11 Dreams About Lice : Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams about lice could relate to troubles, problems and unfavorable situations that may happen in your life. Lice are small insects with the popular one referred to as “head lice” because they usually attack the hair and affect the scalp.

These insects are very dangerous if they are not controlled as quickly as possible and they can make people uncomfortable and their infection usually causes irritation. When you dream about lice, as small as they are they could mean great trouble ahead of you, which are usually unforeseen.

If you have experienced the presence of lice in your hair whether when you were young or older, you will notice that it is very hard to get these small insects out of the hair and this could mean a big trouble which could require special treatment so that they will not affect other parts of the head and suck your blood.

When you have a dream about lice, this could have a great implication on who you are, your personal life and love life. This all depends on the kind of dream you have about lice and you should be very detailed and creative when you are interpreting the dream.

Read more if you want to know more about what the dream you have been having about lice means and the various interpretations to give to dreams you could have about these little creatures.

Why You Could Dream About Lice

There are so many reasons why you could dream about lice. Naturally, lice are insects with the ability to cause damages to the body and scalp in particular by sucking the blood of those that are affected.

Some of the reasons why you could dream about lice are that you are not trustworthy, good luck, great achievement, and preventing a difficult situation and also having a feeling of being trapped and suffocated.

When you have a dream about these insects, they could have a good or bad meaning and some of the reasons are therefore explained and analyzed in the following paragraphs.

Sexual Pleasure

When you dream about lice, this could be a sign of attaining a point where you are able to make your lover happy.

This type of dream could relate to the satisfaction that you can have when you are with someone close to you at a particular point in your life.

This dream could also relate to your relationship with someone of the opposite sex and the satisfaction you derive from such a relationship.

In most cases, dreams about lice do not relate to satisfaction and they could mean something very bad and unpleasant. This dream could relate to sexual pleasure and the satisfaction derived from your relationships.

Possible Hard Times

Dreams about lice could reflect the problems that you could have in the future. This could be related to what has been happening to you for a very long time and what you could face in the nearest future if dreams about lice on your head persist.

There may be some hard situations that you could face in the long-run if you have such a dream so it is very important that you prepare ahead for any possible problem that you can face in the future and do things that could make the problems less.

When you dream about lice, it is important that you understand what it means, when people have lice, they tend to be disturbed and uncomfortable and this can be a problem you will have.

You should learn to be more optimistic and learn to make situations more favorable for yourself and avoid things that can attract troubles to your life.

Lack Of Trust

When you have a dream where you see lice, this can be a sign that someone very close to you will disappoint you and this can bring trouble and problem to your life.

Lice are usually very close to the head (the scalp), they affect the head and cause serious infections, so seeing lice in your dream could mean that a person in your life is not trustworthy and you might have been greatly affected by the person.

When you have this type of dream, you should avoid keeping friends that are not that trustworthy and might affect your life.

Learn to discard people who do not impact your life and bring people that can impact your life positively and in a better way.

If at work you do not feel like you trust those you are working with, you can try to call them to order so that such situations and events do not occur or happen again.

Great Luck

This is a reason why you could dream about lice. Dreams about lice could be a sign of luck and great possibilities that may have come your way.

You should learn to understand the concept behind lice when you see a louse in your dream, it can mean that you will have luck on your side and you will make progress in whatever you do.

If you have had a dream about lice it does not necessarily connote something bad or disturbing, but it can be a sign of something great and good to the heart and soul.

Difficult and Stressful situation

This type of dream could be a sign of a bad situation, just like the trouble you gave when you have lice on your head, this dream could relate to the situation that is very stressful and difficult.

Dreams are usually things that we see through our subconscious as a result of things that happened in the conscious mind that we never took proper notice to.

When you have a dream about lice, you have to be more conscious of the dreaming environment so that you can interpret the dream well.

This dream is a sign of a difficult and unpleasant situation that you might not wish to get stuck in at any point in your life so you should try and find a remedy to this.

Common Dreams About Lice

Dream about lice have various meanings and they could be interpreted in many ways, so it is important that you take note of everything you see in the dream so as to give a suitable meaning to the dream.

Here, we will talk more about the various meaning which the presence of lice in dreams could connote and their various interpretations.

The presence of lice in your dreams could also represent self-tormenting thoughts and negative feelings that you may have about yourself and your life in general.

There are so many dreams that are related to these unwelcoming insects that always have their unique and distinct interpretation.

Naturally, lice are insects that are parasitic in nature, they do not add any reasonable value to you but they can suck the best out of your life. Below are some of the dreams about lice and their respective meanings:

Dream about seeing a lice

This type of dream can be an indication of a problem in your life. This can be a sign of a problem that you have that you are finding issues finding a solution to.

It can also mean a hard time that you are facing and you have to act fast about it if you could find a solution to it.

Dreaming of a Head lice

When you see a louse on your head, this can be a symbol of success and wealth in your life. It can also be a sign of great fortune that may be coming your way and it can relate to money and other gains you could possess financially.

This kind of dream is the thought of the money that you can gain and this is usually directly proportional to the number of lice that are present on your head.

When there are many lice on your head, this can be a sign of great fortune while little quantity of lice relates to wealth but on a small scale. This could also mean that you will get financial support from someone you least expected.

Dream of seeing lice on your hair comb

This type of dream could be a sign of feeling entrapped and you have been unable to express yourself in the way you would have loved. It can also be a warning sign of being entrapped by someone or something.

Dream Of Lice in your hair

If you have a dream where Lice is of a great population, this usually connotes a great financial gain that you are about to receive in your life.

This type of dream is usually positive and it could be a sign that a great change is about to happen in your life.

Dream of lice discovery

When you have a dream where you discover that you have lice, this can be a sign of negativity and misfortune that may come your way.

When you have this type of dream, you should take a proper step and avoid taking unnecessary risks and challenges at this point in time.

Dream of a crawling lice

If you have a dream where you notice that lice are crawling on your body or in your hair, this is usually a warning sign.

This usually indicates problems or issues of finance that you may encounter so you have to be careful with your dealings.


Lice are parasitic insects, not so great to see on our body as they can be very disgusting but they can mean something good and unique.

Dreams about lice should not be considered bad just for no reason but you should try to understand the dream and get the proper meaning and interpretation.

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