18 Dreams About Love – Meaning & Interpretation

One of the most common dreams that we experience would be the dreams about love. This is a representation of a specific situation in one’s life where they feel a heightened level of pleasure or ecstasy. You have probably found your own path towards success or you have a secured and stable financial standing.

In this article, we will tell you about the different meaning and interpretation of these dreams. Hopefully, you will be able to understand the message that your dream is trying to convey.

Why do You Dream About Love?

There are varieties of reasons why a person will dream about love. Most of the time, this can be caused by the love that you are feeling in your waking life.

It is a sign that you are going through a period of extreme happiness. The dream does not only pertain to romantic love. It can also be related to your love to your family or to yourself.

Acceptance and Comfort

Those who have dream related with love simply means that you have a strong connection and acceptance towards yourself. It can also indicate that you are comfortable on the current situation happening in your life.


Another possible reason behind this dream is your attachment towards a particular person. You are probably comfortable to be with them and you have grown accustomed to their personal traits and behavior.


Your dream can also be the caused of a heightened desire towards a person. You are probably scared to be close to that person and you have an assumption that you can never have a romantic relationship with them.

This is your way of releasing your desire. If you have a celebrity crush, it will not be impossible to dream about them.

You Are in Love

Dreams about love can also be a sign that your admiration or passion towards that person is so big that they also appear in your fantasy.

Wishing to Go into Serious Relationship

Sometimes, these dreams can also highlight your intention to go on a more serious relationship. You are ready to handle the responsibilities and you think you have the capabilities to raise your relationship to a higher notch.

Good Relationship

Being in love in your dreams can also suggest that you are in good terms with the people around you. For those who are into romantic relationship, this can indicate that you and your partner are going through smooth times.

Meeting a Special Person

There are also instances when our dreams will tell us about what is in store for us in the future. For instance, dreams of love can be a sign that you will be meeting someone special very soon.

So, for those who are alone right now, do not fret. It does not necessarily mean that you will remain alone forever.

Meaning and Interpretations of Dreams about Love

Now that you know the reasons behind your dreams, we created a shortlist of the most common dreams of love and the meaning behind them. Hopefully, we can help you interpret the meaning behind your dreams.

Dreams of Being in Love

If you are in love in your dream, this can be an indication of your passionate love towards your partner.

In addition, you are very much contented with your romantic situation. On the contrary, this can also be a suggestion that you are not getting the love that you deserve.

For those who are dreaming about being overwhelmed with love, this is a representation of your influence towards the people that surrounds you.

If you are feeling the standard type of love in your dream without affection towards a person or object, this can be a sign of higher spiritual enlightenment.

It is your subconscious mind telling you that you need to continue enriching your soul and yourself. This is a positive sign and it encourages you to be confident in your abilities especially if you want to attain your goals in your life.

Dreams of Falling in Love

For those who are dreaming about falling in love, this may not be a good omen. It is probably a warning sign that someone that is dear to you will betray you. This can lead to an extreme feeling of grief and guilt in your walking life.

In some instances, this can also be a sign that you will go through difficulties in your life. Fortunately, you will be able to surpass these troubles with your effort and hard work.

Dreams of Someone in Love with You

There are also times when you will dream of someone that is in love with you. This type of dream can be a sign that you are enjoying a state of happiness and stability.

You are probably satisfied with what is happening in your personal relationship. In addition, it can pertain to your good standing especially in terms of your professional career.

Dreams of Loving Yourself

Usually, this type of dream can be a sign that you are not in good health. It is probably time to consult your doctor or go through a general checkup.

This is your inner mind telling you that you will not be feeling well in the future. If you have been too busy on your work for a couple of months, it is perhaps the best time to pay attention to your health.

Dreams of Expressing Love

Expressing love can be a symbol of your spiritual growth. It indicates your ability to surpass the struggles in your life. You will encounter some difficulties, but you will be able to feel an extreme level of happiness after this.

This can also pertain to the good experience that is happening in your life. You will probably reap the rewards for the care and the attention that you are sharing or expressing towards the people you love.

Dreams of Spouse in Love

In case you are watching two people madly in love with each other in your dream, this can be a hint that you will not be able to finish your plans and short-term goal.

This is perhaps due to some unavoidable circumstances. You should not be worried since these factors are beyond your controls.

Focus your energy into something more fruitful. If these couples are expressing their love towards each other, this can be a positive sign. This may signify the love that is flourishing in your family

Dreams of Your Parents in Love

On the off chance that you encounter your parents in your dreams and they’ve expressed their undying love with each other, this can be a sign that you have already achieved the things that you want in your life. You can also maintain your status not only in the society but also in your workplace.

Dreams of Lost Love

Dreaming of unrequited or lost love can be a sign that you will go through certain changes in your life. You are probably planning to relocate or to change your career path.

This dream is also common for individuals planning for marriage. You should welcome these changes since it can help you secure a better future.

Dreams of Reciprocate/Unreciprocated Love

If you dream that the love you are expressing to someone is being reciprocated, this can tell you that you have a lot of friends that you trust. You are confident that you can rely to them during tough situation.

However, when you dream that your love is unreciprocated, this can still be a good omen. This can indicate that you can get the things that you want if you focus your mind into it.

Dreams of Meeting Your Lover

If you are meeting the person you love in your dream, this can be a possibility that you will soon reunite with this person.

It is highly likely that you will be meeting that person once again soon. This can be a fleeting incident, or the person can play a key role in your life.

For those who dream that they are enjoying the company of the one that they love, this might be a sign that you are ready to settle with this person. Perhaps you are planning a marriage with this person or you already plan to build a family.

Dreams of Being Unfaithful

In the case that your romantic partner is being unfaithful in your dream, this may be a sign that there is something that will change in your life. This change may be frightening at first, but this will soon make your life better.

If they are simply hugging another man or woman in your dream, this is a warning that you are not spending enough time with this person.

It is time to ask yourself if you still love this person. There is definitely a reason why you are not devoting enough time for them.


Dreams about love is generally a positive sign. However, there are also times that it will warn us. Simply focus on the details included in your dream. This can help you attract the luck and be prepared on the possible things you may encounter in the future.

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