#8 Dreams about Koi Fish : Meaning & Interpretation

Establishments often build ponds to put in KOI fish. This is because they are the symbol of prosperity and money flowing in your direction.

Businessmen, especially those who are considering Feng shui, firmly believe these fish attract money and good investments. What can other dreams about Koi fish mean?

What are the reasons why you dream of KOI fish?

  1. You need to set aside your pride and ego.

If you consider yourself a proud person, you may have to forget about your pride especially for the sake of a relationship or friendship.

As you may have noticed, koi fish thrive in clumps. Koi are a species of carp that enjoy living in pairs or in groups. They are naturally friendly and social creatures.

You could be in a situation where your relationship or friendship is compromised. If you put your pride first, you may lose the people close to you.

  1. Get ready for forthcoming opportunities.

In symbolism, Koi fish represents persistence and courage. Your dream of this particular kind of fish indicates that you have all it takes to surpass each and every hardship that you will encounter.

Since it symbolizes courage, koi fish reminds you to live without fear… for it is one of the most effective ways to succeed.

Fight for what you believe in. Never be afraid to make mistakes whilst being careful of every move. Be resilient and always ready to stand up more times than you stumbled and fell.

  1. It is time to pursue those new business ventures.

You may have been looking into business schemes that are new to you. This may even be out of your field of expertise. Dreaming of koi in a crucial time like this is very favorable… for it stands as a go signal on the plan you have in mind.

Now is an auspicious time to make new deals, expand your already-existing business. The koi fish is interpreted as a promise to a brighter future that you will love looking forward to.

  1. Now is a period of abundance and prosperity.

Koi fish have always been related to abundance and prosperity. This is the very reason why most business establishments insist on getting a pond for koi fish.

Dreaming of koi fish is a sign that money is flowing in your direction. The time has come for the seeds that you have planted in the past to come to fruition.

Now is a safe time where you won’t have to worry about your financial concerns. Just don’t forget not to overspend on unnecessary things.

  1. Peace and serenity floods your life.

The koi fish are peaceful creatures. They do not mind sharing their habitat with their fellow koi fish. Your dream about koi could be a sign of unity and serenity.

If you are in a misunderstanding or in any form of conflict, this is a favorable sign. It could also be a gentle reminder that there is nothing that proper communication cannot fix.

This may even be connected to how you should lower your pride sometimes, in order to keep the ones close to your heart.

What are the most common scenarios when dreaming about the Koi fish?

  1. You see koi fish.

*black koi fish – To see a black koi fish in your dream is an indication that big changes will come into your life.

*silver koi fish – A platinum-colored koi represents fulfillment of wealth in the form of business success and accomplishments.

*gold koi fish – The gold-colored koi fish is a literal comparison to its color. It means money, prosperity, and financial stability.

*white koi fish – White bodied koi fish commonly have a red mark on its head. This type of carp represents encouragement to career advancement. Alternatively, if you see a white koi fish with red markings around its mouth, it poses as an inspiration to a long and lasting loving relationship.

  1. Koi fish crosses your path.

Dreaming of koi fish crossing your path is a good sign. It wants to let you know that you are in amazing luck. Transformation and abundance are coming into your life. You will soon be bursting with beauty, serenity and peace.

So seize the moment. Set your fears aside and believe that the energy of the universe is with you. Do what you need to do, as well as the things you want to do.

Your dream about the carp crossing your way reminds you to live without fear, especially in a time like this when luck is on your side.

  1. You enjoy viewing a pond of koi fish.

Koi fish in ponds usually cluster up together. They don’t mind living with each other and are in fact enjoying company.

To dream of enjoying watching a number of koi fish in a pond means that you are in a tough situation where you do not need to worry.

Your dream reminds you of the people in your life who are there to assist you in every way they can.

You will notice that the difficult things you have been worrying about too much before, are now easier than you thought it would be.

The dream also suggests that you are to give up your dilemma and concerns and succumb to your inner peace.

You have been sensing a forthcoming luck and abundance. Do not hesitate to hold on to these positivity. These ways lead to its manifestation.


Generally, dreams about koi fish assure you of the many blessings that you are bound to receive. Let go of those outdated ways that no longer bring your financial status any good. Recognize and be grateful for those financial graces because these are more than just coincidences.

Your persistence and perseverance bring about the manifestation that you will be experiencing so continue devoting your time and effort on habits that change your life for the better.

Accept all these blessings with joy and appreciation and everything will fall into place. Your struggles and hardships will come to an end. The time has come for the fruition of the seeds you have planted in the past.

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