12 Dreams About Mother – Meaning & Interpretation

Mothers are important figures in the life of everyone from a young age to death. Mothers signify an important part of human life and they serve as a source of guidance and they are “angels” in the human body. Dreams about mothers can represent our feelings such as love, affection, and care.

This could also be a sign of a need to make an important change in one’s life and taking steps that will have a great impact on your future.

In these dreams, it is important that you pay close attention to your mother’s emotion as well as the way you feel in the dream, were you sad or happy.

If you have ever had a dream related to a mother and you are yet to find a(n) reason or interpretation for such a dream then this is your chance. Read more to get to know more about these dreams.

What Are The Reasons For Dreaming About Mothers

Mothers are important personnel in our life and they deserve all the respect that you could possibly give to them.

They are beautiful in that they can go a long way to see their child happy and they always try as much as possible to give the necessary support their children need.

Seeing your mother in a dream could be a result of feeling happy about certain situations in your life, sacrifice, love, care, and affection is shown towards you, missing someone you care about, the peace that you have, doing something wrong, etc.

Here, we will discuss more the various reasons why you could dream about the mother(s) so that you can understand them well. Are you looking for the reason behind that reoccurring dream? Then, this is the perfect spot to be.

Symbol of Sacrifice

From the very first day a child comes to the world, this mother starts to make some important sacrifices so as to make sure that the child becomes a better person in life.

When there is no food to eat, the mother starves herself just to make sure her child eats and she also gives her time to see to the affairs of her children at all time.

Dreams about mother can be a result of sign that you have to give what was given to you back to your own children because they deserve the love, care, and attention that you received from your mother.

You should make sure that your children are your main priority in life and you must do everything in your capacity to see them happy and satisfied.

Especially when you just give birth, seeing your mother in a dream is a sign that you should always be there for your children no matter what it may cost you.

Sign Of Happiness Regarding Events

Mothers usually represent a guard over their children. If you have taken up a project at work or at school and you have been doing it well for a very long time, seeing your mother in your dream looking very happy and satisfied with you can be a sign that you are following a good path in life.

Having this type of dream could be a result of the way you handle matters around you, probably you are the kind of person who does not like to leave any stone unturned because of that possible repercussion of these events.

You should make sure that you do things that make you very happy and content with your life so that you can have a great and prosperous period in your life.

Missing Someone You Care About

Mothers, no matter how bad they are, you care about them with the whole of your heart. When you see your mother in your dream, this can be a sign that there is someone in your life that you care so much about but you have not heard from such a person for a long time now.

Mother serving as a figure can come in your dream when you have someone you care about that you wish to have contact with after a very long time.

It could be a sign that you care about someone but it had been a while since you last heard from the person and you feel like you need to see the person now.

When you have this type of dream, swing into action and make sure that you reach out to the person and you can find a possible means not to lose contact with that a person.

Sign Of Love And Affection

Seeing your mother in a dream can be a result of love and affection that we receive from people around us. Mothers love their children so much that they can do anything just to see their children laugh.

When you see your mother in a dream, this can be a sign that you are having a great period as regarding your love life or you are going to meet someone new who is going to love and care for you more than you could ever think about.

The nearest future is going to be filled with happiness because everything will be in place and you will be happy with your life very soon. Learn to reciprocate this love to others around you because they deserve something good as well.

Doing Something Wrong

Mothers always do everything they can to make sure that their children do what is right and okay at the right time.

If you have been doing something bad and awkward for a very long time and you see your mother in a dream, this can be a sign that you need to correct some things in your life.

Having this type of dream can be a result of doing something entirely wrong and there is a need to put an end to such activities because the consequences of your action won’t be good at all.

If you have not been working as expected because you think no one is watching you, there is a possibility that you will not be spared when such a thing is discovered about you.

What Are The Common Dreams You Can Have About Mother(s)

Our mothers take a large part of our life and it is okay to dream about your mother. However, it is important to pay attention to everything happening in the dream so that you do not miss out on what the dream could mean.

If you have had a dream about your mother and you are not sure about what it means, below are some common dreams about mother and their various interpretations.

Dream about your mother giving advice

When you have this type of dream, this can be a sign of your attitude regarding some steps you are about to take in life.

Having this type of dream can reflect on your life getting it straight that some certain steps and choices are the best for the future. You should go on a path that is good so that you will be satisfied with the things that you do.

Dream about a mother dying

If you have this kind of dream, this can be a sign that you are going to make some kind of decision that might not be very palatable and accommodating.

It could also be a sign of problems you have been unable to solve for long. No matter how hard it gets, always try to face your problems and work towards overcoming them at all cost.

Dream about angry mother

When you see your mother who usually cares for you and smiles at you getting furious in a dream, this is a sign of negativity in your life.

This kind of dream is a sign that troubles are going to come your way in the nearest future. It could also be a sign of bad luck and disappointment you are experiencing in your life at present.

Dream about being frustrated with your mother

Having this type of dream can be a sign of thinking that the choices you have made regarding life haven’t been much of a good or pleasant one.

This could also be a sign that you are doing all you can to avoid arising problems and also trying to convince yourself with unnecessary lies.

Dream about your mother being happy

When you have a dream in which your mother is happy and smiling, this can be a sign of something positive in your life. This can also be a sign of luck coming your way and you have been able to avoid some bad events.

Dream about your mother being pregnant

This dream relates to luck that you possess. It could be a sign that something new and beautiful is going to happen in your life soon enough. You should work towards having a better life as something unexpected is about to happen.

Dream about murdering your mother

When you have this kind of dream, it usually connotes the end of something very important. If you feel you have made a bad decision in life and you want to put an end to it, this dream portrays such. Making bad choices brings bad results so there is no cause for alarm but to end it now.


Our mothers play important roles in our lives and some people regard them as “small gods.” Dreams about mothers usually portray something of great importance in our life so you should look into your dream and decipher what each of the things in the dream represents.

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