14 Dreams About Monkeys – Meaning And Interpretation

Monkeys are the closest species to homo sapiens. They are one of the most outgoing creatures who love to prank and tease. They are famous among humans for their naughty acts but can sometimes prove potentially dangerous as well. Dreams about monkeys are mostly reflective of the inner nature and desire of human beings.

In religious and cultural connotations, monkeys have held important symbolism for centuries where they are seen as symbolic of greed, brutality as well as freedom and territorial attitude.

The interpretation of dreams about monkeys vary depending upon the context of the dreams and the actions which the monkeys were performing in your dream.

What Does Seeing Monkeys Represent In A Dream?

For their resemblance with humans, monkeys are seen as a mirror of our own self. Therefore, the actions of the monkeys in our dreams are seen as a direct reflective of what we are feeling and desiring.

Generally, dreams about monkeys carry ominous symbolism where they symbolize insatiability, yearning, betrayal, lust and in some cases, disease.

Symbolic Of Change In Personality

Monkeys are famous for exhibiting a care-free and child-like attitude. Dreaming of monkeys suggests that you are in need to change your personality.

Your brooding and overly-serious nature might not be appreciated by many of your close friends, and they might start to get distant from you, mistaking your serious personality as your rudeness.

You need to loosen up a little and let yourself enjoy the colors of life. Go out, smile more, have fun without worrying about actings ‘mature’ behavior all the time.

Symbolic Of Reviving Family Bonds

Monkeys are often found in small groups, swinging from tree to tree. Monkeys in a dream suggest that you are in need to revive the bonds with your friends and family.

You are maybe going through a rough period of your life where you need to devote all your concentration towards building your career as a result of which you might have neglected your friends and family.

Monkeys in your dream, are reminding you of the importance of maintaining a strong bond with your loved ones so that you have the constant emotional support to cheer you up in hard times.

Symbolic Of Intelligence And Intuition

Dreaming of a monkey is highly symbolic of your intuitive nature and intelligence. They suggest that you are born with strong instincts to help you analyze a situation more naturally and sharply.

Dreaming of monkeys represents that you should not ignore the gut feelings regarding a particular location and follow the path led by your intuition.

Rely on your insight when making a decision and be confident as it will help you to find a solution more quickly.

 Symbol Of Oppression

Monkeys in a dream are also symbolic of the oppression and subjugation which you are experiencing in real life. This oppression can be seen as domestic oppression, where you find your partner suffocatingly controlling.

The subjugation can be in professional regard where you may come across an excessively dominant boss, or you may find your peers pushing you down, leading to the accumulation of unhealthy feelings inside of you.

You need to skillfully tackle this situation and try to remove the people who are the cause of constant negativity in your life.

 Symbolic Of A Analytical Approach To Problems In Your Life

Dreaming of monkies may suggest that the approach which you have adopted to solve a particular situation is faulty and defective.

You are just not thinking in the right direction, which is causing you frustration and anxiety for being unable to solve the issue at hand.

You need to have a more analytical approach to things and carefully analyze the situation before jumping onto any conclusions.

Having a more critical outlook will help you to solve the issues more effectively and with diligence.

 Symbol Of Dishonest Friends

Monkeys are widely famous for their notorious nature and deceiving attitude. To see a monkey in your dreams symbolizes that you are surrounded by dishonest people who are apparently your friends but are always looking for a way to bring you down.

These people are mainly jealous of your accomplishments and envy your success. This dream is a warning signal that you should be careful when making friends and keep your eyes open to sort out the fake from the real.

This dream also suggests that your loyalty will be soon put to the test where you will find your friend in an embarrassing situation with no one beside him.

Even if you are unable to do anything about the case, make sure that you are emotionally available for that person all the time, to prove yourself as a genuine and caring friend.

Symbolic Of Declining Health

Deteriorating of your health is another significant symbol attached with dreams about monkeys. It represents that you are not adequately taking care of your diet, which might cause you some health complication in the coming future.

You may also find yourself in areas that might expose you to certain viruses and disease. This dream suggests that you should look after yourself properly and avoid visiting the areas that are seemingly a threat to your health.

Common Situations In Which You Dream About Monkeys

Dreaming Of A Monkey Sitting On Your Shoulder

To see a monkey sitting on your shoulder in your dreams is a positive omen. It represents that unexpected things are entering your life.

You will receive good news from unforeseen resources or might have an unexpected visit from a close friend.

Dreaming Of A Monkey Jumping Around

Dreaming of monkeys jumping around represents that you are accompanied by unintellectual and ignorant people in your daily life.

This may be at your workplace or your social circle in general, and you don’t know how to deal with their foolishness.

You want to keep your distance, keeping the contact minimum but often you find it impossible to do so. This dream also reflects your desire to improve your social circle, but you can’t find any opportunity to do so.

Dreaming Of A Living With The Monkeys

To see yourself living with the monkeys in your dream is a negative symbol. It can be symbolic of your daily life where you experience constant humiliation and embarrassment at the hands of people around you.

This may impact your personality negatively, lowering your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The dream is a warning sign that you need to remove yourself from that cycle of disgrace, no matter how tough the decision is for you.

Leaving things the way they are might cause you more significant problems in the future. Be prepared.

 Dreaming Of A Monkey Jumping Back And Forth

An agitated monkey in a dream is a negative sign. This dream refers to the uncomfortable feelings as a result of your sharp instincts, warning you of some coming trouble.

Your intuition is alerting you of the problems and bad encounters that you are soon going to experience.

You may also find yourself either physically burdened or emotionally drained as a result of unwanted circumstances.

Your partner may abandon you all of a sudden or good relation with friends may come to an abrupt end. Be careful.

Dreaming Of A Monkey Eating Something

To see a monkey eat something in a dream is an ominous symbol. It refers to the undesirable economic circumstances that are soon going to envelop your life.

You will find yourself struggling with managing the finances, and the failure may result in poverty.

This dream also refers to unsolved issues surrounding your life where you find yourself stuck and unable to formulate a solution.

This dream is not only warning you of the adverse situation entering your life but is also giving you a reminder that as long as you have self-confidence and faith that you possess the ability to handle tough situations, you can survive any trouble thrown in your way.

Dreaming Of A Dead Monkey

Dreaming of a dead monkey is seen in positive connotations. It indicates that you have been successful in skilfully dealing with your enemies, who were trying to harm you.

You have come more matured and far-sighted and can distinguish between good and evil, using your strong morals.

Alternatively, it might suggest that you need to adopt a more severe and maturing attitude towards the problem surrounding you in life.

Several pending issues demand your immediate attention. Divert your focus toward them and start to steer things to a better end.

Dreaming Of A Monkey In A Cage

Dreaming of a monkey bound in a cage is an ominous symbol. It suggests that you may find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation in the coming future.

The dream is a warning signal to stop interfering in other’s matters as it may prove to be hazardous for you.

Keep yourself out of trouble and avoid sticking your nose at places where it does not belong. Be cautious of what you do to avoid problems in life.


To conclude, dream about monkeys hold ominous symbolism for most of the time where they are representatives of difficult times, and also serve as warning signs for the coming troubles in your life.

They suggest that having a positive attitude and faith in oneself is the only possible way to fight off the sticky situations in life.

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