10 Dreams About Losing Your Wallet – Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams are often a reflection of the situation that is going on in our lives. The nightmare of losing your wallet or purse can be so real that you wake up and are thankful it didn’t happen. Imagine losing your ID and other documents along with some good money in the wallet.

The truth is whatever that is going on in your life, is something completely different from getting your wallet lost, but it could also be a close comparison.

The Wallet in your dream is a symbol of self-identity or some sort of security in your life. Take time and try to figure out why you are having this dream and especially if it is recurring. You could find a way to deal with the stress that you are experiencing.

Why You Have The Dream About Losing Your Wallet

There are various reasons why you could be having this dream of losing your wallet and they are as follows:

1. You Lost Something Valuable in your life

The dream could be happening because you lost something precious to you in your life. It could be an item, the loss of a loved one or a relationship.

It could have happened through your fault or not. But the truth is you are feeling your loss deeply which is prompting the dream of losing a wallet.

2. A Major Life-Changing Event

Another reason you could be having this dream of losing your wallet could be that you are going through a major life-changing event that affects how you view yourself and how much you are worth.

The event could be losing that job that has offered you financial security, a marriage you have been in for years, moving to a different country and other major changes that have taken away a part of our familiar self-identity.

3. Feeling Helpless, threatened or insecure

Another reason you are experiencing losing your wallet in your dream could also be related to stressful situations that you find difficult to improve.

The stressful situation could be a bad relationship, a negative working relationship or environment in which you can’t change because nothing is working in your favor.

As much as you would want to change your situation, you can’t because you feel helpless, threatened and insecure.

4. Personal Financial Loss

The dream could also be about a major financial loss in your life. Maybe you invested wrongly or just lost your money by being conned or lost a major client in your business to a competitor and so on.

If this is the case the loss might be running too deep, more than you realize. This is why your subconscious is process what you are feeling through your dreams.

5. Loss of Credibility

Another reason why you could be having this unpleasant dream is that you have a guilty conscience about something you did. It could be that you are afraid that you have lost the trust of others and they don’t believe in you anymore.

You are afraid that these people whose opinion you value highly are no longer seeing you as promising or the knight in shining armor as before and could be blaming you for the unexpected outcome of events.

Common Dreams About Losing A Wallet

There are common dreams about losing your wallet along with their explanations and they are as follows.

1. Dream Of Your Wallet Being Stolen

When you experience this dream, it could be an indication that someone is trying hard to take advantage of you.

This is a sign that you should always keep your guard up in your waking life because people are waiting for that opportunity to get you or take full advantage that will negatively affect you.

However, this should not make you paranoid and stop you from living your life to the full. Just trust your instincts and keep watch, in time, you will find out who it is.

Keep remembering that people who have something to gain should not be trusted especially if they have nothing to offer. Look around and you will figure it out.

2. Dream Of Losing Your wallet

Having this dream is an indication that you need to be more careful about your spending and finances.

You need to be responsible with your money, make financial plans, have a budget and put a limit on your spending.
In another instance, this dream could be an indication of you losing touch with your identity.

You could be experiencing anxiety over the changes and the unusual things that are happening in your life.

3. Dream About losing a wallet then finding it

A dream of this nature could mean that you could have lost something important in your life but in a way, this thing came back somehow.

It could also mean that you will lose financial stability for a while and then regain it at some point in your life. You might have lost that business opportunity or job but then you will find a better one.

4. Dream Of Losing an empty Wallet

First, an empty wallet in your dream is a sign of financial worries that you might have. If you lose an empty wallet in your dream, it could mean that good things might come but before that, you might lose what you think is important but it isn’t really.

Your loss of that thing could be just what you need as a stepping stone to your greater success.

5. Dream Of Losing A New Wallet

When you have this dream, it could be an indication of your need to be careful lest you lose your new source of income or new business opportunity.

You have just gained it and you will need to work harder than before to keep it. Be careful about making hasty decisions and being too over-excited. You might lose your newfound gains.


Wallet dreams are interesting. When you experience them, remember as much detail as you can. Usually, they involve something about money and in some instances relationship and identity.

One thing is clear though if you lose your wallet in your dream, there is something serious going on in your waking life.

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