

  1. Your sins have been forgiven

As a Christian, you might have been living in sin and clearly not been living as a Christian should. You have finally repented before God and purposed to live uprightly. Seeing Jesus in your dream could mean that your sins have been forgiven and that now you have a relationship with him and are walking the paths of righteousness.

  1. Your strong faith in Jesus

Sometimes this dream about Jesus could be a reflection of your strong faith in him. You could be willing to put up with great negativity and suffering just for your faith. The dream could also be reflecting your faithfulness to organized religion. It could also be an indication that you might be too serious about your organized religion.

Common dreams about Jesus

There are common dreams about Jesus and they are as follows.-

  1. Dream about being blessed by Jesus

When you dream about being blessed by Jesus that could be a sign of your need for spiritual counsel. You could be feeling spiritually poor and feel the need for a revival in your life. This could be the reason why you are reaching out to the divine in your dream. Consider why you are feeling spiritually poor, are you not praying enough or carrying out your religious duties as you should. If that is the cases consider correcting that.

  1. Dream of being angry at Jesus

When you experience feelings of anger towards Jesus in your dream, this could be a sign that you are your very own harshest critic. Often times when you blame another in a dream especially if it is a person that you have this great reverence for then this could be a warning that you might not be treating yourself right. You see yourself critically and think that others see you with the same critical eye.

  1. Dream about Jesus on the cross

This dream could be an indication of how terrible, painful and humiliating a sacrifice that was made was. You could be having feelings of regret or loss for having made a huge sacrifice. You could be feeling guilty because of how much suffering someone else went through for you.  You could also be feeling like your sacrifice was all for nothing.

  1. Dream about being Jesus

When you dream about being Jesus this means that you will be elevated in ranks. You might get a promotion or achieve a great milestone. Your status will rise from what it is currently and you shall experience a great breakthrough, either spiritually or financially.

  1. Dream about witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus.

This dream could mean a spiritual or religious renewal, new revelations, changes in thought and a new awakening. It could also be an indication of an unjust punishment or the harshness of life, harsh judgment by others and so on.  The dream could also be an indication of the underestimation of one’s ability. Remember that those who crucified Jesus did not believe that he was the Son of God despite the obvious fact that he had a lot of power which he chose not to use.

Dreams about Jesus are common especially for people with a strong Christian background. The dreams vary but the message can be interpreted. This is one of those dreams that will leave you deep in thought after you awaken. You might find answers by an interpretation which might start by a look at the current status of your waking life.

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