13 Dreams About Moths : Meaning & Interpretation

Moths have always been symbolic in history. They are considered as the equivalent of butterfly in their fragility and carry a diverse range of extraordinary symbolism across multiple cultures.

They are nocturnal animals, coming out only in the darkness of night, thus are often equated with the darker side of a butterfly. Therefore, dreams about moths usually refer to the opposite side of life, happiness, and purity.

To dream about moths symbolizes deception in one’s life. They express the person you apparently are and highlight the darker side that you hide from others. They symbolize hidden secrets, pleasures, and desires.

Interpretation related to dreams about moths varies from culture to culture, as they have been the creature of ancient mythology. The activity of the moth along with the context in which the dream occurs.

What Do Moths Represent In A Dream?

Moths carry significant spiritual symbolism. They undergo metamorphosis, symbolizing once’s transformation in life. They have heightened senses, thus expressing high awareness, resolve, and self-confidence.

Symbolic Of Determination

Moths are often found chasing flames even it means they will die as a result. This highlights the determination of moth that is firm and resolute.

Dreaming of moths reflects your resolve that is steady and resolute. You are a determined person who is not bound by any limitations once you have set your eyes on a particular goal.

You exhaust all your energies in chasing the purpose which you have set for yourself, even if it means sacrificing things dead to you.

Your hard work and your continued efforts are reflected in your work as you bear the fruits of your struggle.

Symbolic Of Optimistic Attitude

To see a moth in your dream, reflect your personality, which is optimistic, generous, and lovable. You have a positive outlook towards life and can always find a ray of hope, even in the darkest times.

You hang on to things, determined to make them reasonable again instead of letting go and abandoning them altogether.

You are respected among your peers for your positive attitude and often the one whom people turn to seek advice from.

Symbolic Of Vulnerability

Moths are fragile creature, delicate in nature and highly vulnerable to light, which can perish them. To dream about moths reflects that you often find yourself in vulnerable positions as people do not hesitate to take advantage of your positive personality.

You are a sensitive person who can be manipulated easily. Your innocent nature does not allow you to see the ulterior motives of people as a result of which you sometimes greatly suffer.

Dreams about moths is a warning indicator that people are trying to take advantage of you. You must open your eyes and understand the true nature of the people around you.

Symbolic Of Lost Connection With Your Inner Self

As stated, moths carry spiritual symbolism. To dream about moths is symbolic of the lost connection with your inner self. You have busied yourself in work lately and seldom find any time for self-reflection.

You are ignoring your feelings and emotions. As a result, you are moving away from your spiritual part, which is withering away.

You have diverted away from your morals as a result of prioritizing material success over mental satisfaction. Dreaming of moths indicates that you need to create a balance between your inner and outer realities to achieve fulfillment and success in real sense.

Symbolic Of A Spiritual Guide

Moths are often equated with butterflies for their similar fragile appearance. They are nocturnal animals, finding their way in the darkest of hours.

To see a moth in a dream is of spiritual significance as they are serving as your moral guide. Moths, in a dream, indicate that you need to follow your instincts along with your experience to make choices in life.

Relying on either will help you move forward in life and choose a successful path.

Symbolic Of A Hidden Desire

Seeing yourself chasing a moth in a dream is reflective of a passionate desire that you hide from the world. You have a strong want for something which you cannot openly express in your life.

This desire may reflect the darker side of yourself, which you cannot reveal to the world. You are bound by your morals and code of conduct, pressurized to behave obediently.

Symbolic Of Imposed Restrictions

Dreaming of moth may refer to the irritation and uncomfortable feelings from being controlled by others. You find yourself annoyed by the person who is expressing control over you.

This person may be your boss or a family member who is the primary person to decide for others. You feel unhappy under that person’s control and want to regain the autonomy to make your own decisions.

Moths in a dream symbolize that you have grown tired of all the decision being imposed upon you and don’t want to deal with things or choices dictated by others.

Symbolic Of Jealousy

Moths in a dream may refer to your greedy nature that wants to achieve the ultimate success in life even if it is at the expanse of others.

You quickly get jealous of other people success and wish to obtain all the things which they have, and you lack. In an attempt to get over your insecure nature, you do not hesitate to harm the person whom you feel envious of, but you willingly adopt unethical means to get closer to your goals.

Dreaming of moths symbolizes that you need to control your greedy nature, and critically analyze your action if you want to avoid the inevitable at the end.

Common Situation In Which You Dream Of Moths

Dreaming Of Being Flocked By The Moths

To see yourself surrounded by moths indicates that you are being suffocated by other’s expectations that always drive you to put up your best behavior.

You are continually covering your true self with a mask of perfection, trying to fit into other people’s expectation.

The dream is an indicator that you need to get out of your self-imposed suppression of self and start expressing your true personality without fearing what others might think about you.

Dreaming Of A White Moth

To dream of a white moth is symbolic of the problems that are imposed upon you, and you tend to hide from them instead of facing them.

You either led yourself or are forcefully put into a situation where you want to find a way out but feel trapped.

Instead of dealing with the problem, once you encounter it, you tend to hide from your emotions by diverting your attention towards insignificant issues.

For example, if a loved one of yours has recently died and you dream of a moth, it symbolizes that you do not want to acknowledge the loss which you experienced instead you are in a state of denial.

The dream indicates that you need to find a firm resolve to deal with the issues at hand instead of deluding yourself.

Dreaming Of Eating A Bag Of Moths

Moths are delicate creatures with soft wings and lax bodies representing the fragility of your nature. You are sensitive and emotionally weak, making you unfit to tackle the hurdles laid in the path of life expertly.

The dream where you see yourself eating moths is a direct representation of your fragile character. This dream indicates that you need to realize your shortcomings and weaknesses to resolve them and to find ways to strengthen your role.

Without getting over your submissive nature, you won’t be able to get out of the clutches of others who want to have full control over your life.

You need to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage to progress in life.

Dreaming Of A Moth Crossing Your Path

To see a moth crossing your path in a dream reflects that you need to pay attention to the details. The smallest and the insignificant things around you can contribute to several changes in your life.

Little unnoticeable things can cause great trouble in your life; therefore, you need to be wary of apparently simple things.

Alternatively, it also symbolizes that new opportunities are entering your life. You must keep your eyes open and be sure to avail the opportunities provided to you.

A period of transformation is coming in your life, keep following your gut and instincts to get the maximum out of the provided opportunities.

Dreaming Of Killing A Moth

Dreaming of killing a moth suggests that you are feeling anxious about something. This anxiety may arise as a result of unfavorable circumstances or either you are waiting for a positive result after putting in a significant effort in a task.

To kill a moth symbolizes that you are in a fragile state where you want to seek as much comfort as you possibly can.


To conclude, dreams about moths are symbolic of your inner spiritual state that is aching to come out and your true repressed self, which you cannot reveal to the public in fear of being humiliated by others. You strongly desire for something, and yet you cannot openly express, making you feel lost and deprived.

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