7 Dreams About Lemons: Meaning & Interpretation

Lemons are bitter fruits and when they show up in your dream, this could be a sign of good actions. The dreams about lemons could be positive or negative, depending on what the current status of your waking life is.

They could be a sign of great success or a sign of great trouble. You may wonder why you see lemons in your dreams, there are many explanations for that.

Why you have lemon dreams

There could be various reasons why you are having recurring dreams about lemons and they are as follows.

  1. Positivity and success

You could be having this dream about lemons because you are about to experience a great opportunity that will result in great success. This is the case especially if the lemons are in great condition.

Positive vibes and changes are going to be occurring in your life soon and if they are already occurring, then this means that more of those positive changes are going to occur.

  1. Discontentment

Sometimes lemon dreams could be happening because you are discontented with various things about your life. It could be your relationship, your job, your home life or just a crappy situation that is happening in your life. This is the case especially if you are dreaming of fallen lemons.

  1. Delayed Achievements

Lemon dreams can also occur as a sign of delayed achievements. You could be doing all the right things but for some reasons, your plans are not bearing fruit.

You could be experiencing major setbacks that are causing you a lot of distress because they are delaying your success. Directly addressing these setbacks could be a good idea.

  1. Disappointment and bitterness

The dream could also occur as a result of your great disappointment about life. You might have expected things to go in your favor or a certain aspect of your life to turn out great, but it didn’t.

You could be facing a lot of bitterness and it could be affecting your life in a great way. You could deal with the disappointment and bitterness by focusing on the other positive and great things that have happened to you.

  1. Excellent Business opportunities

Often times lemon dreams are signs of good fortunes. Great business opportunities could be presenting themselves to you.

You could have received great offers from people or businesses which are definitely going to add to your success after you accept them.

Take advantage of all great business opportunities that come your way because this could be your season or the period of your big break.

  1. Missed Opportunities

The dreams could also be coming because you have missed a great opportunity or several of them. The opportunities might have been your only chance to make it big but you didn’t take advantage of them.

You could be regretting, but take the experience as a lesson. Learn to recognize a great opportunity when it comes.

  1. Betrayal

Lemon dreams could be a sign of betrayal especially if you dream of buying lemons. It could be that some people that you trust are leading you to make the wrong decisions.

You are accepting their ideas blindly because you trust them but they could actually be betraying you. Start being cautious and examine every idea or opportunity presented to you before embracing it.

Common dreams about lemons

There are various dreams about lemons and their interpretations.

  1. Dream about a lemon tree

When you have this dream, this is a great sign of good fortunes. Great business opportunities, great deals, and profits are coming your way.

If they are already here then you are going to experience even more good fortune. This could be a great time to invest because everything is bound to be a success, it is your good fortune season after all.

  1. Dream about fallen lemons

This dream is an indication of the discontent that you are currently experiencing in your life. You could be feeling shortchanged in your business partnership, relationship or a deal you just signed.

If this is the case consider revisiting the deal or doing something to ease your discontentment. As long as you do something positive to make up for the disappointment then you will be fine.

  1. Dream about eating lemons

A dream about eating lemon is a sign of a healthy and good life. All could be going well for you now and you seem to be on a roll.  If you don’t have a healthy and good life currently, then you are just about to experience it.

  1. Dream about bitter lemons

This dream could be an indication of your looming disagreement with people. You could also be experiencing the disagreement now and if this is the case and you happen to have the dream then it could be that the disagreement with these people could go on for a long time.

You could bring in a mediator or a third party who is non-partisan to help you and the other party reach a middle ground.

  1. Dream about weighing lemons

This dream could be a sign that you are soon going to change jobs or seriously thinking about it. If this is the case, examine the reasons why you need to change jobs.

Are they valid reasons? Will a job change do you good at this point? Ask yourself or relevant questions before actually begin the process of getting a new job.

  1. Dream about rotten lemons

Like everything rotten, rotten lemons are unpleasant and when they show up in your dream, they are often a sign of sadness, tiredness, disagreements, and misunderstandings that currently feature in your life.  If this is the case then consider finding a solution to all the wrong things that are currently in your life.

  1. Dream about winter lemons

This dream could be an indication of success. Great success might just be around the corner. You will experience it as you have never before and it will change your life.


Dreams about lemons are often pleasant, but their meanings might be a little different.  Remember details of your lemon dreams for the most accurate interpretations and pay close attention to the happenings in your waking life as well.

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